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I initially put a down payment down to have...

I initially put a down payment down to have augmentation with a practice near my home. It was going to cost me $6,000 and I was okay with the price. I wasn't however comfortable with the before and after photos, I kept looking at them to ease my discomfort but it didn't work. so I hit the internet and started doing more research. Spectrum Aesthetics kept coming up in my searches but I disregarded them because the prices seemed "too good to be true". Finally, I gave them a chance and started reading all the reviews. They were all pretty good. The before and after pictures suited my wishes a lot better, also. I weighed my options and although saving money wasn't a top priority… it sort of was a no brainer to choose the less expensive and more desirable look. Also, I thought the travel would be good for the soul. I was in communication with "Emily", I'm from Minnesota where people are really, really nice, so maybe I just need to get used to the Miami way of things but Emily didn't seem too enthusiastic to speak to me. She wasn't mean just a bit short, she seemed knowledgable but she certainly didn't ease my nerves. I sent in my pictures and health forms and waited for a response about my qualifications. Being that I wanted my augmentation as soon as possible, I was required to make a deposit to lock in my surgery date and sign a contract. I signed my contract and waited for directions, the next day. Today, I was waiting to be contacted about where I needed to go to get my EKG/checkup for surgery. Being that my surgery is only 2 weeks away, I was hoping for quick responses to my questions. I had also read one review where a woman had to post pone her surgery because the office wasn't responding to her and she didn't get her checkups on time and I didn't want that to happen to me. Emily and I communicated through email and on the phone but my emails were rarely responded to especially after I paid my deposit. Anyways, Emily finally called me at around 2:30 pm, today (not sure what the time difference is) she told me that the doctor she had booked me for on April 2nd, said that I also needed a breast lift. I've been to a few other surgeons and all have said that I don't need one. I insisted that I didn't need/want one and that the photos don't really show how small i am and how little drooping I had just loss of volume. I was getting my implants over the muscle as opposed to older which would fill out the skin a lot more. So she asked me to resend photos and that she would call me back. I emailed her and called her back a few times with no response and then she finally called me back at around 5. She told me the doctor she booked me with wouldn't do the surgery without a lift but that Dr. Omulepu would do it. That actually comforted me a lot because I couldn't find much on the other doctor. So now I'm waiting for a new contract to sign which I still haven't received hours later. There is still so much up in the air and it makes me nervous. I have so many questions still, but I haven't even had a chance to ask them. I know this is a high volume center but I think they should expand staffing, allow you to talk to other people who aren't so busy. And the assistants should learn how to open up a conversation for questions. I'm a virgin to the plastic surgery world and I still have a lot of anxiety about the process. Now I'm worried that I should have just stayed with the surgeon in my hometown. I'm looking forward to working with Dr. Omulepu but I'm not looking forward to the rest of this process.

The worst customer service, EVER!!! you get what you pay for.

I decided I was going to be more proactive and try to more aggressively communicate with my coordinator. I called her this morning to ask when I would receive a new contract with revisions. I finally received my contract via email at 1:30 this afternoon. I signed it and sent it back to Emily who shortly called me after to verify that I had received it. She told me the next step was to call the office of spectrum aesthetics to schedule a pre op appointment with my doctor the day before surgery. She also said that I would be receiving a call from… i'm not even sure…. I never got that phone call. I called the clinic and told them I needed to make a prep appointment… I called multiple times (5 times) each time I was transferred and hung up on… no one seemed to know what I was talking about or who I was… I even was transferred to Karla's cell phone who is the post surgery care house manager. I tried to call emily back but now her phone was off. So here I am again…. questions unanswered…. appointments not made… calls not answered. I'm getting very very frustrated.

still waiting

Not much has been resolved. I signed a new contract that puts Dr. O as my physician , Tomorrow I need to call the recovery to reserve a spot for recovery. I'm still waiting to hear back from a medical center so that i can be pre screened for surgery. lets hope this gets taken care of soon. I still have a lot to do… I just want everything to run smoothly once i get there.

just some pictures

just some photos.

A small success today.

I called Emily, my coordinator, today to inform her that I never received a call from the medical assistants so that I could schedule an appointment for blood work. She said she would work on it and seemed frustrated, herself, by the lack of competency of the other staff. I finally got a call late in the evening from the medical assistance. Wasn't much of a success because all they told me was that I would get a call on monday from a clinic in Minnesota to get my blood work done. The small success I had today was letting the woman on the phone know that I wasn't coughing up any cash until everything was in order for my surgery. My payment for surgery is due tomorrow but I don't feel right paying it until everything on their part is taken care of. I let her know that everyone I've had to deal with thus far has been very unorganized and lacked communication skills and that I didn't trust any one enough to make a payment. She was very very kind and very understanding. She told me should understood and said that I didn't have to pay for my surgery until after i had gotten my blood work done. So, I'm very happy about that. Now I don't feel stressed about the time frame and now the responsibility is back on the clinic. Karla, the recovery house manager didn't call me back like she said she would. I will try to get a hold of her again, tomorrow.

I hate weekends. Nothing ever gets done! NUTRITIONAL CONCERNS!

I'm looking forward to monday so I can spend the day hounding coordinators and assistants! I'm supposed to hear back from a medical assistant tomorrow so I can find out where I'm supposed to go for blood work. Lets hope everyone is on their game. I also haven't heard from karla, the recovery house manager. She has told me to text her twice and yet again with no response.

I have high concerns about anemia before blood work and health before surgery. When I was sabot 16 I had surgery on my ACL, the doctor told me my hemoglobin levels were a bit low and that I was slightly anemic. I was at optimal health, then so I worry about what my blood levels are at, now. I exercise a lot but my diet isn't very well rounded. I would be heart broken if my blood work came back and I wasn't able to get my surgery on the day planned. I'm going to try to eat foods high in iron but I usually only eat two big meals per day, I don't know if its enough. Doctors orders also state not to take vitamins 2 weeks before surgery. The debate is out about weather or not vitamins before surgery is good or bad. I know I'm absolutely not supposed to take vitamin E but i'm tempted to take a multivitamin with iron. I've read that taking vitamins helps with the healing process and hopefully it will assist me in my blood work being good enough for surgery.

What are your experiences with Vitamins Pre-surgery?

Low-Cost-High-Volume Centers…. Why I Chose Miami.

I'm 25 and a mother of one. I have always had small breasts but after breastfeeding my son, felt very unhappy with my post pregnancy breasts. I always imagined getting implants but never thought it was something I could afford or something my friends and family would be okay with. It was a fantasy that I never thought would find its way into my reality. In the back of my head I had hoped that my boobs would just magically go back to their perky selves :) Two years later and I know that is not the case. Its hard to believe that I will soon feel beautiful again.

Being that I am only 25 and due to the birth of my son, I have not finished college yet and I will admit that while looking for a physician… Afordability… was at the TOP of my priority list. I understand the risks that come with these cheaper high-volume-low-cost centers so I request that all viewers refrain from telling me what I already know. At this point in my life I am just looking to feel beautiful while I am still young without the large costs that surgeons charge in my hometown. There are many women who are unhappy with their bodies but do not have the luxury to spend tens of thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery. We have mouths to feed and bills to pay ;) so I am very thankful that centers like spectrum Aesthetics exist. If need be, one day after graduation and a career, I will pursue a surgeon with the utmost credibility but for now, I am openly and willingly choosing a physician with low costs.

I found Dr. Osak Omulepu at Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami, Florida after realizing that my initial choice of surgeon was not, himself, board certified, did not offer results I deemed desirable, and his prices were too high for my comfort. Osak Omulepu is not certified by the ABPS but he is pursuing ABPS certification and is certified in other areas of health and surgery. Many of you have read the hundreds of doctors advise that it is unwise to seek surgery from MD's who are not certified and while this initially made me uneasy, that uneasiness was countered when I saw the results that Omulepu has with all of his patients. He has a keen eye to detail and symmetry. He understands the art of the female body. As an artist, that is something I respect. I know that he will take car of me and that he will give me what I need. I also spent days upon days trying to dig up any dirt I could on him but even on the 20th page of google searches found nothing that scared me to the point of backing out. He has a senserity to his voice and I believe him when he says that Plastic surgery is his passion and the best part of his day is seeing the smiles of his patients after they see their results.

I will admit that contact with the surgery center has been difficult at times but I trust that Omulepu will do an outstanding job as he has done for his other patients. The lack of communication from patient to doctor is basically where the low cost is most affected. I am extremely nervous, as this is my first elective surgery. I will be traveling alone to Miami, and will be cared for by the Aesthetics Recovery house staff. Its hard to believe that in less than two weeks my life will be forever different.

I'm looking forward to getting back in the gym, as I am a passionate weightlifter, and I'm looking forward to showing off my puppies at the beach, and rekindling the love life that my husband and I used to have. I'm choosing to stay positive through it all!

Blood work then its a go!

Its crazy how close I'm cutting it to my surgery. I got my lab work done a couple of days ago and I'm just waiting to hear back from Spectrum. I finally got a hold of Karla to speak about my post operative recovery but I guess I was asking too many questions because she hung up on me. SOOOOOO I scoured the internet to see what other options I have for post op care. I don't want to be taken care of by someone who doesn't even respect me enough to text/call me back and hangs up on me. UNBELIEVABLE! I'm going with Angys RH or Moni. Both women sounded very kind and didn't rush me on the phone (I ALWAYS ASK TONS OF QUESTIONS) Moni is just 100 dollars more but I think I like her house a little better. I got my recovery package in the mail. Vitamins, silicone gel for my scars, pre op vitamins, cold pack for my face, my surgical bra is on its way too!! 9 days, I can't believe it AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Women getting plastic surgery when they really should be in gym.

Just an observation. I'm seeing so many profiles of borderline obese women going in for tummy tucks, lipo and butt lifts. While I understand that they can do whatever they want to do to their bodies, and this is only my opinion, but it breaks my heart and drives me crazy to see. Ladies you're spending thousands of dollars for instant gratification but I promise you, there is no short cut to hard work. After you've spent time eating better and exercising and you still don't have the results you want maybe then consider surgery. There is nothing better than hard work. The value you feel for yourself after you shed pounds after working hard is way more valuable than surgery. I just hope a lot of you reconsider. A lot of you are seriously obese but you're wanting to look like Kim Kardashion… think about that for a minute. I know this will insult some of you but its meant to be friendly advice. I have been over weight before and I would never choose a short cut first because I know how proud I am that I actually did the work myself. Yes, there are things that diet and exercise can't change… stretch marks, extra skin, breast composition… for that I say get all the surgery you want… but don't get surgery because you're too lazy to work out. SQUATS are a girl's best friend, and cardio will shed that extra weight, eating well will shed that belly fat. I'm surprised a lot of these surgeons don't have the moral compass to tell women that. lol I would be like "NO BOO BOO, you don't need a tummy tuck, you need to lose some damn weight"

Rant over!

One week before I leave for Miami. Angy's Revovery House and Hostiles.

Today was quite successful! My blood work was cleared, I booked my flight but because of all the waiting around ended up having to pay $509 round trip, which I'm not happy about… 2 weeks ago tickets were barely 300 dollars, oh well. I'm trying to keep costs low because that seems to be the only thing my boyfriend cares about, its really frustrating. Every time something goes array, he blames me for not being more proactive but I've literally done everything to cut costs and keep him happy even though my comfort should be the most important… anyways… I'm staying in a HOSTILE of all places for my two days before surgery, I'm not looking forward to it because I don't like people especially young drunk white kids, and I thoroughly enjoy my own space and privacy but of course… have to keep things cheap for the boyfriend. I decided to go with Angy's RH for my 4 days of post op. 700 dollars for 4 nights. As far as I know.. I get my own room, 3 meals a day, transportation, around the clock care and monitoring for all 4 days, not just the first day, and Wifi and truthfully thats all I need.

I thought I would feel differently at this point. I thought I would feel relief and happiness but IDK I feel bummed and disappointed. Disappointed that while my boyfriend plays video games all day, I'm scouring the internet to try to find the cheapest ways to make this surgery happen, but thats still not good enough for him. Anyways, I know this is way too personal for real self, but this is also my own personal journal so I thought I'd write what I'm feeling.

On a positive note, I will wake up tomorrow with out a worry in the world. Well tons of worries but without having to do anymore work for surgery… its all set in stone and in just over a week I will have big boobies like I've always wanted.

4 days until Miami!

I'll try to sum up the rest of my reviews in this and update whoever decides to read.

I leave for Miami in exactly 4 days. I will be staying at wishes Motel for two nights. great decode and low prices. My surgery is in six days and then I will be going to Angy's RH. 700 for 4 nights. I'm getting so anxious and excited. I can't even sleep some nights and when I do, I dream about boobs :) I'm still in disbelief....like I'm waiting for something bad to happen because that is totally my luck.

I'm a mother of one beautiful baby boy and like many of you mothers, hated my post pregnancy breasts. I chose Spectrum Aesthetics because I loved the idea of low cost, great results, and a mini vacation wrapped into one ball of greatness, costing me less than anything in Minnesota, where I live.

I have had a very hard time with communicating with the staff at Spectrum but after reading dozens of reviews about how great the work is at spectrum and specifically Omulepu, I decided to suck it up and do what ever had to be done to get my surgery on the day I planned. It is usually uncharacteristic of me to complain about bad customer service or "irritate" people by constantly calling or asking lots of questions but this is a very important event in my life and I expect all players to be on the ball!!

Today, I started packing… I know its still early but if I don't make a checklist and slowly start to remove things on my list… I will surely forget things. I'm also usually late, not this time!!

I'm beyond excited… boobs are all I think about. I'm also looking forward to being alone. Sleeping alone, traveling alone, going to the beach alone!! I will miss my family and I definitely wish they could share this with me but this week is all about me and thats good too!

Watch my experience on YouTube. I will try to upload regularly.

I started a blog about my boob journey a few days ago. I will be posting everything I can. Airport, Hotel, consultation, and recovery. Watch it here!!

I started this to help girls who are thinking about Spectrum Aesthetics for augmentation. There isn't a large amount of information out there about the clinic. So I hope you join me and watch my transformation unfold online :)

YOOOO! so surreal!

I leave to Miami wednesday morning at 3:00 am but I'm just gonna go ahead and consider that as tomorrow night! HOLY $**T. I'm planning on spending my first two days on the beach and getting some vitamin D! Maybe look for some good sushi!

I'm not even packed yet lol. what am I doing with my life?!

The worst news I could have received, today! Bad blood work.

Well ladies, I'm headed to the Airport in about 8 hours. Today was supposed to be a great day but sadly I got bad news.

So even though I had my blood test a week ago and I called spectrum multiple times to make sure My results were fine before i booked my flight, they decided to call me today and give the bad news that my liver enzymes are elevated. They didn't tell me how elevated but told me I needed to retest my blood. I'm kicking myself in the face right now because although they could have called me sooner… I know this is my fault and I should have listened to the doctors order and stopped taking my vitamins.

I started taking multi vitamin and Iron because I was worried that my iron levels would be low because they have been in the past. I only took that up until I got my blood drawn then switched to makemeheal.com's pre-operative support program. I've been taking that up until yesterday. After doing some research I learned that too much vitamin A and Niacin can elevate your enzyme levels. Being that my supplements supplied more than the recommend daily amount, I'm most certain that the retest tomorrow at the clinic will not be any better.

Elevated enzyme levels can be bad for anestesia so chances are I won't be getting my surgery as planned. I have a feeling I will have to post pone. I'm trying to stay positive and I'll still try to enjoy my trip but I could just cry right now. I was trying to be overly cautious and didn't listen to the surgeon and now I'm going to pay for it.

I'm trying to eat a lot of vegetables and flush my system with water before I do another blood test tomorrow but I think theres not enough recovery time :(

My advice to you ladies, LISTEN TO YOUR SURGEON!!!

I've arrived!!!! Blood Work is normal!! Momma's getting BOOBS!!

Hello lovelies! I just arrived in Miami!! I'm staying at Wishes motel… the decor is fantastic but it smells absolutely horrific but I'm in such a good mood that I could really care less!! Ruth called me as I was checking into my hotel. My enzyme levels are normal and I'm cleared for surgery!!! Its odd because I sort of accepted that I wasn't getting the surgery now I have to condition myself to being excited again because I'm going to have boobs in two days wow!! Anyways, I'm really tired and I think I'm gonna take a nap, then I'm going to go to spectrum later to get my prescriptions for surgery! Tomorrow is my consolation with Omulepu and saturday is operation day!!!! YAAAAAAYYYY!!!

Change of plans!! GETTING SURGERY TODAY!!!

NO time to explain!!


Well ladies, as some of you know… I had the opportunity of getting my surgery yesterday night instead of this morning. I'm very thankful for that because I didn't have the opportunity to feel nervous and anxious. After spending the day touring Miami and going to the beach I unexpectedly got called into surgery. I'm about 19 hours post op and I feel amazing. Omulepu gave me the perfect size and shape and I couldn't be happier. They are far from healed and they already look amazing the nurses even came in to my post op appointment to praise his work. made me feel really good about my results. He is very knowledgable and easy to talk to, he's silly and comforting.. All the things I knew he would be. I have to say, also, the staff in person treated me very well and all the struggles I went through to make it to this day was well worth it. I can't say enough about how happy I am with my results. The irony is I went from almost not being able to get my surgery to waking up with breasts on the same day. I want to let you ladies know that spectrum will not accept any form of payment if it doesn't have the patients name on it. I don't know when this policy came into play but it is the result of other women getting free surgery from taking other peoples credit cards. My boyfriend charged the procedure to his credit card before I left for Miami. We did it this way so that we can make payments on the surgery and not pay it in full. That process was coordinated by Emily, my coordinator but when I went for my pre-op appointment to get my prescriptions I ended up having to speak to these random guys who told me they ABSOLUTELY would not accept my payment. I was devastated because I really thought I was going home empty handed. I was also pissed because their policy change failed to be communicated to my coordinator so after being irate and expressing my disapproval for over a half an hour they let my boyfriend do a three way recorded call with the bank and spectrum to give me authorization for the charge (MY IDEA). I'm very thankful that they did that because they could have turned me away but it was still their fault, anyways. That experience was very stressful but nothing a little beach fun couldn't help. Like I said, I'm staying at Angy's recovery house. I've been getting cared for by Gaby, Angy's daughter until tonight when Angy gets home from seeing her ill father (very sad).Gaby is wonderful. We are close to the same age so I feel like I've been hanging out with my sister. She's been exceptionally helpful and I've been very comfortable on her care. She wants to be involved with everything I do and she's the voice that I don't have. She makes sure Spectrum is on top of things which has helped us avoid long wait times. if you're looking for a down to earth affordable care center where the staff take care of every aspect of your post op, *******Omulepu gets 5/5 stars from me. You must be willing to be persistent with Spectrum but to me it was all worth it in the end. Dr. Omulepu is the best! you can't go wrong!

Youtube video of my day in Miami and my post op, day one!

I had a lot of fun making this vide! Please come and share the experience with me! You won't be bored.


I wasn't planning on updating today but I see and feel some subtle differences in my breast today, compared to yesterday. They look even bigger today lol. My right one has dropped more and its squishier. My left still sits high and is a bit more tinder. Swelling has gone down a bit. I have some Minor "tenting" that I'm only a little concerned about. I had this before surgery so It might not ever look the way I want it to. Tenting is when the skin between your breasts and over your sternum doesn't sit surface on your bone. Its a bit raised from having really tight skin and in other cases from the implants being to large and migrating together (not my case). Mine is still swollen so its hard to say what will happen when it heals. I got a really large implant so it will be a while until the swelling goes down. Over all I'm even more in love with them today. They are so symmetrical and big and youthful just like I wanted. I'm extremely bloated from all the medication. Its quite uncomfortable but I'm told I can't take Laxatives yet. Enjoy the pics! Ignore my bloated belly :) sorry for the poor lighting. I just woke up from a nap!

post op Day #3! Pictures of the Spectrum Office!

Just wanted to upload some pictures. I had my last consultation at spectrum, today. I took some pictures of the Waiting Room and some of my Boobies!!

I'm allowed to start massages today.
I can eat regular food, again.
I had a bowel movement, today, without laxatives.
I will start taking laxatives, today.
Still have to wear the strap.

I have some bruising, which is normal and I'm healing very well. I couldn't be happier!

Leaving Miami, today, but the journey continues!

Well, Miami it was nice meeting you. You're a beautiful city with beautiful people and you gifted me with the best set of knockers I ever could have asked for. I will miss your warm weather and your white sand beaches. I'll even miss the The gecko I saw climbing on my wall, but I miss my family even more!

I'm so happy to be going home, today! I miss my little boy and my partner. I miss my son calling me by my first name to get my attention and my partner's dumb jokes that only he finds hilarious. I miss the crisp in the cold Minnesota air and the waves from my neighbors, just for the hell of it. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed and watch my own television! UGH!

I will keep you ladies updated on my review, I promise… the boob job is over but the fluffing continues. I plan on making another youtube video tonight or tomorrow. So if you haven't subscribed to me yet, do it, and stay tuned!


Hey ladies, I'm so happy to be home!My boyfriend won't admit it but he loves my breasts, already!
I'm post op day 4/5 not much has changed. My boobs look better and better everyday! I don't need the pain meds as often. Twice a day, maybe.

Anyways, I might be leaving real self. I initially came to this site to get honest reviews and positive support for my breast augmentation but as time went on I realized that I wanted to be the person that all of you ladies could look to for support by posting regularly and giving you in-depth advice. At this point I'm more interested in doing that through my videos on youtube. There is a lot of underlying negative energy on this site and I think it comes from a lack of face to face interaction. I prefer to continue my reviews in video where nothing I say can be misconstrued… and comments can be deleted and blocked. We're all her for one thing… to better ourselves and be happier when we look in the mirror. I have suffered from low-selfesteem and eating disorders and I don't want to be a part of a community where I'm called "fat", "ugly", "mean", and "judgmental". I am not getting the positive feelings out of real self that I was in search of. I know when to remove myself from situations as not to cause damage to myself, emotionally. If you ladies want to continue to support me in my journey and let me help you by sharing my self with you then please join me on youtube. I may be back but for now, I'm signing off! Chao bellas!!

Thanks for the encouragement! I can't leave you ladies! Post-op day 6 >.<

I want to thank all of you for showing me how happy you are to have me here on realsef. I received lots of notifications and It makes me feel wanted and needed. I didn't realize the impact my reviews had for some of you. I guess I just need to toughen up and not let the negativity affect me. I have SOOOOO many notifications so I will try to reply to all of you shortly!

Today I'm post op day 6!!! My right breast has dropped really well… the left is still a bit high. They're getting squishier and I love playing with them lol. I do still have a bit of pain… especially if i'm moving a lot. today I finished moving out of my apartment… it wasn't a lot of stuff to do but by the end I was winded and my breasts HURT! So keep your activity level low!! The Strap is incredibly uncomfortable and I try to wear it often but sometimes I'm just tired of wearing it and I take it off. I'm was told to take to off only 30 minutes at a time if I need to but sometimes I go an hour. Every surgeon is different… some require you to wear a strap and others won't so I'm not too worried. The nerves in my breast are all out of whack. random zings and zings and a lot of numbness on my right breast I do think all of this is normal! The swelling is practically gone and I think the Arnica montanna pills I was taking helped a lot with that. The pills I'm taking: Antibiotics, make me heal post op vitamins, and on rare occasion oxycodone pain pills. My body is still really bloated. My face and stomach especially. its going down but I feel so chubby!

Ladies I'm so happy with my breasts… I feel so feminine, beautiful and confident! Its weird, even when I don't have makeup on I still feel so sexy!! its amazing! I knew the implants were going to make me happy but I'm like beyond happy!!

ONE WEEK POST! 8 days post op!

Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a few days just because nothing had really changed but I woke up today really happy about the way my breasts are looking and feeling. Swelling has gone down a lot.. so much that I have side boob and middle cleavage, now. My pain levels are moderate to low. I wake up and my breasts feel really stiff and painful but after moving and getting on with my day they start to feel a little better. I'm able to do just about everything with my arms except I try to avoid pushing motions… those contract the pectoral muscles. Pain is weird sometimes its bad enough to take a pain killer and sometimes I don't feel much pain. My left breast is still sitting higher than my right… its not dropping and fluffing like my right one. someone suggested I put padding under my strap so it pushes down more… I think it might have helped a little… they look more even in pictures… I just really don't want lop sided breasts but I know its too soon to come to that conclusion. I'm contemplating going back to the gym soon… now that of my bloating is going down… I'm looking forward to getting my body in shape… I don't want to over do it… but I'm starting to feel like light elliptical and some squats might do the body good. I'm still eating poorly… a lot of take out :( cooking just hasn't sounded very appealing lately. Anyways, overall I'm LOVING my new girls!!! In my eyes they look so Damn good!! my body looks so proportionate and feminine. I don't look like a boy anymore!! very very happy with my results :)

Post op day 10- HYPERSENSITIVITY :(

Hey all!

I didn't post any pictures today because I don't see any changes in my breasts. I will most likely post pics at two weeks post op.

I still have the concern that my left breast sits higher than my right sometimes I feel like its never going to come down. No one seems to notice except me. Anyways, I have to remind myself that I have A LOT of recovery time ahead of me and that despite the small differences in my breasts, to me, they still look amazing.

Right now, I'm dealing with a lot of hypersensitivity on both breasts. I read about this before surgery but didn't think It would affect me. Basically the skin on my breasts is very sensitive to touch. Anything that touches them is painful and makes me uncomfortable… even my hair. It's sort of like a burning sensation/ the feeling you get when the feeling starts coming back to your limbs after they've fallen asleep. It makes massaging undesirable. I'm the most comfortable when I have no clothes on. My surgical bra is especially making me uncomfortable. Hopefully it goes away soon I CAN'T STAND IT!

I was going to return to the gym but after going on a 3 block walk I realized its too soon. I'm still very fatigued, tired, and in pain. The implant pockets don't seem to be in much pain anymore but the skin sensitivity feels even worse. It is normal, ladies, so if you experience this, do not fret!

Doctors orders say I can stop wearing my strap in 4 days… even though I don't wear it often, I'm looking forward to throwing it in the trash.

Its really hard being out of commission for this long. sleeping is still hard and I just want to go back to being my energetic active self. I'm still very happy with my results and the day is coming when I can appreciate these girls even more! staying positive!

Hope all of you are happy in your journey!

Two weeks post-op PICTURES!

I don't really feel like writing today… if anyone has specific questions, comment and I will answer :)

haven't updated in a while. 1 month post op!

Hey everyone! Quick review, because I'm tired :(

I took my surgical tape off 3 weeks post op. I was expecting to see a disgusting gory scar on my niples but I kid you not… there is NOTHING! literally no scar… you need a microscope to see any abnormality. I think its because I have really dark nipples so its impossible to see a scar. :) I"m super happy about that!

Both breasts have dropped down and are literally identical. I was worried because my left breast was higher than the right and wasn't dropping but this isn't the case anymore.

My breasts are SUPER soft and squishy. I love touching them.

I was worried about a flat spot on the under side of my left breast… that is gone and I think it was due to bruising.


I still have hypersensitivity but it has gotten A LOT better. I can actually stand to touch my skin, now.

I still have a lot of numbness in my right breast. I don't see this getting any better any time soon. I had knee surgery on my right knee and I experienced numbness that didn't go away for over a year.

strangest thing… I'm lactating????? I have one child who is 3 years old, now. I noticed today while I was doing my massages that I have colostrum and small amounts of milk coming out of my right nipple. I'm not worried about it. I find it kind of funny.

Overall IM HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!! I love love love love my boobies!!!

One month post op with pics! Areola incision is a MUST!

quick pics :) I've gained about 12 lbs since surgery… I know ugggh, so if they look smaller than before, I think thats why! I have returned to the gym, though. Still no upper body. I can feel the implants bounce when I flex and so I'm trying to avoid upper body lifting. Anyways… both implants have dropped and they are so squishy. they look way more natural now and I love that!!! I have zero pain but sometimes random nerve pains and I sleep on my side :) literally no scars on my nipples, I love that! and since I'm lactating post op, I'm assuming breastfeeding in the future should be okay! Areola incision is a must, I'm telling you!

If you want PHENOMENAL results at a low cost, it doesn't get much better than Dr. Omulepu at Spectrum Aesthetics. I'm giving him 5/5 stars because his work outweighs the problems you run into with the center. I am so thankful for my surgery!! I felt safe, respected, and understood by him and the staff. Scheduling and contact were difficult but you forget all about that when you see your results! after seeing my results, my post op recovery nurse wants the rest of her surgeries from Omulepu. BEST DECISION YOU COULD MAKE!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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