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Hi there! First off id like to start by saying...

Hi there!
First off id like to start by saying that I have been obsessed with Real Self for a few months now and have found several reviews very helpful. My hope is to help and answer as many questions to women looking to get a breast augmentation. Iam a 23 year old mother of one and also a nursing student. Iam soooo excited to start this process with you all and share all of the details of my procedure with you all. I decided to write my FIRST review today because I literally just got off the phone with Liz from spectrum aesthetics in Dr. Mel Ortegas office. She was very helpful and answered all of my questions immediately and professionally. She immediately sent me a text with her email address to send photos of my breast for review. (They do this to see if you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation and if you will need a lift as well.) Liz texted me back immediately to let me know the doctor felt I am a good candidate. I've agreed to set the date for May1st (Dr. Mel is only available Monday, Wednesday and Friday). They require a $500 deposit to set the date which I will pay for this weekend. So excited! I'll attach the pictures I sent in. :)

8 weeks away!

Today I am 8 weeks away from my surgery which means I have 6 weeks to pay off the remaining balance on my account. My concern today is that I stopped breast feeding 7 months ago and just last week I started developing milk again only in my right boob. Has anyone ever experienced this and knows if this will effect my surgery? I have added more pics because I also notice that my left breast is droopping more (saggy). Man! I can't wait to get this done! Hoping for a full C or even a small D.

New wish pics... Smaller then before

More wish pics

3 weeks till surgery

Blood work done (cleared for surgery) but I haven't purchased anything to prepare for my surgery just yet. Any suggestions?? Also, after tons of research I'm 100% sure I will go with 375cc-425cc. No smaller, no larger than that. Can't wait! 23 days left!

My pre-op boobs


Hello everyone! I have decided to add a little twist to my procedure. Iam set for a breast augmentation at spectrum aesthetics with Dr. Mel Ortega on May 1,st 2015 but now Iam ALSO getting my teeth fixed. Iam scheduled with Dr. Gina Cozzarelli @ Ortho Smiles on April 27th, 2015. These procedures are only 4 days apart and my only concern is having pain from braces and then sore from the boobs. I hope I'm no taking on too much but just can't wait to look and feel like a million bucks.
I have decided to go with ceramic braces for a treatment of about 18 months. Price is $4000. Which is really good for my area. Feel free to share any advice. Only 6 days away from putting on my braces! :D

Ceramic braces get put on tomorrow!!

Just wanted to add before pics to use for comparison. I get my braces put on tomorrow! April 27th, 2015

Braces update on a different review

Just wanted to keep the braces info on a different review. I don't want to confuse anyone. BTW: surgery for breast in just about 2 days!
I've included my breast wish pics that I will be showing my doctor. The woman in the red top is my favorite!


Just met Dr. Ortega and I loved him. He really took his time with me, explained things and made me feel comfortable. He allowed me to ask questions and ask to see my wish pics. I was told to come in at 7 am. They called me to the back immediately where he made his marks on my body and decided on a size. So I'm all set to go! Wish me luck!

Out of surgery! Boobies are here

I just wanted to share my implant card with you all. I don't really understand it because one breast says 380 cc and the other says 450 cc. I don't understand the big difference. Went in to surgery at 8:30. Was out of the building by 11 o clock. What an amazing experience. The staff was AMAZING!!! The nurse anesthetist was so funny. He was dancing salsa and had such a great personality (thanks for putting me to sleep Richard) lol. I been in bed resting because the pressure was pretty terrible. The meds make it bearable though. HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS!

First day

My first day is coming to an end and I just wanted to explain the feeling. Soooo much pressure almost painful when you first get out of surgery. I was freeZing, shaking and super tight around the chest. Incisions do not hurt at all. Pain meds kick in in a few minutes. Sleeping is awkward because you have to sit up but I always wake up feeling better once I get some shut eye. There isn't much range of motion for my arms BUT surprisingly I can brush my own teeth, use the bathroom by myself and use my phone comfortably. Anyway... I had a great meal and now it's time for bed. Here are some more photos...

Before and after

Day 4- before and after

PAIN & 8 day update

Today I really wanted to talk about pain From day 1 to day 8. Before my augmentation I had no clue what to expect because people do not discuss the pain. So to help you all better understand I will use the 1-10 scale. 1 being no pain and 10 being worst than child labor. When I woke up from my procedure I was actually experiencing a lot of chills. It was freezing when I woke up but they gave me a blanket and put a heater right next to me. It wasn't till I got in the car (and didn't have my pain meds at this point) that it hit me. It was a lot of pressure. Hard to speak. Hard to move and pain about a 7. By the time I got home I realized I couldn't get out of bed without my boyfriend grabbing me by my shoulders and picking me up. Pain is about an 8 at this point. Till day 4 I experienced sharp pains, extreme back pain (9) and chest pressure (8). Day 5 and 6 it FINALLY STARTS TO GET BETTER!!! Pain about a 6 or 5. And the pain meds completely gets rid of them for about 2 hours. These are also the worst days of bloating. I looked 5 months pregnant when I stepped out of the house for the first time. So at this point. Back pain was the worst part and sleeping upright all night did NOT help. Finally, day 7 I can sleep with just one pillow under my head and on my back so it has been so much better. No longer need the pain pills and the antibiotic have all run out at this point. Hopefully smooth sailing from here as I still get sharp pains, the massages hurt quite a bit (3). But it actually soothes any sharp random pains you have. I have some sore area on my breast and next to the ribs but they come and go. So here are my 8 day pic updates. The left is much softer and the right is pretty stiff and sore at times

HAPPY 2nd week Boob-aversary!!

Finally removed my incision tape. I'm concerned with the apperance of my left side. The stitches are visible and it still pretty sore


So I've purchased the Walgreens brand silicone scar sheets, couldn't wait to take off the ones from surgery because they were so bloody. Day 13 I finally got to see the incisions and I was a bit worried about the left side but just after TWO days they have improved so much.

Day 19 scars

Updated scars and boobs

Boobs at 5 weeks

Instagram page

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