Consultation review: Brazilian Butt Lift

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This is review is more so based on the Company...

This is review is more so based on the Company than the doctor (s).

So I am sure everyone has read and/heard the negative comments surrounding Vanity Cosmetics but still choose to go with them because we see other patients amazing results and want to have the same doctors perform on us or at least that was the case for me.
A little back story on me to keep of understand my explanations a bit more.
I'm a college student who will be attending medical school in the future with that being said, I wanted a BBL but I wasn't seeking to get a really big butt, I just wanted a FLAT STOMACH, SMALL WAIST and a CONSERVATIVE BUTT. So I had to really research the doctors to see who would give me the best results.

I was first scheduled with Fisher for a September date but after doing a bit more research I noticed that he takes on a lot of patients in a day and for me that did not sit well with me because, 1. I am putting my life into someone else hands, so to think that my procedure could be rushed and something could go wrong made me uncomfortable.

I then switched to Hasan because he had just gotten back to Vanity and was told that he now does his surgeries in a hospital and that he only does 3-4 patients a day. That made me feel comfortable because 1. I am anemic (low iron levels) and being anemic my iron levels can drop extremely low during and/or after surgery with that being said it gave me a little comfort knowing that if this does happen I'm already in a hospital and they could just give me a blood transfusion as oppose to having to call the ambulance waiting for them to arrive and then getting to the hospital. 2. Him doing only 3-4 surgeries a day made me feel as though he spends time with his patients and doesn't rush the procedures. Later to only find out that he does NOT preform his surgeries in a hospital he performs them in a clinic. Anyways I decided to stick with him.
During the process of me making the decision to get this surgery I never spoke to the doctor not once. Not even when I called vanity multiple times in a day asking to speak with him or asking for an email to speak with him, NOTHING. I personally think that is action shows unprofessionalism especially when a doctor knows that a lot of his patients are from out of state. I think it is their responsibility to speak with the patients whether that's through email or a phone call, answer their questions before hand, and not just collecting their money, giving them a date and placing them on their surgery tables. But still I over looked all of these red flags.

I did not actually have surgery with Dr. Hasan or at Vanity Cosmetics.
Reason being, I was schedule to have surgery on August 22nd a Monday, but my surgery got cancelled the Friday before. The reason the doctor gave was that because my iron level was lower than a 12. My iron was a 11. 7 just incase you were wondering.
Anyways before I sent in my lap results I told vanity to tell the doctor I was anemic and what to do to get my iron level up and asked if he would preform my surgery. I was told that he will but heard nothing about what to do and each time I would ask I was told, "he's in surgery right now", "I will have him contact you" "His assistant will get back to you" "His assistant will speak with your coordinator who will get back to you", etc. Need less to say, NO ONE GOT BACK TO ME.

After vanity cancelled my surgery they then called a few days later asking if I wanted a later date. My response "NO, I WANT A FULL REFUND" they told me it would take 4-6 weeks. It is now 4 weeks and nothing. Guess they're stretching it to the 6 week mark to hold onto my money as long as possible. In all honesty I wouldn't suggest anyone to Vanity Cosmetics. Save your money and find a good board certified doctor. The staff is unprofessional, the doctors aren't caring, etc.

My coordinator was Margaret. Lovely lady if you don't have a back bone. If you are someone who loves to do what people say and don't have a mind of your own she is great for you. She's a "flip flopper" when I was first assigned to her and choose Dr. Fisher, she praised him, said how great of a doctor he is. Then when I switched to Hasan he started basing Fisher and saying Hasan was the best and that he did her surgery and how said she was when he had left. Then when I was considering McAdoo she praised him saying he's great and his results are like Hasan's but he gives hips and that her daughter is thinking of going with him because she's short and he would give her the right hip to butt ratio. And when I asked about the female that died under McAdoo's care, she defended him and said it wasn't his fault the patient had heart problems from birth etc. Then after vanity got served and she also got served personally because she was apparently the patients coordinator, she started bashing McAdoo. My advice, stay away from this company if you can, do not share personal information with these coordinators, ASK ALOT OF QUESTIONS and be on top of them if you decide to still have surgery with them. Best of Luck.
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