Tummy tuck, muscle repair & lipo ;)- Miami, FL

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1st Consultation Scheduled for Breast Aug, TT & Lipo............. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

I am soooooo Excited i have my first consultation scheduled for next week thur the 27th with Dr. Soler-Baillo. I have done lots of homework and I Love the results i see on all his work.

I am 5'1, 177 pounds and I am 30 years old... I have been going back and forth on surgery for about 4 yrs now. I want my body back!!!!!

I will let you ladies know how it goes :)

I love dr soler!!!!!!

So I went to my consultation with dr soler and I felt very welcoming ever one was awesome they greeted me by my name. I filled out my paperwork and turned bit to the girl at the front desk and I say back down and not even 2 mind later they called me in to the consultation room and asked me to undress. I waited about 5 mins and dr soler walked in with a huge smile on his face. He was nice and genuine I immediately felt comfortable. He took my history and physical. He even told me I have an herina in my belly button& slight scoliosis. Go figure I knew knew that. He asked me to open my robe so he can examine me. He said I have great cleavage and was so exited about that he says everyone always ways the lay but due to their anatomys it's not always realistic. But dr soler was very professional he asked me what size I was going for, I told him I want the nice full round breast and would like a full D or DD. He than said wow ur are going to look great with he took measurements and said he can use uhp I think it was (500cc) he also stated its best to go bigger because everyone always wished they did. Then he looked at my stomach and said I have great curves and that a tummy tuck will take care all the loose skin and lipo the flanks the back and that will give me a great contour. But I need to loose 20 pounds. ;( then he asked me about my dental hygiene.... I told him I need an extraction and a crown.... Then he dropped a bomb!!!!! I need to get all the dental work done first before the breast augmentation. Because is there is any bacteria in my mouth that can pass thur the blood stream and cause capsular contracture ;( so I have to loose weight and get dental work done ASAP.

I absolutely live him he is the most down to earth dr ever and very handsome too ;). Expensive but well worth it IMO

Mommy Makeover ;)

Omg ladies I am so excited! I have wanted this surgery for so long but things always came up and I always put it on the back burner.

So brief background info: I am going to be 31 in June, I am currently 174 pounds and I am 5'1. I have always had a small waist with big hips and thighs. But I put on 65 pounds with my pregnancy. I lost 35 pounds aft birth but I have been packing on the other 30;( these last 7 years have been difficult for me because I am very insecure on my weight and appearance. So I finally set a date for 5/19 with Dr. Mel Ortega. I am having a tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo and breast aug silicone under the muscle.

I loved him how knowledgeable he was and he took his time to explain everything during his examination. I felt so comfortable with him. I didn't feel rushed although he had a surgery sched for 12pm. I am so evicted to be closed to my dream of a better body ;)

8 days ????????

I'm starting to get nervous all different type is emotions running thru my head. I had an appt on Monday with my dr I hope to get my medial clearance for my asthma. And is all goes well I will have my mommy makeover on the 19th ????. I haven't told my family yet. I will tell them prob a few day before only because I know the won't be as supportive and I don't want any other added stress. My hubby knows and my BFF and work of course. But I feel like I'm not prepared lol what should I buy for post op care??

I am posting before pics and I can't wait to post the afters ;)

3 more days...... :(

well its official... I got my medical clearance for my asthma :) however I am only going to do the tummy tuck & lipo.. I was able to speak to the anesthesiologist and have him review my clearance and my pft, he told me that he performs these procedures on thousands of patients and never had a problem waking the patient. so that makes me feel better. I am still very nervous because I haven't told my family yet because I do not want any negative feedback because the do not know what this means to me.... I am scheduled for 630am :) and I am feeling all sorts of emotions

Tomorrow @ 630am. I will be joining u ladies to the flat tummy side ;)

I am soooo excited and nervous. This day has finally came ???? I am just hours away from have a flat tummy. I finally told my family surprisingly my mom handled it pretty well and said she supports my decision. She will take care of me these few days until I can do for myself. She will also help take my son to and from school. My sister doesn't understand me and said I was crazy. But she is taking me to Cg cosmetics for surgery lol. My dad wished me luck but wished I would change my mind. She said I'm crazy but that he loves me and will pray for me. I am calm not but a million thought going thur my mind and I prob won't sleep much lol

Last before pics

I made it ;)

Hello ladies I made it to the flat side, I'm feeling good but sore my muscle repair is the most uncomfortable part just took meds to hopefully I'll nap soon

1 day post op

I am feeding great so for, I've just been really sore. The muscle repair is the most painful one. I got really neasous and threw up twice and that was painful So I am all bandaged up so I can't snap Any soon

Day 2 post op

Not much changes, my back is killing me and I've been getting up use the bathroom by my self. My mom and sister have me a sponge bath last night. I get to talk a real shower tonight and then I can get pic with my binder on.

Any tips from u ladies will help on how to take a bath?

Sneak peak ;)

Just took a bath and I am soooo happy with my results.

4th day post op

Hello ladies I just wanted give a quick update. Today I am 4 days post op. I'm doing ok buy my back is killing me and I can't get comfortable. I'm walking a lil but like to the bath room or to refill my water bottle. But my back hurts so bad I don't know what else to do I've even been using heating pad on and off. So I am just wondering if any of u ladies has any tips.

Also my right side if my stomach hurts more than the other side ;(

I just feel so I'm uncomfortable also I still drain like 50cc in one and 25 from the other ;(
Here is a side by side ;) happy healing everyone

Still no bowel movement;(

I don't know if it all in my head but I can't seem to get comfortable I have a lil pain in my chest not by my heart but in the middle of my chest and I'm feeling light headed.

I am not sure if it's because of gas or no bowel movement? Any if u ladies experience this?

Feeling annoyed ????

I know I should be patient but I'm so annoyed. My lower back and where my bra line is at is really sore and swollen. My stomach is so hard and swollen I'm guessing this is SWELL HELL. I am so uncomfortable with this binder and all the swelling is just hurting more because it feels like it's cutting into my skin.
My back hurts from walking hunched over and it feels like my back wants to break ;(
I'm sorry for all the negativity but I want my drains out and and this binder off already ;( I was able to take it off today for about an hour to wash and dry it
Any of u ladies know how to get comfortable or reduce swelling

1 week follow up appt

Hello ladies I just wanted to give a quick update. I had my one week follow up today and unfortunately I am still draining over 25 cc in a 24hr period so I couldn't get my darn drains removed ;( I'm so upset I just want them removed already. How ever the dr asked me if I've been cleaning my bb and I told him just with soap and water while in the shower he said the after to take a qtip and dry real good inside and if I wanted my bob open to stick a silicone disposable ear plug in it and tape it up. ;) so I will do that tonite and see how it goes.

I am still super swollen my back is still killing me. I am not taking any more pain pills but I am still taking the muscle relaxer when needed.

Hopefully I can get my drains out tomorrow or fri so I can move on to stage 2 compression garment.


Hello ladies sorry I haven't checked in in a while. It's almost a month post op. I have been back to work for almost 2 weeks. I've been okay but I work in the medical field as office manager and being up and down a lot kinda wears me out. By the end of the day my stomach is rock hard and I can barley walk. I get pains in my belly button area. I got my drains out on 12dpo. So far I'm almost down 20 pounds ;) I lost 10 before surgery and about 8 after surgery. I have been joined herbalife and love how I'm feeling for far ;) I am beyond ecstatic with my results.

Down to 168 ;) wooooo hoooooo

I am beyond ecstatic I am finally seeing the scale go down. My weight has been a constant struggle and before a aft surgery I been using herbalife and I couldn't be happier I just need another 18 pounds ;)

I still have some swelling and I have burning sensations on my sides on the incision line. I still can't sleep on my stomach ;( I can walk standing up straight. Hopefully have my follow up tomorrow ;)

Quick update;)

Hello Rs ladies I just wanted to give you a quick update I went and saw the follow-up doctor on Friday at Coral Gables Cosmetics, he says that everything is looking good and healing fine. He says that the burning and swelling is normal and continue wearing the compression garment for another two months. He said I can resume all exercises except abs. He said once the swelling goes down on the abdomen I can put a foam board in the front to flatten to tummy a little bit more. He also said I can start lymphatic massages for this Lipo areas. I would have to follow back in six weeks i'm including some pictures see you ladies can see my progress. Good luck and happy healing

I'm down to 166 post op surgery. Woo hoo go Herbalife I love it best thing I could ever done????????????????????????


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Miami Plastic Surgeon

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