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I do want to start my review but I feel like I...

I do want to start my review but I feel like I don't really have anything to post. I live in Columbus, OH. and want to go to Miami, FL. to have my BA. My best friend has offered to go with me to take care of me after surgery. Another best friend has offered her g'pa timeshare for us to stay in.

Right now the place I wanna has a Limited time deal - Saline breast augmentation - For just $2,800 (includes implants, anesthesia, and operative room costs) So it's way cheaper to fly there and spend a week than it is to stay here. The catch? Oh, I just found out yesterday this special ends at the end of this month and if I want the deal I have to pay $1000.00 by the 31st!! Well damn it, I still haven't taken a before picture to send them!! I must also add that this month I already spent a $1000 over our "budget" I put that in quotes bc husband won't give me a budget and I'm too lazy to do it myself. Add to that stress that I want and obviously have to buy airline tickets before they keep going up for me and best friend. Then what if the other friend can't/won't get the timeshare for me bc her husband won't let her go?

So one sliver of hope... I told my husband that I wish he would be more supportive and he actually told me sorry and that he didn't know whether to take me seriously or not!
Are you shitting me?!?! I have told the man for over ten years now that I will have my boobs by the age 35!! What a loooong going joke!
He told me he was worried that I would go for shock and awe when he wanted them to be on the classy side. I reassured him that I want what he wants.
I have had our two beautiful children (9 and almost 5) cut out of my body... c-sections. I also breast fed.

I've gained and lost hundreds of pounds and my husband has always been hot for me.
Today I am 5'5" 159lbs and flat as a pancake.
When I was a little girl I really hoped and prayed that I would be as endowed as Dolly herself. I already know that I want high profile saline 475-500cc.
Now I just feel stuck.

The clinic called today to see if I had sent in a...

The clinic called today to see if I had sent in a before picture, and I told her I was discouraged after finding out the special was ending. She then told me to send the picture and my information, that she would get me into the system and I could still have the special price. Ekkkk!
So now I'm freaking out about buying our airline tickets bc just since yesterday the price has gone up $30 a piece!

Oh another thing- now my husband is against body modifications! Give me a freaking break man!! Not so against them when you're looking at the playboy we get every month! I mean, really?? What do I say to that?? God, I love him!
Coral Gabels Cosmetic

Someone else on here loved the doctor, and I loved her breast, and all their before and after pictures.

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