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I just noticed one implant drop down and the other...

I just noticed one implant drop down and the other one is high. I'd this normal. I don't want to be walking around with one breast higher then the other it's not right. Wht should I do? I just had my procedure done sept 17, and I want to know what should I do. Also, the left side is softer then the right side, the right side is soft in some spots but still firm in some places as well. What should I do? I'm getting nervous about this matter.


Just noticed that one of my stitches on my right breast is in the crease and the other one is not in the exact place as the right side. The left side is a Lil lower then the crease. Would this be and issue as far as my breast dropping if both stitches is not in the same spot? Would that mess up my overall outcome? Because they are not in the same spot.


Hi I just noticed that I feel a bubble on my top...

Hi I just noticed that I feel a bubble on my top right breast, then I noticed when I bend over I have a dent. I have 225 cc silicone place a little under the breast. What is the reason for this? Each day I see a difference in my breast but not this. And it's bothering me. I thought the bubble up on top of my right breast will go away. But I noticed I can press on it and it goes in and out, is this normal. Just trying to get some answers, being as though I starter getting this after hours.

Issues with Breast then Ripples on Top Right Breast

Have 325 cc silicone breast augmentation behind the muscles. And my right left boob is full and round were as the right side boob is going thru alot of problems. First I had a air pocket on my top right breast that I can keep pressing in and out. Then the lump or bump or air pocket went away. Now we're the issue was I developed ripple at the top. If I put my arms down the right side as and issue and my left side boob is perfect. I'm only a month out starting tomorrow. And I'm starting to not like my boobs. Can someone tell me what's should I do. Pictures are as follow.


Can someone explain what's going on with my right boob?
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