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So here it is ladies. I'm 5'8, 155 lbs and...

So here it is ladies. I'm 5'8, 155 lbs and athletic. After 2 years and about 10 breast augmentation consults from various board certified plastic surgeons all over Miami I finally scheduled my surgery with Dr. Ary Krau for July 9, 2015.

Being an occupational therapist, my job duties require me to transfer patients. So I'm lifting heavy and some time dead weight patients pretty much all day long. I'm a very honest and upfront person and I decided to tell my supervisor about my plans. Even though most ppl told me that by law I'm not required to tell my employer about any medical procedures. Anyways, I felt most comfortable informing her bc I wanted to be able to take time off without worrying about rushing to come back to work and injuring myself or one of my patients. Or possibly losing my job. Long story short I was able to get an entire 4 weeks off with pay!!!!! (I have about 6 weeks of sick days).

I've gone to Dr Krau's office about 3 times and called asking about one hundred questions. Each time I was given a reasonable appt time and all my questions and concerns were answered honestly.

Out of all the doctors I've seen his practice was my favorite. Not only were they not pushy offering "specials" if I schedule right away, or call me every week to see if I was scheduling. I even had a coordinator ask me if my butt was paid for WHICH IT IS NOT (yes some Drs offices do these things, smh).

Anyways, I really like Dr Krau from day one 2 years ago in his office. Some Drs said I needed a lift. Some said a BA would provide a lift but dr Krau was honest and told me that a BA would give me the look I want without a lift but some of my "wish pics" we're not realistic simply because of the placement of my nipples. I'm ok with that but most importantly I was pleased with his honesty.

Ok I'm done for now. Tim next time ladies xoxoxo

My befores

Here are my before pics... I really didn't want to post these but I've searched so many girls with breasts like mine that I hope I'm able to help someone out as well. I'm a small 34B. I only own push up bras so I'm not sure how accurate that is.

Wish boobies


2 more months to go. Feels like time is going by so slowly. On the positive side of things, I've managed to lose 6 lbs last month. 8 more lbs to go for my goal weight.


Hey ladies, today I went for my pre-op paid for the rest of my balance. I also Received my prescriptions to be filled, purchased the arnika forte, and received all my pre and post op instructions.

Kinda getting very excited. Seems like I've been waiting forever for this day.

As of now I'm still thinking anywhere from 450-500cc with an areolar incision. I'll let Dr Krau help me make the final decision based on my wish pics.

Pre-op to do list

Hey ladies! So today makes 7 days until the big day. I'm getting so excited and no where near anxious or nervous anymore.

-So far I've picked up all 5 of my prescriptions which shockingly only came up to $28.
-I purchased the Arnika Forte
-Dial antibacterial soap for pre and post surgery showers
-flexible straws
-some comfy button up tops
-braletts because they were so cute and I couldn't help myself

I'm saving all the food stuff to buy closer to the date. Any suggestions on anything else I may possibly need?

The befores...

Tomorrow is the big day.

Surgery complete!!!

Hey ladies. I made it!!! Dr Krau the nurses and anesthesiologist were so nice. I was undecided on the CC's I wanted and I was able to retry the sizers and decided on 500cc.

Dr Krau walked me over the the operating room. Helped me onto the table and the anesthesiologist started my line. I started seeing funny and then I was out. I woke up in the recovery room with Nora handing me water to sip. I kept falling back asleep and then finally I fully woke up. She helped sit me and and HOLY MOLY MOTHER OF GOD it was painful. I don't think I was ready for that.

She helped me walked to my car, put my seat belt in and I was off. The car ride was brutal, I felt every turn, every small pot hole and every time we went to a stop. My brother took me home and I was kinda sorta crying and complaining. He was great and kept my me calm.

I got home took my pain meds and muscle relaxant. And I've been in and out of sleep ever since. I wasn't hungry but my brother got me a sandwich and I was able to eat something.

Luckily I don't have any nausea or upset stomach. Very happy about that. I'm able to move my arms some and reach for items placed in front of me. Sitting up from an angled position is what I'm having the most difficulty with now.

I was able to get to the bathroom on my own and take a pic. This is the best I can do for now.

Follow up appointment

Just left my follow up appointment and I was finally able to see my new boobies. I also received a new bra and clearance to shower.

I need sleep!!!!

I think today makes Day 4. Yesterday I only took 1 pain pill and 1 muscle relaxer and that's only because I went to the mall and dinner and I took it as a just in case.

So far my main issues is underboob discomfort, my left breast and nipple is still numb, my back is killing me from sleeping sitting up straight and this strap I have to wear.

I'm a side sleeper and my question is about how long until I'm able to sleep on my side?? I'm just looking forward to a good nights rest.

The Dr told me I have to wear the straps 24/7 for the first week and at night from there on so just a couple more days with that on

Hey ladies!!

I haven't taken any pics recently but so far so good. I haven't needed to take any pain pills, muscle relaxer, sleeping pills or anything since day 4 post op. I'm still wearing the strap and I'm still sleeping up straight.

I have almost full range of motion in both arms with my left arm moving better than my right. Weird because I'm right handed. I've also noticed that I'm having a little more discomfort in the right breast so maybe that's why I'm babying it a little.

The sensation in my left breast and nipple is coming back which I am Sooo happy about. Today I also went for my first 1 mile walk.

I'm still taking it easy and not over exerting myself even though the therapist in me wants me to start moving and doing all sorts of things.

My 1 week post op visit is scheduled for this Friday so I'll take more pics then and keep you ladies updated.

More pics

Implants still sitting pretty high but I'm already in love. Can't wait until they settle into place.

1 week follow up

Today was my 1 week follow up. I had the stitches removed and the tape changed. Now I only have to wear the strap at night time for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy about that.

Today I feel awesome. No pain at all. Minimal discomfort. I drove and I felt fine I even went shopping for some braletts since I have a party to go to tomorrow.

I'm now wishing I actually gone a little bigger :-((((((. This is the girl who was Sooo scared that 500cc would be far too big. Hahaha anyways I'm still loving these new boobies and excited for when they drop

Pic update

Still very swollen. Still very high. Now I'm just wearing the strap at night time.

Who would've thought 500cc would be so perfect for me. I love how they're proportionate to my body and looks like a size I could've been birth with. I'm in love!!!!

More pics

Side view.


Loving them more and more each day.

I'm so happy I went with Dr Krau. I feel almost 100% and I'm not even at the 2 week mark yet!!!

Burning sensation/ pain in incision

Starting last night my incision on my right breast more so than left had this weird burning painful sensation and very sensitive to the touch. Has anyone else experienced this symptom. Just wondering before I text my doctor to see if this is just the normal healing process.

I can feel my implants moving

I'm a little over 2 weeks post and now I can feel my implants moving when I go from side lying to laying on my back or when I sit up. It's not painful just very uncomfortable and kind of a weird sensation.

I'm still having difficulty staying asleep. Problems I had before but has magnified since my BA. Still refusing to take the prescription Ambien-sleeping pill I was prescribed.

The nipple sensitivity has started but that comes and goes throughout the day. My incision area is no longer having that burning painful sensation which I'm very happy about.

Otherwise all is well. Dr Krau is amazing. He responds to my text messages in a timely manner and manages to keep me calm and tell me that everything is ok.


Just a few more days until I can take the tape off.

Periareolar incision

Today I decided to take the tape off. I think I'm healing pretty nicely. I'm going to contact my PS to see if there's anything he recommends I put on it for scars.


It's those little moments where you have cleavage without a padded bra. That's what makes it all worth it. I'm a believer of doing whatever makes you happy. Can't believe it took me so long to finally do this.

Boobs and clothes

This is me and the boobs with clothes. I was wearing a bralette under. Still not comfortable going bra less and I'm not sure if I'm allowed yet.

Thanks everyone for your comments and following me on my journey. I've started working out again. Just cardio and light legs. Now if I can lose 10lbs that would be fabulous :-)

Don't won't to go back to work.

So I was fortunate enough to get 1 month leave from work and I'm scheduled to return to work on Monday. I can't believe how quickly one month has gone by. And I'm soooooooo sad to have to go back to work and lifting/transferring patients.

As of today I don't have any pain I just feel when my implants shift when I go from one position to another. I made a mistake and rolled on my stomach I had to get my bf to help me up, smh. He thought it was the funniest thing. Then my boobs got REALLY tight and uncomfortable.

Sleeping has gotten much better. I'm so happy I can sleep on my side. I just wake up with some boob discomfort that goes away after a while.

Sometimes I need to remove my sports bra and just let the girls breathe. im not sure if my sports bras are too tight but I feel like they just need to breathe.

I have my 1 month post op appointment on Thursday so I'll take some pics then and keep you ladies updated.

1 month+

After an amazing month off of work I go back on Monday.

My implants are dropping the R moreso than the L. I feel great. No pain no discomfort and my periareolar incision is almost invisible. Really happy about that.

Last night I went to a club on South Beach with a cute dress and braless. Never thought I would ever feel comfortable being without a bra on.

I'm happy. This is still on of the best decisions I've made.

Sports bra for running

Hey ladies. I've started jogging/running. I've found an underarmour high impact sports bra that I really like for $50 any suggestions on what bras you guys use or recommend for running??

They're dropping

Boobies are dropping, they're getting soft. All is well in boobyland :-))))

Sports bra

So I purchased his high impact Under Armour sports bra from Sports Authority. They have 2 high impact on their line. This one is my favorite and you have to get your actual size. The other I had to get a size smaller so my boobs wouldn't move.

If anyone has any other sports bra recommendations please let me know.

I love my boobs more and more each day and I think as they drop they get bigger. Not complaining at all. Time flies can't believe it's already 9 weeks post.


Currently a 34DD. I feel like they're getting bigger each week. Love them!!!

Just an update

I had my breast aug with Dr Krau July 9. I'm so happy with my decision and I love my boobs. No scars, no pain, no discomfort. Back to working out like before doing pull ups and push ups. It's still a little weird doing some exercises because I got them under but besides that all is well.
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