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I have been reading reviews here for a couple of...

I have been reading reviews here for a couple of weeks now and finally decided to write my own. I am 51 years old, happily married, mother of two, grandmother of one and another grandbaby on the way. I am 5'2", 140 lbs. and wear a size 34 A. I have always been unhappy about the size of my breasts but while I was in my 20's I was busy raising kids (both breastfed) and did not think too much about it. In my 30's I started to think about getting implants but it never seem to be the right time; I was either too scared or felt like I couldn't afford to spend the money in something that I did not really "need". For the last 8 years or so I thought I had come to accept my breast as they are and thought I would never actually get the implants. I started seriously thinking about it again in the last couple of years but then I thought "well I am kind of too old to do it now".

My husband said if it was something I wanted to do, he would support me 100% and he also assured me he did not think I was too old to do something that would make me feel better about myself. It was only about 3 weeks ago that I finally had the nerve to pick up the phone and schedule two consultations. The first Dr. I went to see did not have much of a personality but he did take plenty of time expalining to me the procedure, what to expect, etc. My second consultation was with a Dr. that had been highly recommended to me by another physician in the area; he was more friendly and personable however did not take as much time in explaning things. In the end I decided to go with the second Dr. because of his credentials, number of years as a plastic surgeon in this community and online reviews by his patients. Since I made my decision everything has been moving forward so fast!

My husband and I have a business and our busy season will start in the next few weeks so we decided I needed to do it now or wait till after the summer was over. I called the surgery coordinator thinking they would not be able to schedule me so soon but to my surprise, she said the Dr. could do it on Tuesday March 6! I said go ahead and put me down for that date thinking that if I gave myself too much time to think and stress about it I would chicken out and not go thorugh with it.

I went for my second visit yesterday to sign the...

I went for my second visit yesterday to sign the paperwork, get my prescriptions and all pre op instructions. I have to admit I was very nervous signing those papers; not that there was anything new since I have done my research but still almost felt like running away and forgetting the whole thing. However I just kept reminding myself that this is something I really want to do and I am sure my biggest regret is going to be why I waited so long to do it. I had already decided during the first visit that I was going with silicone under the muscle. Both of the doctors I consulted with recommended against saline for me because of the fact that I have very little tissue on top. I tried 370 cc and 390 cc sizers; I liked the 370 but I was told I should go with the 390 to get closer to the look of the 370 since they will be under the muscle and look smaller once they are in. I told the Dr. I would be happy with a full C; I don't really want to be so big, I just want to be more proportionate with the rest of my body and I would like for my clothes to fit better. Right now, there are so many styles of clothes I don't wear because they are always too big on top when they fit me everywhere else. The nurse practioner said that the Dr. will have several sizes on hand and he will make sure I get the look I want so I just have to trust him; after all he has been doing this for over 25 years.

Tuesday is coming up so soon, it's hard to believe it's really going to happen. I am very excited but at the same time I am also really scared. The only type of surgery I have ever had was a C section when I had my second child 24 years ago; even for that I just had an epidural so I have never been under general anesthesia. I know I will be in good hands; my surgeon has many years of experience and I will be in a center with certified nurses, anesthesiologists, etc. Just three more days!

The last two days have gone by so fast; I cannot...

The last two days have gone by so fast; I cannot believe "that" time is almost here! Yessterday I had to go to my family doctor so he could review my blood work and give me clearance for the surgery. Fortunately I am in good health so he could not find any problems that would prevent me from the surgery. After this appointment, I decided I could use some help to relax so I decided to use a gift certificate for an hour massage that my husband had given me a couple of months ago as part of my birthday gift. This was just what I needed as I am getting pretty anxious and nervous as March 6 gets closer. We live approximately 1 1/2 hours away from the surgery center so we decided to get a room in a nearby hotel for the night before and the night after the surgery. So tonight I have been packing; even though we are only going for 2 nights there still seems to be so much you have to take. I forgot to mention I picked up my prescriptions yesterday so this was one of the first things I packed as I sure don't want to forget them! It still seems hard to believe than I will be only be a flat chested size A for one more day...ha, ha!

Tomorrow is THE day!!! One of the ladies at my...

Tomorrow is THE day!!! One of the ladies at my doctor's office called this morning to remind me to be at the surgery center at 8:00 am and "don't forget nothing to eat or drink after midninght". Like I could actually forget...lol It's very much on my mind but I have been somewhwat relaxed for the most part. My husband and I are already at the hotel where we will be staying tonight and tomorrow night; it is a Residence Inn so we have a separate bedroom and kitchen which will come in handy for tomorrow. I just mapquested the distance between the hotel and the surgery center and it is less than two miles away so thinking it will be really nice to have a short car ride after the surgery. Well, nothing else to do to get ready.... just wait. I do trust my surgeon and I have my husband taking care of me afterwards so I am in good hands. Post op updates coming soon!

It is now day two post op; I will try as much as I...

It is now day two post op; I will try as much as I can remember to give a revew of the last couple of days. I was to be at the surgery center at 8:00 and I think we arrived there about 20 minutes before that. They called me within a few miinutes for initial paperwork not too much loonger a nurse came and took me to the area where I would come back for recovery. They had me take my clothes off and put the lovely hospital gownn on. The anesthesiologist came and talked to me as later Dr. Serure came and did his markings and we briefly talked about size again. When the anesthesiologist came back again, she gave me a Xofran and then she said would be putting "my martini" in the iv. As the wheeled me in the OR, I then don;t remember another thing until someone was calling my name in the recovery room and my husband was there. I don't remember being in so much pain but I did feel tremendous pressure on my chest; I remember sayiing something like I felt a truck had ran over my chest. The nurse asked me if I wanted so pain medication and just to be prepared I said yes. I drank two small cartons of apple juice and a few crackers; no nausea. The nurse then put my clothes back on while my husband went to get the car; at this point the pain started kicking in and I was so happpy we only had a couple miles to go back to the hotel. Riding back home at that time would have been rough! At the hotel, my husband helped me in my pajamas y I layed in the bed with about 4 pillows behind me. I was pretty much in and out the rest of the day; I remember not been very hungry but making myself eat a small cup of mashed potatoes so I could take the medicine. I did start feeling naseous and I took another Zofran which did not completely take the nausea away but I did not get sick. Before bed I ate a small cup of chicken noodle soup, took a Percocet and an Ativan. I slept on and off, not too bad; very challenging getting in and out of bed.

Day 2 I had breakfast at the hotel and we checked out. Dr. Serure had called the night before to check on me and he also said to call his office today do I could set up a time to see him before we went back home. At this office, he took a look andd said that everything looked well; they gave me another bra, asked if I had any questions, etc. I am to see him again on Monday 3/12. This morning I woke around 4 am in pain, I ate a yogurt and took a Tyenol 3 and was able to go back sleep. I have been taking the stool softener since yesterday but so far no luck :(

Day 3; still lots of pressure on my chest and they...

Day 3; still lots of pressure on my chest and they feel hard. I would compare it to when your milk comes in after giving birth but the only difference is that in that case after you start nursing and that milk gets drained, you feel some relief. I know that is just going to take time; the Dr. said after I come for my next visit on Monday I will receive instructions on starting the massages. My main issue right now is the bloating and constipation. I took the stool softener the first day and have taken a laxative yesterday and today but nothing seems to work. Once I get his issue under control I know I will feel much better. My husband has been an excellent nurse; keeping track of my medications, getting me anything I need; don't think I could have done it without his help! Planning to take a short easy walk later this afternoon thinking that might help get things moving.

This morning I went for my second post op visit. ...

This morning I went for my second post op visit. I did not see the Dr. during this visit but met with his nurse practionioner who I had met before for pre op instructions; she is very knowledgeable also very nice. She instructed me to start doing two types of massaging twice a day. She said everything looks really good, she said it is still a little early to remove the taping around the incision so just leave it alone and the Dr. will remove it when he removes the stiches on my next visit.
My original plan was not to go back to work until tomorrow however I ended up going in for a few hours yesterday afternoon because it was really busy and I was needed there. I did ok but after a few hours I could certainly tell the difference; I was ready to come back home and get into my pajamas! My back was hurting so I did take a Tylenol 3 and also put a heating pad on my back. For the most part I have not taken any pain meds for the last three days, still feels very tight but not really in pain. The nurse said I can sleep on my side if it feels comfortable and I can continue showering like I have been doing with my back to the shower. She said I can do things as I am comfortable but still be careful about not lifting anything heavy; not overdoing it. Tomorrow I have a full day at work and I am a little concerned about how I will manage. Friday is my next Dr. visit; looking forward to but also kind of nervous about stiches being out. Until next update!

The last couple of days have been a little...

The last couple of days have been a little challenging because I have been back to work and both days ended up working almost 12 hours and my body was just not ready for that! My main issue right now is back pain and I know it comes being on my feet and not getting enough rest. I have come home both days and littleraly taken a shower, and sat on the couch with a heating pad on my back until bedtime. My husband has cooked dinner; I am so luckly to have all his help! Tomorrow I plan to take a little easier when it comes to work and the day after I go back to Dr. Serure to get my stitches out. Kind of excited and a little nervous about that. Ready for this tightness to ease off; I know it will come with time.

Yesterday was my 10 day post op appointment. The...

Yesterday was my 10 day post op appointment. The nurse removed the taping around my niples and cut the couple of stitches on each side; the majority of the incision had been glued together. My husband said my PS must have magic hands; he could not believe how small and thin my incision is at only 10 days after! The Dr. said everything looked normal and that I am healing exactly as I should. I have a little bit of bruising especially on the bottom of the left side, which explains why that side has been slightly more sore than the right. The Dr. said I can wear any bra now as long as it is not underwire or push up type. The nurse recommended "Shimera Seamless" bras sold at Nordstroms as being very comfortable for this stage. Although there is a Nordstroms not too far from the PS office, we needed to do some shopping at Target so I decided I would do that first and go to Nordstroms later if we had time. I know that my breasts will still change in size some in the next few weeks but I wanted to get a couple of other bras just to have something to wear other than the ones I got from the PS. I was pleasantly surprised as to what a good variety of bras that are not underwire or push up at Target . I PIcked out about 4 of them to try on; it felt so strange to pick 34 C instead of my normal 34 A! In the dressing room, I could not get over how these C cup bras fit me! I ended up choosing two of the bras; I am wearing one today and it is very comfortable. After we got home I looked online for the Shimera bras that the nurse had recommended; they were only $18 and free shipping so I decided to order two of these to give them a try. Today I have felt pretty good; have not had any pain meds for a few days now other than a couple of regular Tylenol now and then. My Dr. said there is still some swealling there but they will continue to drop and feel softer. I was finally given the ok to shower normally with the water hitting my front; this felt sooo good when I showered last night. I am continuing to take the stool softener pills to prevent more issues in that department. Oh, forgot to mention the nurse recommended I start using Mederma cream on the incision scar so I picked up a tube and started using that last night.

Today has been three weeks since my BA; in some...

Today has been three weeks since my BA; in some ways it does not seem like it was that long ago. Every day I am feeling a little more like my normal self but still have that sore spot on the left side that has not gone away although it has gotten better. The only really new thing that happened last week was one day while I was doing the massages recommended by my PS, as I was pressing on my left breast with the palm of my right hand I noticed milk drops leaking from my left niple. Since I breastfed both of my children I am very familiar with what breast milk looks like and no doubt that is what this was. This totally freaked me out especially since my youngest child is 24 years old! I started doing some research on the internet and it seems although not that common this is not unheard of after a BA. I then posted a question for the PS here to answer and was very pleased that by the next day I already had several answers. They basically all said this is normal and not a cause for concern unless if it does not stop after a while. This continued happening every time I did the massages for a few days but today I noticed it is less and hopefully it will stop altogether soon. They are feeling a little softer but still have a ways to go. This Friday I go for another visit with the nurse at my PS office.

I had my follow up visit with the nurse today. ...

I had my follow up visit with the nurse today. She said everything looks perfect and told me to come back in 4 weeks to see the PS. She said no chest, upperbody workouts but other than that I can pretty much do anything that feels comfortable. We went to the mall afterwards and although this was not part of the plan, my husband insisted that I go to Victoria's Secret to get at least one pretty bra. Of course I was fighting him all the way on this but finally agreed :) The sales lady took one look at me and said she thought I needed a 34D. I said are you sure? so she measured me and said again 34D. I think I looked like I didn't believe her so she said take the C and the D in the dressing room and try them both. She was right, the C was tight and the D fit perfectly! Check out my picture here in the new bra.

This last Tuesday, I went for my 6 week check up...

This last Tuesday, I went for my 6 week check up with my PS. It had really been 7 weeks since the surgery as I had to reschedule my appointment from last week. He said everything looked perfect, the scar is fading and they are feeling soft like normal breasts. He said to continue with the massages and to stay away from underwire bras for another 6 weeks; he said if I want to wear one for a couple of hours here and there it's fine but not all day.
I have been feeling really good; still have a tiny bit of soreness in that spot on the left breast but most of the time it does not bother me. I can finally sleep on my tummy again; that has made a huge difference on the quality of sleep!

About three weeks ago I made my trip out of state to visit my daughter and 3 year old grandson. It was her 29th birthday during the week I was there and it was nice I got to celebrate with her; as always I had tons of fun with my grandson. I had not told my daughter about the BA, so I told her in an email a few days before my visit to king of get her used to the idea. She was very supportive, as I knew she would be, but for some reason I was still a little nervous about telling her. I still have not had any questions from anyone about the procedure although at times I have noticed a certain look that makes me think they have noticed something different.I have not really done much shopping other than I did buy another one of the Body by Victoria's bra since the one I had is so comfortable. Just enjoying the fact that all my clothes fit now like they actually were meant to fit!

Nothing much new to report. I did go see my PS...

Nothing much new to report. I did go see my PS about a month ago just to make sure everything was ok but I was still experiencing a slight soreness on that same spot under the left side. He checked everything and said he could not find anything wrong and he felt like the soreness is just still part of the normal healing process. He said if the pain intensifies or if does not start to dimnish then we would look at it again. At this point I am not really concerned; the soreness has decreased, some days I don't notice it at all so I do think eventually it will go away alltogether. It is not bad enough so that I need to take any pain medication or anything like that.

I am very pleased with how natural my breast look; I feel like it's not obvious at all that I have had a BA and that is exactly what I was looking for. When I went for my yearly check up and pap smear a couple of months ago the Dr. seemed very surprised when I told her I had a BA in March of this year. She commented on how natural she thought they looked and also on how thin the scar line is. Still very happy with my decision!
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The first time I met with Dr. Serure for my consultation I had to wait about an hour; he did apologize for that and this has not been the case during subsequent visits. He has been very caring and responsive; called me the night of the surgery and gave me his cell phone # if I had any emergencies that i needed to contact him about. Everyone in his staff has been super nice!

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