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After 3 years of researching and longing to have...

After 3 years of researching and longing to have bigger boobs, I've finally decided on a surgeon and have paid for my surgery!! I will be traveling to Miami to have Dr Freiman do my surgery, and I am so excited! I will admit, the cost made me wary, but after reading hundreds of raving reviews I am so comfortable traveling to him.
I haven't decided on a date yet, but I believe the surgery will be at the end of February. I can't believe I am less than two months away from finally getting my BA!
I know I want silicone. From making sizers I think something around 400cc is what I will be getting.. And I can't decide on the incision site. I'm going to rely on Dr Freimans opinion for that.
I am keeping this on the down low, especially at work. So we will see how well that works out.

Surgery date is set!

I've officially set a date for my surgery!! I will go down the last week of February, have my pre op appt on the 23rd and my surgery will be on the 24th :) I am ecstatic! One of my friends has agreed to go with me and I'm trying to convince another to go as well. It will be a sixteen hour drive.. Not looking forward to that part, but certainly looking forward to being on the beach.
I haven told many people, just a few close friends and 1 girl I work with now. We are very similar and she's very quiet, so I know she won't tell a soul. Surprisingly enough my best friend is the one I apparently have to worry about blabbing her mouth as she has already told multiple people, regardless of us having MANY conversations about how private I am going to be about it. I have yet to even tell my sister or parents, because I know they will tell others that I don't necessarily think should know. Why do I want a bunch of people knowing about what I do with my boobs? None of their business. So I'm not sure why my friend found it her information to share with other people, when it's concerning MY body. Very frustrating. But I won't let it overshadow my excitement.. Just 6 more weeks until I go to Miami!!

5 weeks to go!

I can't believe in 5 short weeks I will be in Miami! I am so excited :) I'm surprisingly calm about the surgery, I'm just starting to worry about recovery though since I'll be going back to work 6 days post op. I'm basically a medical assistant to an ophthalmologist, so I have to work with a lot of elderly patients who sometimes need pushed in a wheelchair or help to transfer to the exam chair. Plus I check people's pressure with a slit lamp that I have to adjust constantly, which is not exactly light. I'm becoming very conscious of how often I use my chest muscles at work, and it's making me wonder how useful I will be that first week back.. I don't do a lot with every patient, but if we get someone who wants cataract surgery we do a lot of testing that requires quite a bit of movement.. Makes me really nervous! Hoping my recovery will be easy though.. I guess we will see.

Wish pics

Here's some photos that I'm going to show my surgeon :)

Wish pics

Hotel: check!

The hotel is booked, surgery is paid for, and I will be getting blood work done in the next 2 weeks. I'll be going this weekend to get some recovery supplies like a heating pad, Tylenol, smooth move tea, multi vitamins, dry shampoo, etc.
I was pretty nervous about getting the hotel booked though. There is an Extended Stay America right down the road from the surgery center, but they only had a room with 1 queen bed left and said they didn't offer a discount for CGCC.. So today I called the one by the airport and thankfully the guy knew about the discount and have me my reservation right away :) it would have been $95 a night for the room with the one queen bed, but for 2 double beds it will be $115 a night. Still MUCH cheaper than other hotels I was looking at! And there is a kitchen with a full sized fridge which will help so much.
I'm so excited. I think I've said that a thousand times already. I just can't wait!

10 days!

Oh my goodness, time is flying by! We have been crazy busy at work and I am so thankful for that. It is really keeping me preoccupied. I have realized though that in one week from today I will be in Florida! I can't believe it! I did my pre op bloodwork last week, so I am all set :)
I will say, I am not a huge fan of my surgery coordinator. She's nice and all, but I have to send multiple emails for any information now. I was expecting it to take awhile but I waited a week after an email to send yet another, which she finally responded to, giving me pre op instructions less than 2 weeks before surgery. It was irritating, but I know they are insanely busy, and I knew what to expect when choosing this practice. I've heard that Yadira is wonderful though, and really debated requesting her as my coordinator when I was given someone else, but oh well. Too late now.
My friend and I decided that since we are driving down we will stay in Orlando for a night and go to Disney. I haven't been since I was little so I'm really excited! so Saturday we will go to Disney, Sunday we will go to the Keys, and Monday we will hang around Miami and go to the beach around my pre op appointment! I cannot wait. It's so bizarre to think I will FINALLY have my boobs!! And Im really relieved that Dr Freiman will choose the implant for me based off of inspiration pics I bring with me. It's a huge weight off of my shoulders, and I've seen many ladies go crazy over trying to decide on size and profile themselves. I haven't even met him and I trust him completely after seeing all of his results, which is a wonderful feeling. I'm just so very excited for this! Ahhhh I cannot wait! :)

So frustrated!

Alright, I've got to vent.. I mentioned that my surgery coordinator wasn't my favorite, well I have a serious problem with her now. I've sent her two emails in the past week to verify everything is all set for my surgery, with no response. So instead of risking getting rude in an additional email, I decided I would just call the office since I came home early today. I work in a very busy clinic myself, that is seriously understaffed, so I honestly know how difficult it can be to get back to people in a timely manner. So I called around 5pm and spoke to Catherine and asked her if she got my lab work, if everything looked ok, and how long I would be on an antibiotic. Well, she put me on hold, then comes back to tell me it will be between 3-5 days for the antibiotic.. Shouldn't she know exactly how long..? Then she tells me she's following up on lab work right now, and that she will call me right back when she gets to mine, and we hung up. No problem. But then I started thinking, why would she be needing to follow up if the results were fine? Why would she need to call me back, couldn't she just look at my chart and let me know it was all good to go or if there was an issue? So my mind is now racing and I'm getting freaked out that there is something wrong with my labs. I've already scheduled off work, have arranged for a friend to go with me to take care of me, have two hotel reservations since we are staying in Orlando for a night on top of the hotel I'll recover in, and I have told people at work so they won't think I'm a slacker when I come back to work.. And go figure, their office is now closed and she did not call me back. I'm so frustrated!! This surgery is a huge deal! I've paid a lot of money, and ever since it's been like pulling teeth to get a response from her to anything. I just wish I had requested Yadira, I've heard she is absolutely wonderful and so prompt with responses. I knew when choosing this practice that I may have to be persistent since they are SO busy, but this unnecessary stress is just stupid. I'm so, so frustrated.. Now I'm going to have to wait until either she calls me (won't hold my breath) or until my lunch tomorrow to call her, yet again, since I'm giving up on trying to send her emails. I'm not even the stressful type. I'm incredibly laid back usually, but I have put a LOT into getting this done, and now the person I should count on to make this go smoothly is stressing me out! I leave in 4 days for Florida and still haven't confirmed that everything is good to go.. This is crazy!
Sorry for being a negative nancy. This is just irritating! Rant over.

Pre op!

On the 23rd I had my pre op appointment with dr Freiman. The appointment was scheduled at 11, so I got there at 10:40. For awhile I was sitting next to a girl that was also using Dr Freiman as well. She flew in from New York by herself and is having a nurse stay with her. She did both her pre op and surgery in the same day!
Anyway, I got called back a little After 11:30 and was taken to an exam room. I changed and got out my iPad, waiting for Dr Freiman. He came in about 10 minutes later with a girl who was assisting him. He took a look at me and told me I was very lucky for starting with the boobs I had, that I would have a great shape and great cleavage. Made me really happy to hear! He did say I only have the option of under the crease incision bc my nipples are too small. He asked if I had any pictures of what I wanted to look like, I said of course and he said go ahead and show me what you want, and I'll make it for you. I must say I loved his confidence. So I got out my iPad. I showed him a few, kind of got nervous afterwards bc one of the pictures was of a girl pushing her boobs up a bit and I was worried he would try to give more of a fake look. I didn't see him for long, but he answered all my questions and I felt VERY comfortable with him. So I go to the back to fill out pre op paperwork and what not, and it was FREEZING. I was shaking I was so cold. Once I filled it out the nurse asked me about my labs.. Because they didn't freaking have them, AGAIN. I said it was confirmed 5 days ago that they had the labs and that everything was fine. The nurse took me to Catherine's office to try to figure it out. Catherine tried calling lab corp to get my results and they didn't answer. Then she took me to the back to just get the blood work done there. After waiting 10 minutes, still shaking mind you, the nurse comes in and said I needed to pay another $100 for this lab work. Uh, no. I told her someone needed to get my labs from lab corp bc I wasn't paying that, and she told me to call lab corp again. I called probably 10 times before I got an actual person, and they told me to have the office call a 1-800 number to get them faxed.
When I went to talk to Catherine about it she was really annoyed they tried to get me to pay again, and that I had been back there that whole time trying to contact them myself.. Thank goodness. She was super sweet! Honestly all the ladies were and I felt really comfortable there. Catherine's phone did not stop ringing at any point that I was in there.. Plus, she stopped eating her lunch to make sure I was taken care of. She was really sweet, and I felt pretty bad about being so rude about her not getting back to me. That place is like a boobie mill! It was packed the entire time I was there.
So they finally took me back to the pre op area to wait to get my blood drawn. The nurse stuck my left arm and couldn't find a vein. So she went to get another nurse. She looked at my arm and said "what is this?!" Haha. My veins were no where to be found.. She had me open and close my hand and tapped my inner arm but just couldn't find a vein. She stuck me and managed to find one, thank goodness. I talked to another couple while waiting for them to find my veins, and they had come down from Oklahoma! They get people from everywhere! And also, those people had issues with the office receiving their labs as well. So I think they just have a problem with people picking them up and misplacing them.. It really is a VERY busy place. They have probably 14 seats in the office and 5 more in another room and there were lots of propel standing out in the hall because there were no seats!
After that they told me I was free to go, and they would call me with my sx time that night! Altogether I was there for 4 hours. I'm glad I'm such a patient person! The clinic I work in is insanely busy as well, so we frequently have pts stuck waiting for us for 3+ hours, and I know how annoying it is when people complain about it, so I was really patient wth it.
I'll update later about surgery, when I'm not falling asleep trying to type like I am right now haha.

Day of surgery!

Well this entire post got erased, so let's try this again..
The night before and day of surgery I washed with dial antibacterial body wash like instructed, and wore sweats to the office. I was told to come in at 1 for surgery, but I had a killer headache from not eating so we left a bit early. This time the waiting room was completely packed and my friend and I stood out in the hall. We probably waited 10 minutes before a nurse called me back. She told me to give a urine sample, checked it with a pregnancy test, had me take out my jewelry and change into a paper gown. all of the nurses and staff were so, so sweet. I felt really comfortable every step of the way. After I was changed the anesthesiologist came in. I LOVED her. She was so nice! she asked me general health questions again and started my IV for me. She told me she thought I was next, and when she opened the door Dr Freiman came in. He drew on me and told me what was going to happen and that it would be about a 45 minute procedure. He asked if I had any questions and I just reminded him that I didn't want a super pushed up look, but more of a natural look. He said ok and left the room. The anesthesiologist came back in and walked me to the next room for surgery. She helped me up onto the table and they checked my BP and strapped me down. I couldn't believe how calm I was, no nerves what so ever! I just listened to her and one of the nurses chat for a few. She put the oxygen mask on me for a minute and then told me I was going to go to sleep. I felt it in my arm and just closed my eyes.
The next thing I knew I was in recovery shaking. I remember being in pain and I didn't have a nurse near me to tell. I kept taking deep breaths and when the nurse came over I told her I was hurting. She gave me two pain killers and a muscle relaxer. I was disappointed they didn't just put something in my IV but the pain subsided after that. I helped the nurse dress me and felt pretty good after that. When I got back to the hotel I ate cereal, a banana, pineapple and drank a ton of apple juice. I really haven't had any pain since then.. For the rest of the night I slept on and off until I went to the store with my friend. I was fine until check out, and I just went and sat down until he was done paying. I'm so thankful I don't have any serious pain. They are definitely sore, but I was expecting much worse. It's probably 2 or of 10 for the discomfort, so I'll be trying to switch to Tylenol instead of my pain pills now.
Overall I feel really good. I can move my arms around and lift them above my head without much discomfort at all. I've been able to open doors (which I'm now getting yelled at for) and change my clothes. So happy I finally did this! :)

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