BA with Dr Krau at CG Cosmetics in Miami!

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Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! I'm flying from Canada to Miami...

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! I'm flying from Canada to Miami this coming Thursday for a BA. I'm 5'6", around 118lbs, and a very small 32A, deflated, sad, boobs after nursing 5 babies. So I am beyond stoked to have BOOBS!!
So far my experience with CG has been good, my coordinator is Blanca and she always gets back to me via email or phone.

Before Picture

It's much easier posting this picture knowing that very soon my pancakes will be a thing of the past!!

On the other side!!

Wow, I can't believe it's all done already!!!! I'm feeling amazing, I'm
actually shocked at how great I feel. My family doctor revised the prescription Dr Krau gave me to slightly more tame Tylonel 3 for pain, no antibiotics, no muscle relaxant, no strong anti nausea... I've taken one gravol post op and have no nausea.
And I'm able to move around very easily, although I'm staying in bed so I don't over do it. I can even lift my arms as far as my collar bone with no issue!
So Coral Gables is definitely a no nonsense, tightly run place, no time spent coddling their patients! Saying that though, they are very friendly, everyone I met.
My pre op meeting with Dr Krau lasted about 2 minutes, but looking back at it there was no need to spend more time with him, as one of the girls helped me with sizers.
I ended up going with 425 cc's instead of the 300 I originally thought I would... As you can see from the before pic I had literally no breast tissue left.

And I am thrilled with the size!!!! Especially once they soften and settle, I think they'll look fairly natural.

These pics were taken about 3 hours post op

Day 3 Post Op

Pain is diminishing by the day :) I can now carefully lift my arms over my head. Dressings were taken off at yesterday's post op appointment, so am now left with just tape covering the dissolvable stitches. Had my first shower yesterday too- which was kinda freaky! Didn't want to hurt the stitches, but the doctor said to just blow dry (on cool temp) the tape after showering. I had another kinda freaky moment when I reached my right arm kind of across my right boob, the implant made a squishing sound!! Seems like this is normal but sure tripped me out when it happened!
I'm going to enjoy my last two days in Miami recovering now, have to fly back to Canada on Thursday :(

Progress pic

Soooo swollen, no idea what size they'll settle in to.

One week post op

So two days ago I had an epic 20 hours of travelling to get home from Miami. Flying was no problem, even bumpy landings :)
I was pleasantly surprised that as long as I'm carefully I can pick up my 24lb toddler with just a little discomfort!
As far as healing goes, every day gets better and better. Lefty seems more swollen and sore than righty, which is weird as I'm right handed... Maybe because that side is stronger??
I'm SO happy to have found this stretchy lace bralette from VS- also perfect as they're done S,M,L instead of cup size. Super comfy!! And my PS doesn't suggest super tight sports bras, which would be so uncomfortable!!

Feeling more natural!

I think I'm 8 weeks post op now?? They've settled quite a bit, lefty is still bigger than righty ???? I think I'm happy with the size, but would have probably gone just a little bigger!
I was measured at Victoria's Secret a couple days ago, and am a 34D at the moment. So crazy, in theory I thought I wanted a full B, or a small C... but for sure would have been disappointed with that size. Boobs have softened up a lot, and the numbness is going away slowly ????

I started using Mepitac silicone tape for the scars a couple weeks ago, which I love! It feels nicer than the paper tape, and is a super natural skin color. I wear it all the time ????


I'm now really wishing I had gone bigger!! The shape is absolutely perfect, and they're so soft now. But another 50cc's would've been fantastic....
and getting back into yoga training- I've been lazy since surgery and have lost my strength totally! Doing chest exercises feel crazy!
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