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After 7 years, I finally got my boobs done!! Ever...

After 7 years, I finally got my boobs done!! Ever since I was a young teen, I've always hated the way my boobs looked. I felt that they were abnormal and that no one else had the same shape breast as me. They had little to no breast tissue through the upper pole and my areloas were large, so to me, they looked like cones. My breast were always an insecurity of mine which limited me to do a lot of things. First off, they had an impact on my sex life- because I felt they were abnormal, I struggled often to take my bra off in front of boyfriends. I felt that if I saw them as abnormal then so would they. I was always jealous of any woman who had larger, more 'normal' shaped breasts and I often times felt depressed with what I had. This issue that I had with my self was very toxic and there was not a day that went by where I didn't look my my boobs and HATE what I saw. So in January, with the support from my amazing boyfriend, I finally took the first step and booked an appointment with a PS.

After doing a lot of research and talking with a friend who got hers done, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Ortega in Miami to fix what I saw as disgusting and a complet set of abnormal breasts! I ended up going with 400cc silicon implants placed under the muscle, incision was under the breast!
My stats are:
Hourglass figure
Was 36 B now 36 DD
The doctor said that I barley a B cup :( so that was quite depressing, but now I'm a DD :D

This journey was not an easy one and it caused a lot of anxiety at times. Even though it was something I wanted for years, it was an emotional roller coaster!

I would have to say the worst part of the recovery has been the affects of the pain killers. They really messed with my head - I'd go from a very loopy state to aggressive and irritable. I found nothing felt real and my thoughts were so slow. I felt like a completely different person and started seeing and hearing things so I got off of those pretty quickly and started taking extra strength Tylenol. Other than that, I'm not in too much pain besides being bloated and constipated, the only thing that is bothersome is how tight my boobs feel. But so far everything has been going smoothly and my boyfriend had been extremely supportive and helpful. I couldn't ask for a better man :)

My advice to any women who is thinking about doing it, go do it! It hasn't even been a week and I'm in love with mine. Honestly it's not as bad and scary as it seems and the recovery isn't that bad either. You just have to do exactly what the doctor says because if you go too hard, you will mess things up. My only regret is not doing this sooner. I feel so much more beautiful, womanly and complete :)

Cabin fever

Today is exactly one week since I had my BA and let me tell you.. I'm dying to workout! On average I workout and weight train 5-7 days a week.. since the surgery I can't do anything and I knew it would be challenging, but today has been a bad one on the emotions :( I'm scared I'm going to gain weight since I can't burn off anything I eat! But I'm trying to stay positive since I have wanted these for 7 years, it's just been a huge adjustment not being so active!

6 week update!

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since I had my BA. Time really does fly, but it's not always a smooth ride. In all, my recovery has been better than I expected. After my surgery I had about a level 7 pain which did not last more than a week. It then dropped to about a 5 which consisted of tightness and "morning boob" haha. 6 weeks post op and I still can't feel the bottom half of my breasts, but I'm not concerned. My nipples are not near as sensitive and painful to touch, which is great! I'm very happy I did not loose sensation in them. About 5 weeks post op I was FINALLY able to sleep on my side again, thank God, because sleeping on my back was becoming quite emotionally stressful! But, they are looking amazing and they're starting to move and they are quite squishy :)

I have to say, to anyone who is thinking about doing this, go for it!!! You will NOT regret it and you will truly feel complete :) I am over the moon excited about my new girls and I have to say they do look and feel natural :)

400CC under the muscle

Dropping and fluffing :)

Happy Two Months to my DD's :D

It's been two months since I had my BA and I'm finally feeling like myself again. 

My stats are:
145lbs, athletic build
Had 400 cc high profile under the muscle
Was barely a B cup and now I'm a DD :)

My recovery has been pretty good, the first month was pretty tough physically, but nothing too bad. The second month has been going great. I'm a weight trainer and I'm finally able to do light training again, which feels amazing!:)
My boobs have been dropping and fluffing at different times. My left breast has dropped much quicker than my right,but I'm assuming it's because I'm right handed and always using this side, so I'm not concerned. But all is going extremely well!! And Dr. Ortega has created a masterpiece.
My advice to any women thinking about getting this done, do it!! It will be everything you hope it to be :)

The beauties :D

Here are what my boobs looked like at two months. I can't believe hown different they look! I'm certainly excited about the outcome :)

More confidence than expected :D

When I decided to do this I was a ball of anxiety. What size should I get?? Should I get it done in Canada and spend 10K or fly to the US to a state I've never been in, with a doctor I've never met or spoken to and spend $3300. Do I actually hate my boobs this much to get a BA? How will I heal? Will I be able to work out normally again? Will I gain a bunch of weight because I can't get my heart rate up for 1-2 months?.... the list goes on, as I'm sure all of you ladies know!! But, I must say, it was the BEST decision I've ever made. I absolutely hated my boobs before this. I HATED taking my bra off when I was alone, so you can only imagine how I felt getting naked in from of a man. I never felt I had "normal" looking breasts and when I saw a women with nice, full breasts, I was instantly envious and instantly felt down because I knew I didn't have "normal" breasts. I hated seeing boobs in movies especially when I was with my boyfriend because I KNEW mine didn't look beautiful and I couldn't help but wonder if he truly loved them.. it was a vicious mentally harmful experience for me every time and I'm sure it impacted him to some degree as well because of how insecure I was about them. SOOO in January I scheduled my apt with Dr. Ortega and I could NOT be happier with the results. I'm so happy with my girls and I'm slowly able to resume back to my normal day to day actives. So to me, this was just a win win!! for me and my man ;)

In love :)

Soft and squishy DD's :)

Every day I feel as though my boobs are becoming more apart of me and they are looking so natural, they're moving around, bouncing, and squishing together :) They don't feel tight, look abnormally high and pointy, and I feel I have more 'control' over them? haha that's the only way I can describe it. But, they are great and I'm healing wonderfully. So so happy :)

5 months post op

I can not believe it's been 5 months since I went in for my BA. I have to say, I'm finally really starting to feel like myself again. I'm able to weight train again, run, lift, everything :) I am beyond excited about my results, especially my side and under boob :)
The only thing is.. I still don't have full feeling back in the left nipples and the bottom of both my breats are still numb, but I'm sure the feeling will come back soon :)

5 months post op

I can not believe it's been 5 months since my BA and I can honestly say I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. I'm able to weight train, run, lift things over 10lbs haha and they just feel like a part of me! I thought id "feel them" inside of me? But they look and feel so natural:) the only thing is my left nipple and under my breats are still numb.. but I'm hopeful they'll come back to life soon! Also, I'm in love with my side and under boob!

I found my 'before' photos

Like many of you ladies, I was so insecure with my breats that once I took my pre op photos, I deleted themy all.. or so I thought! I was going through old photos and found the ones I sent in to my doc and HOLY EFF! I saw the befores and had this AMAZING feeling come over me. Before surgery I was stressing hard about whether or not it was the right decision and today I was reassured that YES, it was 10000% the right choice.
So, I'm going to show my before photo and before surgery, this would be my worst nightmare, but today, with my beautiful D's, I am pleased to show my new look :)

I'm amazed

The first photo was taken a few weeks before surgery, the second and third were 1 day and then 6 days post op, and the last one was 5 months. I can't believe how different they look!! I'm so beyond excited about my results. This was the greatest thing I could have done for myself. Forever greatful that I now how beautiful, natural looking breats :)

Side by side view

Okay.. so I obviously knew my boobs looked different post op VS. Pre op but I'm seriously BLOWN away! Dr. Ortega created a new breath fold for me since my breats before were restricted at the bottom (as you can see) but looking at them side by side, I'm just amazed.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I was nervous flying into Miami to get a surgery done by a man I never met until the morning of surgery, but I'm so glad I chose Dr. Ortega. He was very polite and listened to what I wanted and what I didn't. I was a nervous wreck that day, but he made me feel calm and confident about my choice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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