Breast Implants Without Lift - Miami, FL

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I got a breast augmentation with Dr.ortega at...

I got a breast augmentation with Dr.ortega at spectrum aesthetics . The staff was horrible ! I had so many issues with them it's not even funny! Liz never return calls after getting deposit . The girl in the financial department Christine apparently has amnesia she always said something different about my payment every time I called they could never get they're shit together ! Dr.Ortega was great I really connected with him and he knew what he was talking about I felt very comfortable with him ! But when I went for my follow up and asked him how many ccs he ended up putting he couldn't tell me . He told me they were on my cards but I had left them At the hotel and had not even bad the chance to take a look at them since I had been in so much pain . I figured they would have my info either way . But I wished we could have discussed what he had did . It's cool though I know he stays super busy ! And he also seemed very frustrated with the staff for not having everything in order . But so far I'm loving my results although the right is a little bigger they do look good and natural he says I cAn go back later for a lift since that's what I had originally planned on doing but he explained if I got the lift I wasn't able to go as big so I chose to to go big them lift later . And we chose to go with saline hp since I had enough breast tissue and would look natural

8 weeks post op

Tomorrow will be 8 weeks since my surgery! Feeling great still a little sensitive but loving my results so far

Before pictures

These are my before pictures , my little saggy mommy boobs lol

3 months post op, mixed feelings

So here's my 3 months post op photos . I have mixed feelings . There's days I love them then there's days i think they could look better . One main thing I'm not liking is that my right breast is a lot larger then the left . I have 500cc on left and 600 on right wish he would have done 600 on both :( i really think I want to get them re done and get a lift as well I want my areola smaller and I want a more round shape to them . But I have to find the right surgeon who is great at lifts

I want them to look more like this

I love these so much! I don't regret my surgery at all but now I know that a lift would look so much better ! But I'm scared to go back to the same surgeon due to some reviews I read :/

3 months post op

Still feel a little sore and tender . They do feel s lot more squishy but bottom of both breast still numb u cannot feel a thing !

5 months post op

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