BA to Even out ~100 Cc Asymmetry (27 Years Old, No Kids, 5'5" & 135lbs) - Miami, FL

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Hi ladies : ) So I've been on this site for a...

Hi ladies : ) So I've been on this site for a whileeee and have found it so information & helpful - thank you to all the ladies that have put in such effort to share their experience :) I have recently scheduled a BA and figured, since all the other reviews on here with pictures and videos were extremely helpful for me, documenting my process would continue to add to this site's helpfulness :) To start, I had my pre-op appointment June 15th at Dr. Roudner's office. At pre-op I didn't meet with Dr. Roudner but one of the nurses named Lucy. However, prior to the pre-op, I met with Dr. Roudner at the initial consultation. After this consultation, I felt as though his tone, reviews and years of practice made him the best choice out of the plastic surgeons I had met with. Initially at pre-op, I was given a large packet of papers to read and sign. In the middle of reading the documents, Lucy came in and introduced herself. She began with taking pre-op pictures at different angles and then proceeded to provide different implants for me to try. Based on the pictures I provided and personal preferences, we started with 350ccs. From there we tried all the way up to 450, which we both thought looked too big for my physique. She spent quite some time with me on the sizes and determined a range from 350-425ccs. We even had fun with 700ccs which looked CRAZY on me LOL. After we laughed, she then proceeded to do the necessary blood work required and informed me about pre- and post- care instructions. I also was told that if any issues with blood work came about, I would be informed the next day (pretty quick results!). After this I paid, asked some questions and left the office. Didn't hear back from the office after this appointment so the countdown to the 29th begins! :D

Surgery Day!

Hey ladies! So it's done now :) Have to say I definitely woke up to pain but I'll discuss that later. But to start things off: Went to the center around 1:45pm and got signed in and taken into a room immediately. Upon arriving to the room, I was met by one of my surgical nurses for the day named Cybil. She was super sweet! She introduced herself to me, went over some quick paperwork, and made me provide a pee sample for a quick pregnancy test. After performing the test and re-entering the pre-op room, my other surgical nurse came in (I believe her name was Maria) - so sweet as well! She went into more detail about after care and what to expect. After this, she provided me with a bag that contained a exam garment, surgical panty, and surgical hair net. After placing the items on, she returned to give prescriptions and before I knew it I was wisked away to the waiting room. While in the waiting room, I was asked to sign some more papers and select two of the pictures I had for Dr. Roudner to use as a reference while in the OR. Before I got started with that, I was given an IV. Once the IV was in and I picked my photos, the nurse anesthetist named Hector greeted me with a such a wonderful attitude and smile and began giving me three different medications through the IV. One was something to calm me down, another an antibiotic and the other was something but just can't remember what lol. Before this though (I just remembered), Dr. Roudner came out of surgery and greeted me so warmly and proceeded to do some marks. I only got like two lines on me lol. He did remind me that I'm not getting a lift and that one of my boobs is saggier than the other along with has a larger areola & that would remain the same (I really hope not though!). He said "we're going to fill you up!" and then smiled and left. After waiting for a while and watching some judge shows on the TV , NA Hector returned and said they're all set! Right before that, another nurse helped me use the restroom and then pretty much right after I walked into the OR. I noted to the nurse and Hector that I was nervous but Hector made efforts to calm me down which was so nice. Before I knew it, I was asleep! Don't even know what that happened to be honest! lol However, I remember getting up and I was definitely in pain (not to scare anyone). It really wasn't a "pressure" pain as some women was just pain (kind of hard to describe). I wasn't given anything and was told that I was given all that I could get. So I had my blood pressure taken a few times and before I knew it, I was redressed and taken downstairs to my ride in the parking garage. Although my ride back is probably 25 mins, it felt longer due to rush hour traffic and the fact I was in pain. I tried practicing some breathing exercises but they could only do so much. My beyond wonderful mom helped me from the car and immediately gave me food to which I then took my first dose of Vicodin. It helped but my dad (a physician) explained I could take another if necessary. After taking that, I started to feel a considerable amount of the pain to subside and then proceeded to use the restroom, eat more soup and the type this :) I have to take Vicodin and Keflex (antibiotic) at certain time intervals but my has been a great nurse in helping me stay ontop of what I need to do. So far the pain I feel is really like muscle soreness. I can definitely tolerate this but it's like a 5 or 6 out of 10. I pray the pain goes down alot by tomorrow and the day after since my surgery day pain was more than it seems like for a good amount of women who get this procedure. One of my surgical nurses said that some women are great on surgery day but it's tough on day 2 and 3 while others have a bit more pain on the OP day but feel better as the days go by. Either way, it went quicker than I thought and it was different than I anticipated. Can't say too much on whether I'm happy since it's wayyyyy to soon to tell lol but my mom said I look great! :D so that made me feel good and she said I'm not too big which was a concern for her. Attached you will find some pics....I'll take more when I feel a bit better. Let me know what you ladies think or if you have suggestions for me :) I'm thinking to start using ice packs but I'm not sure yet ... my dad gave me the green light for it but what did you ladies do or hear to do? Oh! and I was told I got 400 ccs ... I don't know what profile but I'll find out when I go for my appointment on Friday :) Sorry for the long blurb but I hope it's helpful for some ladies :) Feel free to message me!

Quick Question ladies

So today I'm feeling considerably better than yesterday :)

So I went through my documents I got yesterday and it looks like I got the same size implant on both breasts even though I have asymmetry.

Did any of you ladies have asymmetry and still received the same implant on both sides? I really hope the asymmetry doesn't look exaggerated when I'm all healed. I'm not going to get nervous since I know my doctor has been doing this for a while & I'll ask him more when I see him but have any of you experienced this?

What I ended up getting :)

I originally wanted a range of 360-425cc

I ended up getting Mentor MemoryGel Smooth Round Moderate Plus 400cc implants on both sides.

Stats: 5'5", 135 lbs and no kids.

PODs 2-8 (today)

Hey ladies :)

Went a little bit MIA for two reason: 1) I reallyyyyy needed to rest and heal! It kind of wasn't what I was expecting but every day since the day of surgery has gotten considerably better which I'm so so grateful and happy about! When I say "it wasn't what I was expecting", I mean in regards to needing help for various activities from flushing the toilet (sorry if that's TMI) to putting on a button up shirt. Certainly humbling but I'm so grateful to have help so it's been okay.

Now for reason 2) I started to "over-scan" RS and all the reviews. As I mentioned, on POD 1 (when I was a bit more like myself) I found my implant card and was very surprised to see I was given the same size implant on each side despite the asymmetry I have. So with that disappointment, I started to read others reviews and was getting almost sad because I began comparing myself to women who got a lift and started to think I should have done that and to add EVEN more stress, I started looking at women who got HP and started thinking why my surgeon didn't give me that instead of the mod+ I was given.

After all that, I decided I should put my phone and computer AWAY and just allow my body to heal since that's what I SHOULD be doing. Comparing and getting myself upset isn't going to do anything and I should just keep my mind focused good things :)

So anyways...

POD 2: I was feeling okay and I went in for my first PO appointment. The surgeon and nurse met with me to change my bandages to waterproof ones so that I can shower. When the doctor came in, greeted me with "Hey! You have boobs!" lol. Then he pushed on each boob which was uncomfortable but not painful and that was pretty much the whole appointment.

POD 3: felt better than the day before but nothing to report. I notice differences between the two breasts but the doctor told me since I didn't opt for a lift, my left would remain droopier than my right. I feel like it's very apparent in photos (which I have attached). I'm hoping somehow they balance each other out in a few weeks. Staying optimistic!

POD 4-6: Each day I'm feeling better. Nothing to really report.

POD 7: One week already! :) I went for a 1 week follow up and the nurse took off my bandages entirely. She also told me I can lift my arms to shoulder level but not overhead yet. With the shoulder level mobility, she said I can now do my hair and I can drive if I haven't done so already. I'm still not allowed to wear a bra but I can wear camis or tanks. Before I left she removed to small superficial stitches and pushed on each boob which wasn't too bad discomfort-wise. She told me to come in Friday to remove the major stitches and then teach me massages (yay!).

Sidenote: I also have been having tight muscles primarily on the right side of my neck. I feel like it started POD 6 when I started driving; however, I think I'm also hunching because my boobs still feel kind of heavy and when I straighten up, it feels a bit "weird" and tight. I feel like this wouldn't happen if I was allowed to wear at least a sports bra but have any of you had this experience? Any suggestions? I'm trying the shoulder rolls but it still feels slightly uncomfortable to do. I'm going to ask at my appointment tomorrow if I can at least wear a low impact sports bra.

POD 25 (almost 1 month)

Hey ladies! :)

I know it's been a while but like I mentioned before, I need a break from this since I kept comparing myself to others and realized that didn't make sense - my body needs time to heal.

But on a side note: you ladies on here are so wonderful. It means so much to me to get comments on how I'm doing and just feedback/advice in general. Thank you so much! And I also read all that you guys post - please keep them coming!!

So just a quick follow up:

2 Weeks PO - I went in to see the doc and was told at 3 weeks I can start wearing bras. I still have to be mindful of activity because the nurse said people can still experience internal bleeding if they do too much. The next appointment I have is a month from that appointment so it would be about 6 weeks PO.

3 Weeks PO - Didn't have to go into the office but at my 2 weeks PO appointment, I was instructed I can wear bras as well as lift my hands over my head. YES! :D Felt so good to finally shave! haha.

Another side note: after about 6 days PO, I started having this pain on the right side of my upper back and neck. It would flair up when I drive, I went the day after my 2 weeks PO appointment to see the doctor himself but he said this can happen. After 3 weeks, I noticed this started to go away :)

POD 25 (today) - I've noticed I don't have the upper back and neck pain so I'm so grateful :) I also noticed that turning the wheel when I drive don't feel weird or hurt anymore. I still have some soreness on the sides of my breast but not as bad as before. I also still have some numbness on the sides as well.

I got sized a few days ago and I'm glad I didn't go bigger! Finding bras is almost a challenge! I almost don't size in VS! lol.

But anywho, I've posted some pics. I know fluffing takes some time but I've already noticed some decrease in the pointy boob shape I had at week 1 and week 2. Glad about that lol.

Honestly, I think those meds DO have lingering effects on the mind. I feel so much better and happier once I took a break and with each day, I'm happier with the results :) I know the left breast will be droopier but I feel like the asymmetry is diminishing even though I didn't do a lift! :D

Anyways, thank you for reading my long posts. Please feel free to ask me questions or for the ladies who have done this, please feel free to keep sending me advice :)

POD 42 (6 Weeks)

So there's not really much to report. I don't remember when the soreness stopped but I'm pretty much back to normal in terms of pain/discomfort. When I rub the left side of my left breast, it feels sore but nothing to complain about; the right side of the right breast is still numb though. Also, a few days ago, I realized my nipples aren't as sensitive as they were before so that's a yay! :)

If I had to do things over, I think I'd go bigger. I feel like with my shoulders not being very narrow and matching the width of my hips, 400ccs don't translate as large as some other women on here. I posted some slight full body pics so you can see what I mean. Right now I wear a 32G at department stores and a 32DDD at VS which doesn't fit as well as the 32G but can work. However, I feel like I don't look remotely near that size. Even though that's my take, I had a friend say I did, in fact, look big.

Although I feel this way, I keep telling myself to remember God willing having kids in the future and that will add some size ... that was a worry for me because I didn't want anything to cause me too much discomfort with my back which is something I heard. I also didn't want to go too big so that it is very noticeable and will be a problem when working out.

So right now, I'm just staying patient and trying not to read too many reviews on here because they cause me to compare myself too much. I'm just hoping that at month 2 and 3 I start to see the results I'm hoping for - less gap between the two and more fullness. On a side note, I DO luv the loads of side boob that I have now though :)

*For the ladies farther out than me: Did you notice more shape & size changes after month 2 and 3? Do you think I still have more D&F to do? Did you develop more cleavage as time went by?

As a reminder I'm 5"5', ~135lbs and got 400cc mod+ :)
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