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29 year old mother of four great children. I have...

29 year old mother of four great children. I have wanted a breast augmentation for years ever since I was a teenager. But I ended up having my daughter right after high school and I had to put it on hold. After that I had to put myself through nursing school and again I had to put my surgery on hold. Fast forward a couple of years I had my second son, when he turned six months I found out I was pregnant with baby number three, then six months after baby number three was born I found out I was pregnant with baby number four LOL. I ended up gaining a lot of weight I went from weighing 120 pounds to weighing 200 pounds after I had the last baby. I have managed to come down to 177 and I am nowhere near my ideal weight or my goal weight but I am very tired of waiting, it feels like I've always been waiting to do something for me. I will continue to try and lose as much weight as I can before surgery. I know they say that you have to be at your ideal goal weight before surgery but I'm I don't want to push the date out any further because I'm afraid something is going to come up and again I'm going to have to put it on hold. My surgery is scheduled for November 10 with Dr. Freiman at Coral Gables cosmetic center. I will keep you ladies updated with my weight loss journey and my breast augmentation. I will be flying from New Jersey to Miami.

Should I tell my daughter

So I'll be taking my kids with me to Miami ( my husband is also coming). I can't stand being away from them, plus we arrive on Friday afternoon and surgery isn't until Monday so it gives us some time to do things as a family. The issue is my daughter is 10 and is a very smart girl. We have a very good relationship and I know she is going to notice and be worried when she sees me in pain. Should I just let her know or not tell her at all?

Some supplies

I stopped by target today to pick up some goodies. I picked up a button front pajama and a button front shirt for easy access. I also picked up Lansinoh Thera Pearl three in one breast therapy ice packs, they are used for breast feeding moms, comfy socks and bio-oil. I got the essential bath cleansing washcloths from my job, for a quick freshening up the first day post op. I still can't find a good sports bra, I ordered one from Victoria's Secret but had to return it because it had underwire. I asked the girl at the store and she said all their zip front sports bra have underwire.

Paid balance

I finally paid by balance off yesterday. I was one the phone with Yadira for 45 minutes. I can't say enough good things about her. She is so easy to talk to, like a good friend. She assured me Dr. Freiman is great and he is trying to change his bedside manners, she shows him the reviews here on realself and he gets bummed over the bad ones. I am confident I made the right choice but I have realistic expectations, I know I won't be walking into a five star hotel. I'm going to a plastic surgery clinic in Miami with very competitive prices, there's going to be long waits and it's going to be busy and fast paced.

Pre Op with my PCP

I went to my primary doctor today to get the necessary blood work for surgery. I didn't have to pay out of pocket since my doctor included everything under my yearly physical. He gave me the green light just waiting for the results. Tests he ordered: SMA-12, CBC with Diff, PT/INR, PTT, blood HCG and urinalysis. Which is more than what my coordinator asked for.

Wish pics s

Here are some wish pics I sent Yadira. I found them here on realself, sorry I don't remember who they belong to but they are my inspiration lol. Thank you to whom ever they belong to.

Weight loss update

So I have also been on a journey to lose as much weight as I can before surgery. I am no where near my goal weight but I have lost 27lbs so far. I now weigh 168lbs looking to lose as much as I possibly can in the next week.

Labs are good

Just got an email from Yadira letting me know she received the lab results and they are perfect :) I will be flying this Friday. I'm starting to really get nervous. I'm excited, scared and nervous all at the same time.


Yadira was nice enough to ask Dr. Freiman to sign the prescriptions so she can mail them to me prior to leaving to Florida so I could enjoy my time in Miami before the surgery. I received them yesterday and will get them filled today, we will be traveling on Friday :)

Prescriptions filled

I picked up my prescriptions and only paid $10.23. He prescribed:
1. Zofran ODT, 8mg, anti nausea
2. Flexeril, 10mg, muscle relaxer
3. Omnicef, 300mg, antibiotics
4. Percocet, 5/325mg, pain medication

Arrived in Miami

Hello ladies. We arrived in Miami yesterday around 7pm. Let me tell you it's going to be crazy going back home. I didn't expect so much walking. We walked for what seemed like an eternity to get to the shuttle to pick up our rental and doing all that with four kids. I'm not looking forward to doing that all over after surgery. We are at a temporary hotel because I was not expecting to come the night before my pre-op. We are at the courtyard in coral gables, and so far it is nice and comfortable. We went out for dinner last night and that's pretty much it. I have my pre-op at 10:30, which is in a few hours. I'll update after the appt.


Today was my "pre-op". I arrived around 10:20 for a 10:30 appt. They called me in at 10:55. Dr. Freiman and Yadira were not there, but all the ladies all were extremely nice. I signed papers and got my before pics taken. She gave me my preop instructions. One thing I will like to point out the MD does not have malpractice insurance, in the state if Florida this is common. My surgery is at 2 pm but I have to be there at 10am to meet with the doctor and get sized.

Met with Dr. Freiman

I met with Dr. Freiman and I must say he calmed my nerves. Very nice and approachable. I never felt rushed and he answered all my questions and my husbands questions. He asked me what size I was looking for and what incision I would like. He went over the risks and benefits of both and we decided on the crease incision. He smiled and joked around with me. He did say to leave the CC's up to him but I'm ok with that since I did tell him I wanted a full D. Consultation room is nice and clean. So far it has been a smooth experience, hope I don't jinx anything. Update you ladies after I back to the hotel.


Hello ladies sorry I didn't post last night, the pain was bad. They called be back around 12pm and put in my IV, it took her three tries to finally find a vein. I am all bruised. Went in for surgery at exactly 2pm. I got hooked up to all the monitors and all I remember is the tech is putting an oxygen mask and asking me to take a deep breath. I remember them calling my husband around 4pm. My husband was given all the post op instructions. Everyone there was really nice the only disappointing thing is that I have not seen Yadira. So I haven't met her such a shame since most of my communication was with her prior to surgery. I have my post op today at 10:30am

1st day post op

Riding high. I didn't see Dr. Freiman, I saw Dr. Ortega. I ended up with 425cc in both. I hope they turn out ok because originally one was bigger than the other. I'm wearing a band now for two weeks day and night and let me tell you it HURTS.

Day 3

Today is much better than yesterday. Yesterday I felt awful. I was in so much pain, stiff and hard to breathe. My whole body ached, my neck, back, hips, it was bad. Today is much better just took extra strength Tylenol, no Percocet no flexeril. We went to the beach and I layed in the shade and watched them swim. I also was able to take my kids a bath. Sleeping is still a b****. I wake up every few hours. I look forward to getting better every day and my arms have better range of motion.

Back in NJ

Well I'm back in NJ :(
I could really get use to living in Florida. My whole experience was wonderful. Will I do it all over again? Absolutely! My breasts feel better, less tight but still high. My left is my problem child, it's higher than the right and tighter. I also feel incision pain in the left. Nipple sensation is intact :) I definitely have boob greed, I feel like I should've pushed for 500cc or 550cc. We'll see once they drop and fluff. I don't want to be anything less than a full D. I have to call Yadira and ask when I need to snip the excess stitches, I totally forgot, it's either 7 or 10 days

1 week

I removed the steri strips and clipped the ends of the stitches. The scar on the left is almost non existent and the one on the right is pretty nice, even my husband was impressed.

Milky discharge

Hello ladies. Question, has anyone experienced a milky discharge from their nipples. It's like when I was breast feeding but it's only when I massage. No redness, no swelling, no pain, no foul smell. I emailed Yadira. We'll see how soon she gets back to me with an answer.

Email from Yadira

She emailed me this morning and said it was normal for this discharge to happen. The implants put pressure on the milk ducts and cause milk to be produced. Funny I always thought that a hormone released after giving birth caused the milk to come in. She said that I should go to my gyn so he could prescribe a medication to make it stop. She said that a breast that has discharge takes more time to heal.


1 yr and 8 months

They have dropped but I want more. I also want to fix the asymmetry. It sounds crazy but I think I might go back to him. My scars are so tiny.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have the sweetest patient coordinator, Yadira. She is a sweetheart and she returns my emails almost immediately.

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