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It has been a long 2 months of trying to convince...

It has been a long 2 months of trying to convince my bf to get a BA. I have 3 children 2,7, and 8. I only breastfed the last one for 3 months. Since then my breasts have lost volume, and fullness. I came across this website a year ago and have been doing research for 4 years now! My first consultation was back in 2010 and the doctor basically scared me away, he told me more negative things than positive. Since then I just kind of put it to the side. But after having my 3rd child, I said to myself it's my last pregnancy, I dont plan on anymore children, its time I do something for myself. So I have been fighting with the bf now about them, he says he does not condone to them, that he doesn't believe in augmentation, that I am beautiful the way I am since it's the way he met me. We have been together 9 yrs! I cried for days, he now feels bad after I explained why I wanted them. So today he text me while at work telling go ahead! I cried, I was in disbelief! My coordinator is Liz from Spectrum. She has been awesome so far, though there has been rumors that she no longer works there, but she does. I paid my deposit, I signed my contract and medical questionnaire, and now just waiting for the nurse to call and send for my bloodwork. I have a relief, like this is actually going to happen. I am nervous but I know I will be ok. I will be have Dr.Osak Omulepu. Im hoping for next month fingers crossed. Anyone else having BA done with him or has had them done by him?

Financial help?

Has anyone ever used Financial help through United Medical at Spectrum in Miami? I was approved signed the paper work and faxed over necessary documents but what happens next? I will be getting BA and my loan is only for $1500.

Surgery date changed.

So my surgery date was for June, Frida. the 26th with Ortega, I just got a call from my coordinator Liz, she tells me he wont be there Fri so he would be doing it on Thurs, which I planned to arrive in Miami by 2pm. She also said I can be the last patient he works on. I asked what is the lastest surgery time? She told me 3pm! I dont kno if thats even true because I have read other reviews where some get it late in the evening sometimes. I just dont want to rush driving to make it there b4 3, to arrive and be told I am too late! I am getting a little nervous now :-(....


Hello ladies, so today I was doing some research, since deciding switching to a closer Dr. near me, I started to get bad feeling in my stomach about getting surgery done at the Spectrum facility. I am a little bit of a skeptic lol, I started to read what Dr's were saying on RealSelf, to be careful with these type of facilities since they may not be equipped in case of an emergency, like that poor young girl who went to Coral Gables and is now a vegetable, and then I started dig a lot deeper, Does the facility use HEPA filters? Clinical studies have demonstrated that High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration can significantly reduce airborne fungal spore concentration thereby reducing the number of infections.Then I stumbled on a few girls who had problems with their surgery after, they would express how angry they were, one women even stated she was going to try to sue Dr. Ortega!! I felt bad for her, her boobs are destroyed :-( I am not telling you ladies not to go here just use your better judgement. Now about DR. Osak, he does have a medical license but it says under the profession of Medicine?? He is not I repeat, NOT BOARD CERTIFIED!! I have looked him up on

I also looked him up on the American Board of Surgery. I looked Mel Ortega, and yes he is of course certified, but not Osak :-(

I found a female doctor with all female staff in Jacksonville who is Board Certified and performs at a Surgery Center in Jacksonville. It will be $1200 more but I would rather be safe than sorry. I say good luck to the women that are going to Dr. Osak for surgery, he was scheduled to perform mine next month, but now I am going to lose my $300 I am sure. I will continue to follow all you ladies on your journeys and recovery. Happy Friday!!!

Switching Dr's

At the moment I am trying to get my deposit $ back from Spectrum. I have my 1st consultation Sep 3rd with Dr. Palin Jr. It is still ways from now but I feel so much better that I switched.

My pre boobies :-(

This is what they look like now. Im hoping there is enough tissue to achieve a small D cup. Im nervous that my already big nips will only get larger.

Had my consult with Dr. William Edwin Palin. He...

Had my consult with Dr. William Edwin Palin. He was very informative, answered my questions and made me feel super comfortable. The ladies are super nice and were very helpful. Tried on sizers and stuck between 375-400 cc Salines in Hp profile. Everything happened for fast, I cannot believe Im finally getting boobs!!!! Will be posting pics soon. I have another posting that I started months back but no longer going with that Dr, you can see my pre boobies there.

16 More days!!!!!

I called my PS office to find out if I could switch from Hp's to Mod +. I just wanted a more natural moderate look, its bad enough the BF is pissed off at this whole ordeal. So I spoke Dr. Palin over the phone about my concerns. So after speaking with me for about 15 minutes we decided on Mod + 375cc filled to 400. I feel so much better.

10 More days but.......

Surgery is next week, today my bf finally opened up about his true feelings about me getting ba. He tells me he is and always has been against it. And that after having my surgery I shouldnt take any of his actions or opinions about it personal. Maybe Im confusing u girls but basically he is making it seem like he will be totally turned off by them, like he may not want to see or touch them:-( He makes me feel selfish, but what is so wrong of me to correct what having 3 kids have done to my breasts? Everything is paid for. He also asked me if its worth risking our relationship.... I am so confused. We have been together 9 yrs! Do guys really leave their girls for getting implants???? Has anyone been through this? I just dont know what to do.

5 more days nervous AF!

Ladies I dont know if anyone has ever had nothing but negative thoughts days before their BA, but I am:-( I am scared, worried about everything that can go wrong from, CC, bottoming out, seromas, dubble bubble, I mean all the risks and complications that are in that packet you sign for the Dr is allllllll I keep thinking. Im so confused. I really want this I do. But is it really worth it??? Help me girls. Thanks for reading my rants.

Today is the big day!

Good Morning RL ladies! I could not sleep last night, I think I had like 4 hrs total :-( appt at 10:00. Its one hr drive. I will keep u posted after.

Made it on the other side:-)

2 Days post

Have to wear this annoying tape till Tuesday. Has anyone had this done as well? Im a little sore.

4 days post

So today I got the foam stickers taken off, holy hell what a relief!!! I am so happy with how they look. He said everything looked fine and I will see him next week. It wasnt till about half an hour later the implants started to rise up and then felt little pressure but not so bad. Will post pics soon.

4 days!

Day 5

Still high and tight. Feeling those zingers but only in left breast.

7 Days post:-)

Hello ladies havent written much on my exp so far. Just been uncomfortable. Today I feel better, the tightness is only bad in the early mornings. My back and shoulders feel achey, guessing thats normal. Still no sensation in nipples.

Some progress!

8 Days post op.

I think they are finally dropping. Still little tight, numbness in my nipples and the skin under. Overall still very happy with them.

9 Days post...

Feeling much better today, soreness is basically gone, just in the mornngs my side boobs under my armpit get sore.

10 Days Post

3 Weeks Today!

1 Month

This is a late update pic taken 2 weeks ago. Looking different everyday.

6 Weeks

6 1/2 weeks

Still little worried about my right breast, still high and my right arm feels restless throughout the day, I am right handed so maybe thats why.

Almost 2 months

This Fri I will be 2 months. My right one is starting to finally settle. Nipples are still pretty tender. I am very happy with them. Hope all you RS ladies have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

2 1/2 Months

3 Months

Im 13 weeks post, they are very soft now. I still dont have all feeling in lower part of breast or areolas.

8 months

I have not posted anything in quite some time. Was dealing with some issues after my BA but I've learned to love them. They are not perfect by any means but I look back at my before pics and see why I should be happy. Everything looks better they aren't big to me but that's OK boob greed is REAL LOL. Here are some pics from today.

Strapless Bra

Ordered this Wonderbra strapless from UK last year that never fit me until now. I'll be 8 months in 2 days.


I love Tj Maxx's bras, found 2 pack of bralettes for $4! This is size medium, I think large would of been looser around.

Happy 8 Months!!!

Can't believe how time has flown. I'm loving them more and more each day! These were for my hubby:-)

One year!

1 yr 4 months

It's been awhile since I've updated. I am still very happy with my breasts, no problems so far, but I do feel that I could of gone a little bigger but Its more than what I had to begin with.

More picsc

17 months!

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, I gotta say I still love My boobs. No problems really just that my right one is still little higher than my left but not so obvious. They weren't perfect before ????
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Decided not to go with Dr. O. Instead it will be with Dr. William Palin from Neptune Beach, Fl.

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