Botched by CG cosmetic surgeon Dr. Freiman 600cc - Miami, FL

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I went to CG cosmetics and Dr Freiman because it...

I went to CG cosmetics and Dr Freiman because it looks like he has a lot of clients and good reviews but I guess I was not a lucky one, or he just hurried through the surgery since he is so booked up. He was nice for the 5 mins I had to talk to him and never talked to him since, only nurses who just tell me to wait 6 months. I'm an out of state patient and it's been very hard without follow ups and being able to come in. Every day I look at my breasts and ask myself why I had to do it. Total I spent 4000 on looking like this? Was it worth it? My right breast is still high and not moving and left looks like it's buttoning out. I would appreciate if CG cosmetics attended my concerns as fast as they took my money. I really don't know what to think about this place and Dr Freiman because like I said I talked to him for 5 mins and this is what I have now! Thanks CG cosmetics and Dr Freiman.

Getting a Revision and internal bra with Revis!!!!

Revis sounds nice and communicates via email. He answered all my questions and his work looks great. Since I have bottoming out/ double bubble I want to fix it with a Doctor who knows how to do his work, I had enough of CG cosmetics and Dr. Freiman experience. I trust Revis with my redo and I'm looking forward to meeting him!

Some pictures almost 6 months!!! Not good :/

almost 6 months and my left implant is sliding lower and lower, starts hurting a little bit. My right still high, not going to drop, soft though. I can't wait to get it revised and finally fall in love with myself again. Picture when I lay down. I think I have literal displacement too.

6 months, not so pretty

laying down view, lefty keeps bottoming out, worse literal displacement, my left scar is also thick n visible :/

Double bubble and more :(

I'm glad this is past me, I hated my breasts for 6 months, gained wait, spent 4 K, was very disappointed. Girls choose your surgeons wisely, don't go for the cheap and nice, they are nice to you before surgery, after you leave the center, you won't speak to your surgeon and you won't get what you want. I showed Freiman this look I wanted, and i didn't get it! I ended up with double bubble and a high implant, different boobs, ugly look. #cgcosmeticsurgery#drfreiman

Ladies, I look back, and I'm happy sad days are over

It's been a while since I fixed my boobies with Revis but I look back at pictures and remember what a nightmare it was. Ladies, not go to Freiman at CG, maybe he does the most surgeries in a year, but are they successful surgeries? Mine was faaaar away from successful. He messed up my 22 yo boobs, all I wanted was bigger boobs, not messed up boobs. I'm happy I had the money to fix it and enough patience to go through all the stress. Please think before you go to CG cosmetics, they don't care about your well being, they just care about money
Miami Plastic Surgeon

5 mins consultation never saw him or talked to him since after care for out of state is Zero

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