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Hi ladies!!! Ill be traveling to get my procedure...

Hi ladies!!! Ill be traveling to get my procedure done from Tampa Fl to Miami Fl, my consult is on August 15th and August 16th will be surgery date. I'm so excited, anxious, desperate, etc! Anyway so far the plans are to get a Benelli lift with Saline implants however if the doctor feels a "lollipop" cut needs to be done instead of a "donut" cut then ill go for it although I'm highly nervous about having all kind of cuts and scars but whatever will give me long term results! I also purchased this silicone sheet by biodermis (epi-derm) it has been recommended to me by the office and I've read lots of good things it was pretty expensive (the only down fall) but hopefully it's worth every penny!! This is it for now..I will keep you all posted!!!


Woohoo got my epi-derm silicone sheet in the mail today!!!! Can't wait for this surgery.


Hi ladies I have a question..after breast lift / augmentation, when did you start working out? I've been working out like crazy worried that I won't be able to for a long time after breast lift / aug.

Areolas are lightning up

So I had a baby 3 months ago and my areolas have finally gotten lighter (still dark but looks better now then it was) anyways and I have 1 1/2 week left OMG I can't wait I'm so so so excited!! Next update will be post op pics woohoo.

Starting to get nervous

Hi ladies ok I really thought my next post was going to be after surgery but now that I only have a week left, my nerves are kicking in. I'm kind of getting scared, I have 2 kids and I'm just basically freaking out if you know what I mean :((((( ...UGH I'm starting to get emotional that ill be leaving them behind for 2 days! I need to relax I know but I haven't been in a plane in years and going under surgery just has me so scared. So I decided to add lipo as well and I've attached photos of my abdominal and flanks.

Oops did something to my boobie pic?! Reattached.

**UPDATE/Surgery had to be changed to November**

Hello ladies! Alright so I couldn't get my breast done in August so I had to reschedule for November, anyway I'm excited I can't wait. Still nervous about leaving kids behind but it'll only be for about a day in a half for the most part I am going to have help :) thinking about 375cc not sure if I should go mod or high profile hmmm. Anyway I'll keep everyone posted!

Photos of my much needed breast lift/areola reduction/and breast enlargement

Sadboobies :P and Epi Derm silicone sheets I'll be using post surgery

Update about my surgery

Hello beautiful ladies!! I'm all done I'm in so much pain :( luckily I'm getting taken care of by someone which makes it so much better. I absolutely loved Dr Fisher..he's funny and great personality. Can't really take pics yet but I took a pic of the top view. I'll keep you ladies posted.

A better picture


So I got the sizing info...on my right breast I got 300cc and left breast 350cc :)

1 day PO

It's officially been over 24 hours I'm in so much pain the pressure is killing me. Thanks to the pain and muscle relaxer pills! I changed my surgical bra because the other felt so tight and this one is so comfy and covers my whole breast :)

Sorry forgot to add side view

Post op day 4

Hello beautiful today is post op day 4 I still have a lot of stomach is swollen! Also noticed I only have nipple sensation on my right breast, left nipple still doesn't have any sensation :(. Anyway I've been trying to cut down on my pain meds to 1 every 6 hours. EVERYTIME I wake up my boobs hurt so bad I have to much pressure it feels like they're all the way to my neck it's horrible I can't wait for the pain to go away. About to get some rest now..I'll keep you all posted!

One more thing

Look at my bruises :/

One week post op!

Officially one week post op..still a lot of pain...a lot of sternum pain the skin feels really tight...AND the morning KILLER boobs omg they hurt the worst when I wake up. Nothing new besides that :)

Post op day 12

Hey hey guess who has come around to update their profile..that's right sadboobies wait wait no more sad boobies now it's nomoreSADboobies ;) lol. Well I'm feeling a lot better thank god, my right breast has started to dropped but my left is being a little stubborn however that one was my smaller boob that needed a bigger implant so because of the lift my skin is extremely right still, my sternum area is starting to feel better but I do get little pains here and there however much better then before phew. Tapes don't come off yet but I'm so anxious to see my "lollipop" on the other hand I'm a bit scared I'm so scared to have scars but I know I needed a lift big time. Also please excuse my stretch marks I have tons use to my 2 pregnancies I've had, before having kids I had absolutely no breast :( alright well I hope you all enjoy my update!

Nothing new really

Just wanted to let y'all know there's nothing new really, only thing really is that the bottom is starting to round up slowly, I've been massaging the top and the sides (closer to arms). Attached a photo after shower, drying tape with cool air from hair blower :). Have a nice day!


Hello all..I have a little confession and I've been a little emo about it the past few days..I'm a bit sad I couldn't go bigger but this was the biggest I could go due to my lift (implants push on incision) I need help thinking positive about this I'm starting to regret getting a full lift however I know I needed it but I did have the option to get just a benelli lift (around areola) but the pros and cons were I CAN GO bigger however id have a high chance of areola re-stretching and with the lollipop the pros and cons COULDNT go any bigger and I have a LOW chance of areola re-stretching and .. The areola size (HUGE) runs in the family and that has always brough me down so I definitely don't want to have huge areolas again I hated it so bad I had always wished they would just be small anyway just wanted to share my little depression. Have a nice day ;)


The tapes were starting to irritate my skin so I had to remove them...the right is healing beautiful the left one has a little healing problem :/ anyone else had this issue?

23 days post op

My beautiful's a mini update..everything's healing good (slowly but surely) I can't believe it's almost been a month. I'm so glad most of the pain has gone away, I barely wake up with the horrible painful morning boobs phew! Hope you all are having a great Friday. Have a good weekend! Xoxo!!

One more thing

I'm so embarrassed to post this pic but you know what..Dr Fisher changed me! And even though I'm so worried about these scars THERES a huge difference here.


Hi I'm sorry I haven't been on for a while..busy with the holidays...but also I've been a bit sad about my open wound however it's finally getting better (fingers crossed) the wound started opening little by little, my body was rejecting that stitches so they had to get pulled little by little. Seems like I don't have anymore so it's finally starting to look better LUCKILY no infection. I make sure to wash twice a day and pat dry. This seems to be a common issue with breast left, also that boob was my smaller one and has a bigger implant, my right one was bigger with smaller implant so that ones healing lovely with no issues. AGAIN fingers crossed and hopefully nothing starts to look bad again! Honestly ladies I was embarrass to share however I'm sure there's plenty of ladies going through this and would want to see my story/journey. Well here are the photos. Also posting a before and after pic of wound.

A few comparison

Hi here goes a few comparisons from a few weeks ago and today it's crazy how much your breast change and start to form..still patiently waiting on lefty to drop a bit more but with the open wound on that breast it's kind of scary DONT want the open wound to keep opening so I don't mind the wait time, I just want the open wound to close then the implant can keep dropping :) but regarding the open wound, it's doing good it's healing up little by little. It doesn't look open like before now there's a scab over it so I guess that's a good sign? Lol. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Also happy New Years!! :)

Silver sulfadiazine cream

Hello ladies. I was officially given healing cream. I do not have any infections but the doctor recommended I start using this healing cream. I started applying it last night and these photos were taken this morning. I have to apply twice a day :)

Breast lift open wound issues :/ can't wait for it to finally close so I can start using my Biodermis Epi Derm silicone sheets!!

AmAziNg..this cream is really making a difference

Check out my progress..from it's worse, when I starting using cream, and this morning. So happy :)

Hope you ladies are still following me ;) I know I follow every one of yours but sometimes I don't have the time to comment HOWEVER I do keep up with your updates. I truly enjoy reading everyone's journey. Happy Sunday.


I swear my body was just not having it with these stitches many spit stitches I've gone through I believe the last one was pulled yesterday and now for sure it should continue closing with this cream. This was was soft like paper where the other ones were like that hard string I guess it was starting to dissolve anyway here goes the pic before it was pulled and after it was pulled.

Found out my bra size!!

Decided to go into VS to get my bra size lady told me 34DD :O SAY WHAT!!! Couldn't believe it so I decided to try it on..tried on 34D and 34DD..left pic is D right pic is DD. See photo ;) I'm one happy momma-HAPPY NEW YEARS!

If it's not one thing it's another (open wound)

IM-SO-OVER-IT!!! Like honestly I'm on the urge of first open wound (right under areola) was finally healing and closing and now a second one decided to open up (bottom of breast) seriously I'm starting to get depressed..why is this happening to me? I just want these things to close and heal and be happily ever after! :((((((( now to start putting the cream on it (the hole was smaller yesterday I guess it open more today) I'm really starting to think the reason this one is opening is because my implant is dropping and my skin is so tight at the bottom? Idkkkk. Anyways will keep you all posted.

Left was a few days ago / right is today

Little update / open wound

Everything's starting to look better little by little..see for yourself. Just a mini update for you ladies who follows my journey/story ;).

Another update..and pics of both girls

Sorry for the picture scars may look dark on some and light on others. They're truly not that bad in person. Enjoy the photos.

Laying down

Happy 2 month!!

Can't believe it's been 2 months since I had surgery. Finally started wearing my bio dermis Epi-Derm silicone sheet I also just order kelo-cote silicone gel woohoo can't wait to receive it.

I need your honest opinion?

Do you think my nipples/areola sit to high? I'm worried if they drop more it'll look even higher? Be honest? Cute? Not cute? To high? It's fine? I'm such a bug-a-boo :P lol. Also for those who've had breast lift..have you seen your scars lighten up? I know it's only been 2 months gosh I'm inpatient lol I just want this lines to disappear ;).

Well well well guess what?

Anther open wound :/ it's ok though I'm honestly being very patient with these wounds. This one started off as a little pimple so I knew it was going to happen..I'm applying my miracle cream (silverdene) also my top wound I noticed opened up a bit again I think what possibly happened was that I applied the silicone sheet and I don't think it was quite ready so I definitely stopped it! Just a mini update :)

I think I'm at it's worst

Another update..I think I'm worse then I have ever been (see pics) however I'm still being patient and taking it very easy..I have my family and work to worry about so can't overwhelm myself :) apparently I'm leaking fluid from my areola and my new open wound has gotten bigger. Today a general doctor is going to see my breast, hopefully nothing bad and just continue with the cream. It's very scary and upsetting because I see a lot of RS girls who heal so smoothly and I'm already 2 months post op STILL trying to heal but again it takes a lot of patience. I get to talk to my actual plastic surgeon Wednesday but just having them checked today by another doctor JUST I just want to throw this out there, I do NOT blame my PS for any of this, I know it's my body rejecting. Oh and it's just my left breast with these complications my righty is doing amazing. Another thing I do think my implants are bottoming out but I will speak with my PS about this on Wednesday. Happy Monday ladies.

2 months follow up

I went to see doctor yesterday I'm so sorry I didn't post my update I was extremely exhausted! I only got like 3/4 hours of sleep..left around 4:30am arrived at 9am left there at 12pm arrived home around 4:30/5pm so much drive with little sleep! Anyway so I was told I have stitches that are trying to find their way out (both areola and the open wound) and until they're not out, they're not going to heal anyway he was able to find a little stitch and pulled it out. As far as the liquid from areola..he swabbed it and sending it to see if I have some kind of bacteria (just incase it's not a stitch issue) results come back Friday in the mean time I was given antibiotic for bacteria. I think my open wound is starting to look a bit better..looks like it's starting to close up. I know for sure I'm going to need a scar revision and I'll probably go ahead and do a full anchor lift while I'm at skin just stretches like nothing. Anyway thx for following :)


I forgot..NO more cream and now put saline water twice a day after I was with antibacterial soap and peroxide every other day.

Result came in

So sadly came back positive I have a little infection however thankfully he prescribe the antibiotic and I started taking it the day's truly frustrating AGAIN it has nothing to do with doctor, it's my right healed fabulous my left is being a naughty girl. Anyway I gotta plan a trip again for a follow up it's not so easy for me to do so as I have kids and my husband works all the time so let's see I'm going to try and go over there in about 2 weeks.

Son of a stitch

I swear I've pulled out like 5 of my areola, my body just doesn't wanna dissolve these suckers!! Poor little holes around my areola trying to spit them out! These things are no joke, if you don't get them out THEYLL never heal so little by little they're coming out and hopefully I'll reach the end of it soon lol!


5 out of my areola*

Just a little update..

I think everything's starting to look better (let me not jinx it) around my areola it's a little dark maybe it's just the healing process..the little holes around areola are starting to close open wounds under areola are all closed up FINALLY! Mmm that's really about it I'm just praying nothing opens up anymore and that my awesome body stops rejecting these stitches! Ok ladies have a good week!

A little update

Hi girls I haven't been on to update but I do get on to read your reviews anyway a little update..last night I started feeling sick, hot (no fever), shivers, left breast hurting, pain around armpit anyway around 4/5am I woke up in so much pain I even cried when I looked at my boob it was read is all I thought anyway I'm in contact with my surgeon today..I don't know what's really going to happen, he already prescribed antibiotics but I'll be speaking directly to him today, I'm worried I'll have to get the implants removed but at this point I don't care! I just wanna feel better anyway once I talk to my doctor I'll let you girls know!

Mini update

Alright girls I'm on an antibiotic now praying this will help, doctor will be monitoring so let's see! On a side note I can finally eat! I was so sick and nauseous, I ate my first meal last night at 11:30pm it felt so good to eat again. Anyway I'll keep you girls posted!

Been on antibiotics a few days now...

Hey girls I've been on meds now got a few days..I've gotta say I'm feeling a lot better...breast pain has gone down a lot!! It was so bad that with a simple touch id want to cry now I can't squeeze and feel just a little tiny pain (like bruise going away type of pain) here are a few pics as you can see the redness has gone down ALOT! Thank you so much for taking the time to check my updates :) I feel loved by you girls!

Hellooooo my darlings

Just wanted to show you my breast at 4 months almost 5..everything's doing good but let me not jinx myself..I need scar revision for sure on left breast which I assume he'd also revise the right one so that everything stays even as far as size and shape. Well this is all for now nothing else new to update you on :)


Just wanted to say HAPPY TUESDAY! May we all continue to heal ;)..have a nice day.

Good news or bad news? BAD!

(Sorry in advance for typos) YEAP you got it right, another issue..I am so frustrated you girls have no idea!!! Wtf is happening with me?! I DO NOT blame my left breast has not been acting very well through out my recovery and this is getting's like...everyone else is sharing their journey and it seems they start to recover and me I just go from bad to good to bad to good!!! It's been 5 months post op and I'm seriously still having complications SO OVER it! I'm seriously starting to consider not even updating my journey anymore..ok sorry just had to vent. Well here goes a pic of when I first discovered this little bubble thing, sent it to my coordinator right away, and general doctor told me I have another stitch WHAT?! No way...yes way unfortunately my left breast has never wanted to accept these dang stitches...well it popped and now I'm applying silverdene..anyway let me get off because seriously as I'm typing this I'm just getting myself even more mad...goodnight ladies and happy healing

Hello ladies!

Today I woke up feeling sexy lol! I've been working out, on herbalife and using "it works" products woohoo! Anyway my little bubble thing was popped and now it's almost healed I'm so happy GOD please let this be it! Hope you all are doing okay ;).

Hello darlings

Thought id update :) everything's doing good thank god no more open wounds phew!!!! I hope I've been helpful to those experiencing what I went through and believe me..I went through a lot!! I'm so thankful that all of you ladies have been so supportive, and all you kind words meant a lot and helped me get through it. Now it'll be scar revision time..planning to do it maybe at 1 year post op just incase :) and also thank you for taking the time to read my crazy journey ;)!

Don't mind my wrap!

Don't mind my it works wrap lol tryna get my sexy back :P


I love my results in the dark! Ughhhhhh I hate these scars I know they're not that bad but still I want perfect ;) have a great weekend ladies

Oh and for those interested in the wraps

For those of you ladies who are interested in the It Works Body Applicator wraps...send me a message :) the wraps can be used anywhere from the neck down (there's also facial ones), it helps tighten, tone, and firm in as little as 45 minutes. Deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin and also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite :)


Hello my darlings!!! Nothing new really...still need to book my scar revision appointment I can't wait to remove the ugly scars the open wound left me! Otherwise I love my results although I feel my nipple sits to high so I'll mention that to doctor and maybe he can possibly revise that to make my nipple sit more in the middle. Anyway hope you all have a great weekend :)

Happy 4th of July!

Hi girls..hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Here are a few pics, thinking about changing implants to high profile but I'll keep you all posted! For sure I'm getting a scar revision though, I just want more upper pole :( that was my goal...alright bye for now ;)!

Hi sorry I've been MIA!

I'm sorry I've been MIA!!!! I'm Back to update you ladies. My revision is Oct 8th and I'm super excited! So ready to get these ugly scars removed. I'll be back to share photos after my revision :) hope all you beautiful ladies are doing great!

A few pics to share before revision



Sorry my phone was acting up

Here are the pics this time - FOR REAL! LOL sorry

So far only scar revision is the plan but I'm going to ask my doctor if he can possibly do an anchor lift so that I don't have much skin in the bottom area and so I can have just a bit more volume up on the top area.

All done with revision

Hi my beautiful realself Fam! I just had my revision today, I'm in so much pain! So he gave me an anchor lift now and I also had the scar revision. I'll post pics as soon as I'm able to remove this surgical bra (maybe tomorrow). Have a nice day girls.

Not the best pic

Here goes a pic! So on my left breast he had to cut around areola due to the open wounds I had around there, my right areola has always been perfect. I now have an anchor lift. Happy so far :) I hope I have a successful healing process this time around!

2 days post revision

Everything good so far..I've been taking tylenol instead of the pain pills..I've been bleeding a bit on the sides but nothing major..that's about it for now :) hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

4 days post revision

Nothing new but here are a few photos taken today. This sports bra is from Kmart I love it. Tape will be off the end of this week so I'll post pics once removed :)!

Removed surgical tape and reapplied

Here are photos on my incisions..SO FAR SO GOOD THANK GOD, I couldn't be any happier :D! Just a little bruising around incisions other ways I feel fantastic and I have faith that this round will be a successful healing process. Enjoy!

Bottom view pic

A pic I took after drawing on revision day and a current pic :) the left boob still needs to reshape under areola

Over 1 week since revision

Just wanted to share a few pics :)

I've created a new review for revision

I'll no longer be updating this review please see my other review (part 2 revision). This will be a whole new journey for me :) new doctor new boobs! Here's the link to my other review.
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