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Scheduled to have a BA in june @cg cosmetics, im...

Scheduled to have a BA in june @cg cosmetics, im expecting to obtain my ideal boobs after having kids and breast feeding ! 5'2 - 126lbs i'm trying to go for full a C to a small D ............Ive been doing my research for about 2 years and i have finally gone ahead and scheduled with dr. Krau .. Super excited

Wish boobs

Dr. Krau is the best

I had my BA last week friday with dr. Krau. Im glad i had my surgery with him . Recovery is going well. He answers your call/ text right away. I had 450 HP silicon under muscle. CG cosmetics is def busy and it does get frustrating at times when you call and want answers and do not get responses. But i advise to change your coordinator right away. Overall i recommend Dr. krau

Before/ 1 week after

Before 34 A next pic only a week out 34d . I will be 2 weeks post op on friday and already i see a change. Dr. Krau is the man

2 weeks update

Feeling good still having soreness feeling on the nipples . Very sensitive feeling on the sides. Still sleeping on my back . I discontinued the strap of death ???? the black n blues are disappearing. So far so good . The incisions are healing nicely . Im waiting for the scabs to fall off so i can start apply the scar cream .

4 weeks post op 450 hp

4 weeks exactly today and i must say its been a journey. The sensitivity on the nipples is slowly going away. The pain on my side boob/ribs is definetly getting better but not gone completly. I still dont feel 100%. I got the green light to start lower legs and ab work out . I started the scar away treatment this past tuesday . To soon to tell if its working but i can say i see a diffrence in the scar getting flattened. I do massage the scar once the strips are on it. I am still sleeping on my back but i was given the ok to sleep on my sides. I am in love with my size and the outcome. I just wasnt prepared for the soreness /pain to last this long. It is getting better day by day so patience is key .

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