5"1 119 lbs 500 CC Silicone UHP Miami I LOVE MY NEW BREASTS ^_^

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I am curious as to what size 500cc will give me ....

I am curious as to what size 500cc will give me . I know everyone's body is different but what size should I expect I was hoping for full c/d please help I do not want to make a wrong decision on size ! I have read so many reviews and a lot of women regret size ! My surgery is scheduled next month ????????

Things making more sense

As my surgery date approaches I am getting more and more unsure about the size ! After getting some opinions from the surgeons answering questions here on realself I defiantly have leaned against the 500cc I just don't want to look to big or unnatural I'm thinking now maybe 430 cc not sure how diff that is from 500 lol ugh hopefully I get the results I want which is a full c small d natural look I don't want the ball" look not that it's a bad look just not what I want ! Hopefully I make the right choice

Perfect boobs my wish

Another wish pic

Another perfect set :)

32 days to go till surgery

Time seems to be dragging I am just dieing to get this over with ! I am on day 15 with my squat challenge want a new butt to go with my new boobs lol ! I am still so unsure about what size I am going to choose for my boobs ! I am now thinking 450 cc that's smack right in between 500 I figure I can't go wrong with 450 !!! Let's see I still have a couple of weeks to go so I will continue researching and looking at pics which is what I do most of the time now ... Lol wish me luck and good luck to the rest of you ladies going thru the same dilemma xo

My desired look

This is me with my vs bombshell bra mind u I wear two of them lol how sad :( but this is how I want them to look after surgery !!fingers crossed

Pre-Op Tests

So I got my pre-op testing done today it's all feeling more n more real ! I just hope all my tests come out ok for surgery "/ ...sometimes I feel like something is going to happen n prevent this frm happening !! Anyway hope everyone is doing well xo

My post op checklist :)

Ok now less than a month away I want to be sure I have the main "necessities" I am ordering some supplies and so far I have 1.champion sports bra "front zip" 2.bromelain "they say for swelling and bruising"3.palmers coconut butter for stretch marks 4.bio oil "for scaring and 5.my body pillow :) so b4 I place my order any suggestions and anything else that will be essential in the healing process thanks

Help !!!

So I am ordering my post op bras/sports bra and unsure what size I should get :( help do I get small ???

Thank you

I want to thank a lot of the women on this site for being so wonderful and sharing their experiences and being so encouraging !!! Your all amazing xo

A little Premature

So I just ordered a VS swimsuit I couldn't help myself ! I always wanted to wear a bandeau and for the obvious reason never was able to lol luckily they only came in sml wasn't by cup size so I figured I was safe and if not worse case I could always return =)
Thank you to JasmineDaisy a realself member for her review we are the same stats and her results and photos have helped me tremendously in feeling more comfortable with my decision on choosing 500cc this site has been such a big help for me honestly I would have possibly made a mistake regarding size had it not been for realself and all the wonderful women sharing their reviews and photos ! You all rock xoxoxoxo


It just hit me I am two weeks away from surgery ! Crazy I don't think I have fully let it all sink in ! Sometimes I even wonder if I am making the right decision I mean I know I want to do it ! I guess not having my fiancé's support has been a little rough for me he has been against me doing this from day 1 ! He gives me the whole he loves me the way and I don't need to change but I feel his real issue is maybe he is feeling a bit insecure I wish he would trust in who I am and be more supportive " I mean I know it must be hard being a man at times having other men looking at your woman" some men enjoy the attention of having men look at the person your with " not him lol it's a constant battle" sometimes I feel he blames me for attention I get and that kinda blows and I guess he feels me having this surgery will make that worse "/ it's just been hard not having his support ! He is up and down with it ! He actually told me to forget the money I put down and back out lol anybody else dealing with this ?
I'm just hanging on to the fact once they are here he will be more happy than I am lol " sorry I know this isn't a dear abby site hahaha
Just felt like sharing ! Countdown deff begins xo

Post-op sports bra

Just ordered my first post-op sports bra frm VS I've heard frm a couple of other realself women that these worked really good ! I hope so

Some post-op items

Another sports bra frm Champion the reviews on this sports bra were really good a lot of women posted reviews on amazon on how they ordered the sports bra for post-op breast aug surgery ! So I thought I'd give it a try ! The rest of the items are other things I got from the women here on realself ! I've read reviews on the bromelain and I've heard even frm some doctors here on realself that it actually does help with the swelling ! And for that price heyyyy can't hurt ! [=
Tick tock 14 days to goooo eeeck!!! Lol

Updated item

I actually didn't get the bio-oil I got the silicone scar sheets instead ! Even though I've heard great reviews on the bio-oil ! The sheets are more recommended by surgeons ! I actually work in the medical field / I asked a couple of pple I know and these sheets actually come highly recommended !! Fingers crossed don't want to see much noticeable scarring on my nippiesss lol ! Hope these items help someone else ! I have been doing severe research for over 3 months now [=

Ugh ! 500cc might be a bit much

Ok so I'm now 13 days away from surgery and my mind has been on overload deciding the size ! Today my girlfriend from work was like u look thin lol which she always tells me that so for fun she sd we should go weigh ourselves ! I am 119 pounds ! Lost a few and I'm thinking 500cc just might be a bit much for me ! I love tight shirts it's just who I am always been this way ! I wear tanks all year long even @work granted I wear blazers/jackets and such over them but still I just don't want to be "to big " thinking 450 might be a better choice for me ! Not sure how diff 500 is frm 450 lol
I think I just feel safer ! Anyway hopefully I get my mind right soon ! Time is running thin ]=


So I went to Nordstrom Rack today and got 2 more sports bra's they didn't have many zip front but I figured I already have two zip fronts so these shld be good say after 2 weeks or so ! Saw sooo many sexy bras and crop tops even sexy pj sets lol I knew I shouldn't even dare shop until I was thru with surgery so I walked away lol but I began to think how much fun shopping will be after words - time is kinda starting to go fast lol "deep breaths"

Compression strap

So I contacted my coordinator today and asked whether my ps recommends the compression strap after surgery and she said yes that I should deff purchase ! Does anyone know where I could purchase one ? I run to amazon for everything lol and I was surprised they didn't have them "/

Feeling blue ]=

Sooo been thinking and it actually sucks I will be traveling for surgery ! Just realized I won't be home with my daughter and fiancé =[
"There's no place like home" and they are usually pretty good @taking care of me wen I'm sick =[
Ahhh maybe I'm thinking to much


So..... My mind is on overload regarding the cc's I start looking @pics soon as I get up/reading reviews ! I'm now thinking 450 460 which puts me in a safe place as mentioned b4 ! I recently came across famous Maggie's pro and feel in love with her natural results I had previously seen her YouTube vids ! I showed my fiancé and to my surprise he finally admitted he would prefer the more rounded look "which is what I was against "although the decision will ultimately be mine ! His input was much Appreciated "especially because my ps already recommended hp for me due to lil breast tissue =] my fiancé sd that eventually they will possibly start to sag so y not get them as high as possible "/which made sense lol! Anyway I'm off to vs to return a bralette I got in med -that I should have gotten in L- no more entering vs until after surgery I get so tempted looking at bras n sexy lingerie !!!! 11more days to go ! Hope everyone is doing well and healing good xo


So I just paid my balance of $3000 I was advised to start vitamin c and multivitamin -I was advised to hold off on bromelain until after surgery -_- I am now defiantly starting to feel nervous and anxious hoping I made the right decision in having this surgery ! My beautiful daughter told me last night I didn't need surgery and that I was beautiful she made me tear =[ ! On a funny note my daughter has almost a full c cup lol perky as can be lol


What is wrong with this site my whole update comment didn't post ughhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I am officially one week away frm surgery eeekk lol ! I have absolutely decided on telling my ps I want 500 cc and I will take it frm there , in letting him decide if that will make me look "top heavy" I know some cc's are losed when going under the muscle ! I also know 500cc saline is different frm 500cc in silicone ! I've researched saline tends to look bigger than silicone sooo I am hoping to tell him 500 then we can work our way down if necessary lol ! I just don't want to be one of those women saying "I wish I went bigger" but also don't want to be that woman who looks like "all boob" I am extremely petite and short sooo lol ! Anyway I am praying for good results and a safe surgery ! I hope my prayers are not in vain lol !! Happy healing to all xoxoxo

Ups delivery

I just received my compression band ! Can't believe by this time next Friday I will be in Florida with boobs lol !! On another note I think I might be a "clothes hoarder" lol I mean my closet has clothes on top of clothes ! I have clothes folded on top of boxes of shoes -__- let's just say it's madness!! Lol so I decided to finally get rid of the things I don't use " I always keep things saying mmmm what if I want to wear it someday anyway I'm sure a lot of women can relate !! Then I saw the bright side ! If I make my closet look empty it's only more inviting to want to fill it up right ? Lol and let's be honest I'm sure after surgery shopping will be more exciting than it already is lol ! So my weekend is being dedicated to out with the old in with the new lol


Some of my bombshell collection "this is tip of the iceberg" wait until I start to clean out my closet lol I have already offered them to my cousin lol ! Tsssss N think about this those bras r $60 a pop !!!

Some post-op instructions

I have been instructed that I should wear a bra @all times for the first 2 weeks ....after 2 weeks it will be ok to sleep without a bra!! I should not be bra-less during the day for 4-6 weeks !! Wasaaaa I love getting home frm work n taking off my bra lol - but a small price to pay for wonderful beautiful boobs right ? And I can start my silicone scar sheets 1-2 weeks after surgery =] I'm going over my list making sure I have everything needed for post-op !! Tick tock =]

Opened my mailbox

And boom 2014 swimsuit issue =]

Extremely down

Is this feeling so close to surgery normal ! My daughter left with my sister today for the week off of school also due to my surgery and I started to cry watching her walk away ..I'm not sure if I'm feeling guilty about putting myself in a position where something could possibly happen to me or if it's that I am boarding a plane without her !! Because as much as I want this surgery being a mother to her is by far the most important thing to me !!! I hope these feelings are normal and I am making the right decision =[ I am taking a Teddy's of hers frm when she was a baby with me in the hopes she keeps me sane through this !!

Bag is packed

I'm almost done packing my bag ! Actually bought some shorts to wear in case I am feeling up to exploring Florida a little ! Mostly packed sweats n zip up sweatshirts but couldn't resist today and bought some off the shoulder shirts to wear again in case I am feeling up to going out while in Florida not gonna lie it's gonna be nice getting away from all this snow !! But still feel guilty my pumpkin is staying behind =[ could be why I don't feel excited mostly anxious ! Maybe once I land this feel will go away !! Bought a bandeau today also to do a before and after ! Realized I don't have many pics with out my bombshell lol ! Bandeau pretty stretchy so I got a medium hope it fits ! Soo ladies till next time ! I will be all boobied up lol xoxoxo

500cc it is !!

So I had my consultation and 500cc it is !! My ps sd the 500 cc will fit me nicely ! I actually have tons of breast tissue "news to me lol" 500 cc round hp I believe 450 style ? Could be wrong I was a nervous wreck lol ! I am extremely pissed because just got a call frm ps office my appt is for 2pm ???? I scheduled my appt over a month ago and was told 8:30 would be my surgery !! Upset because I can't eat at 12 today soooo hello !! Whatever I am in Miami on their time so it is what it is !! On my way out in the hopes of finding a tattoo shop !!! Tomorrow is the big day !!! Eeekkkk thank you to everyone for the all warm wishes and support !!! It has helped me tremendously xoxoxo

It's done!

So had surgery yesterday ! 500cc hp 450 style round! I was in sooooo much pain was literally screaming couldn't get out of bed without being picked up "my cousin is with me and she has been god sent ! I love her ! I recommend anyone traveling for surgery have someone you love help you through because it will be best ! Still in pain today but feeling much better ! Oo man I hope this feeling goes away !! How long till I am feeling normal ? On a good note my nipples look great !! Lol Thank you again to everyone for their warm wishes ! Happy healing everyone xoxoxoxo

Post op appt

I just saw my doctor he was very pleased ! He said I already seem to be healing well ! He sd it looks like they won't take long to drop "I hope not lol although I am prepared and I know exactly what to expect a lot of change in the up coming weeks !

Before and after

The picture deff makes them look bigger than they are

In so much pain

Woke up this morning and the boobs are extremely painful is this normal ? It's a throbbing pain =[ also there is no feeling on the bottom of my right boob !! Ugh starting to wonder why I did this to myself !! I know it's a process but why so much pain still ? Anyone experience this pain after ?

A body pic 500cc hp silicone

This pic is to help visualize how they look "whole body"not the best pic I tried lol ! I was always looking for a full body pic during my research so I hope this helps =] my tummy a little bloated !!

Some softness yayy

So just got back from walking around did some shopping ! I picked up a new sports bra to have for back to work, when I got back could deff feel some softness =] !! Can't wait till these suckers are completely soft lol I know I have some time to go but today I deff feel them a little squishy yay

3 day post op appt

Sooo! I definately woke up feeling better today ! Minimal pain but still uncomfortable ! I was told I could sleep on my side yayyy sleeping face up has been a challenge ! I have been instructed to deff sleep with sports bra but I can go braless during the day if need be "not that I will these puppies must settle b4 I feel comfortable with them ! I was told I couldn't use strap due to a flap? Whatever that is but today I was told I didn't need strap because my implants aren't that high ! So yayy for that ! I can start using cocoa butter and the silicone sheets in 2 weeks also massages in a week ! No photo bcuz not much change ! Oo yea I will deff have more cleavage once they settle =] I thought I wld stay with them being separated sooo double yayyy!! Happy healing xo

Angry boobs

So it's my last night in Florida .. Me and my cuz ended up in Walgreens and I got into an argument with one of the rude ladies @the register "long story" anyway while walking back to the hotel I told my cuz I was pissed because my boobs were angry lol ! Like I notice when I tense up they hurt and get hard "anyway she ends up sending me this pic ! I thought was freaking hilarious so I had to share =]

Post op depression ?

I am finding myself crying for anything ! I made it back from Miami today and driving back from the airport was horrible =[ I also miss my cousin I guess being that she was there with me I feel a connection with her ! Far beyond the one I already had with her ! Not much change !'boobies still riding high -they deff did not like the cold weather back in ny! Omg they tensed up the moment I got into the cold air lol -like hey where am I" =] I don't Love them yet "I mean I don't like they way they look boxy and high ! I know it's a process and I have to be patient ! I just can't wait until I love them "anyways I hope everyone is healing well xoxo

4day post op pic

My cousin said she thinks they dropped some ! But she might have said that to make me feel better -__-

My right boob =[

So it's obvious my right boob is being the stubborn boob ! I feel constant throbbing and aching while my left boob is sitting giving me no issues lol mind you the right one is the one riding high ugh ! I know I have to be patient ! This is not in my character ! I sent email to my ps and he advised me everything is looking great and what I am experiencing is normal so puts me @ease ! I am just relaxing until I have to return to work next week waaaaa!!!! Happy healing everyone xoxoxo

A little update

So woke up still sore my boobs kill me in the morning but once I get up move around I'm fine ! Just tight as h$@l lol - I got a little rash on my chest went to see my doctor and he prescribed me some ointment ! Driving was much easier today just turns and quick stops really hurts eekkk -I noticed my left boob deff dropped yayy -my right ahh not so much -boobs are deff getting softer I can move them up and down some -start massages next week can't wait ! Omg I am now OD with the cocoa butter my fiancé noticed some stretch marks under boob , so I am adding cocoa butter ever chance I get being careful around my nippie don't want any infection there ugh !! I ended up falling asleep on the couch but moved to my bed around 6am and I was able to partially sleep on my side ! Oo how I miss sleeping on my side lol -adding some photos so you can see they deff dropped some =] happy healing all xoxoxo

Impatient @ 1 week post op

I am starting to love my lefty it's deff starting to lose that round ball look up top-righty ugh can't wait to start my massages next week so I can give my righty some severe TLC ^_^ I'm going to stay braless while @home -i know I am only one week post op and have to be patient I just can't wait to love my results -"patience is a virtue"

A little self conscious

Wasn't going to post a nudie because I am a little self conscious about how they look -but all you women have shared your best and your worst so here it is

Starting to love

So today was the first morning I woke up without boobie pain =] I deff see some change and I am loving - righty is starting to take form along with lefty - I can also see the gap between my boobs closing in nicely !! I can't wait for one month to see how they will look =] happy healing xoxoxo

My Experience

I was going to wait before I completed my full review on my whole experience with Dr.Frieman and CGCC - if you are someone looking for a personal intimate experience I don't think this is the place for you - NOW if your ultimate goal is good results than I would deff recommend CGCC - first off Dr.Frieman was not very personable so to say lol - at my consultation I was very nervous and felt a little rushed so to say - he said show me what you want I gave him a few pictures and he said I am going to give you that "and so far he has" I told him what I wanted in regards to cc's I asked him what he thought "He said that will look great on you" and he was right - The day of my surgery I waited almost 3 hours in the pre-op room I was beyond aggrivated -I hadn't eaten -the staff was good in making me feel better - the anesthesiologist was a sweetheart as was the nurse who took care of me after my surgery - so with all my aggravation while waiting and the fact that they changed my appt time 2x - I would do it all over again - both with Dr.Frieman and CGCC - they have a high clientele and I see why along with competitive prices - But they provide good results and in the end ladies that is what matters ! I am glad my coordinator recommended him to me -and after reading so many good reviews on him I felt that I was making the right choice in him being my Plastic Surgeon !! Soo Dr Frieman thank you because my boobies although not fully healed are coming along beautifully and I am extremely grateful to you for that also Yadira and the rest of the staff at CGCC if I decide on ever having any other type of surgery I will be returning


I meant to post that update under dr review smh !!

Insanity workout

So I told my fiancé I wanted to start the gym and he said he knows me and I won't stick to it ! I love coming home straight after work so stopping at the gym does propose a challenge ha! So he suggested insanity workout I read reviews saw some photos and I'm going to give it a try -he ordered it for me today =] so as soon as I get the ok -I'm going to work my ass off lol - has anyone done the insanity workout ? No new change on the boobs today still feel super tight at my chest but I have been home bound - back to work tomorrow waaaaaa so I will be completely mobile versus being a couch potatoe lol - hopefully this will help the muscles loosen up more - I am posting a pic for today 9 day post op they are coming along nicely =] happy healing all xo

Ouch !!

So I am back @work today waaaaa and my sports bra is killing me I went to the bathroom and say lines from it being soo tight ugh will have to run to the mall @lunch and buy some new ones "/ ! Guess them boobies are getting slightly bigger -not that I'm complaining lol - gonna have to go braless while @work luckily I have a scarf - and I'm being semi anti social at work soo it's not like anyone will notice ^_^ happy healing xo


I started my massages yesterday and woke up ooo so sore I emailed my coordinator to find out if that was normal lol she sd yes but for me to be gentle not aggressive ! And I think I was pretty aggressive even had my finance do them so you can imagine lol- I did notice or feel my boobs somewhat extracting today like as if they are popping out some ! I know I keep complaining they are to small but I am pretty confident a lot of it is in my head and I feel once they drop they are going to be beautiful ! They are still swollen so I just have to be patient ! My boobs still have that "gap" even though I deff see they have somewhat gotten closer they still aren't where I want them lol my ps assured me they will continue to get closer as they drop an I am confident =] ! Still sore and tight with occasional pain but nothing I can't handle ! I have to remember I havnt even reached two weeks lol I hope everyone is healing well xoxoxo

Still swollen

Not much change ..boobies are still swollen and gapped =[ but I realize I am merely two weeks post op and have to be more patient ! I deff am noticing a higher projection in the front ! I just know I will love them once they settle ! I just wish they would already !!!!! Waaaaaaaa =[ I read a review where someone posted if your not a patient person don't have a BA soo true lol ! It's devastating !! I took my sutures off and my nipples look great !! Luckily my nipples are dark because you can hardly see anything ! I started the silicone sheets on them and will deff keep anyone interested posted on how it works ! Also added a few pics righty is still high !! I started talking to her like come on be a good girl n drop lol - I can also grab them now and they move a little more freely not completely though they are still Fairly hard but deff change ! Hope everyone is healing well and enjoying boobie heaven xo

VS sucks as measuring !!

So I decided to get measured just for fun -I know it's a while b4 I will know my actual size ! The lady measured me at 32C and when I put the bra on the bra was under my boobs! I asked for a 32D and it fit really good a lil snug but fit ! I want to get sized at nordstrom for a quality fitting but I will hold off only because I know it's no time for bra shopping as my boobs still sit extremely high especially righty "as you will see frm my pics I post today ! Omg crop top shopping is so fun it's like grab and go I've purchased at least 10 within the past 2 days ! I deff like the look I got while wearing a bra - it was just still obvious my boobs were high up made me look somewhat like a porn look and I deff don't want that ! So I will continue to be patient because I know I will be so happy when all is said and done my ps told me 3 months to see the final "true result " so until then lol happy healing xo

A shout

A big shout to Lilyflower getting her new girls on Tuesday ^_^ she's gonna rock them boobs ^_^

Diff with bra

Look at the difference with and without bra


When I first started researching BA I was pretty sure with what I wanted and what I didn't want ! I knew I wanted pretty breast and knew I didn't want to over do it ! I was also sure I didn't want the "fake look" so I was sure moderate was for me ! After showing my ps my pics he was pretty sure HP was best for me - I was a little disappointed and even considered sticking to my guns and telling him no I would prefer the moderate !! Thank god I went with his suggestion and trusted his expertise - honestly I love my perky boob look - I couldn't imagine not having them like this ! I know they havnt fully settled but I know once they do they won't loose this perky look ! I am posting a pic of me with my bombshells - I knew I wanted the same look as I did with my bombshells - and I deff have that look even better lol soo yayy - slowly I know I will love my new beautiful breasts

Stop the Discouragement

Hi ! So I have had my share of reading reviews of all you lovely women sharing your journeys and while doing so I've read some comments of some women offering their non asked opinion " such as why are you doing silicone saline is better - or that implant might be to big - it's one think if someone asks "is 500 a big implant ? But once someone has made a decision if you don't have words of encouragement keep it moving ! We are all here with one thing in common a cosmetic surgery ! I'm sure we have all researched risks and benefits of having surgery and don't need someone saying " are you sure that is best !!! "You know who you are" ^_^ so let's stay positive or sign off ! Happy healing everyone xoxo

A little down

Although knowing the process this would be I won't lie last couple of days has been really bad for me ! My right boob has me a little worried ! It's still high fairly hard and hurts to the touch ! I read many reviews and heard how common this is but still a little hard to deal with =[ I have been massaging every nite and even throw the strap on for a least an hour - I was advised I didn't really need it bcuz my boobs didn't sit so high up - I am afraid of bottoming out so I take off right away and owwww the strap hurts =[ is that normal ? I even started massaging the right one at my desk lol luckily I am in the back of an office so no1 can see imagine someone did haha

Also omg my nipples sooooo sensitive =[ kinda hurtful even ! God forbid it rubs hard on something accidentally eeekk my fiancé actually hugged me the other nite and accidentally rubbed them with his arm - if looks cld kill poor guy wld be dead lol - I try getting support frm him but he's all they look great just be patient - "/ he doesn't understand and I don't blame him I guess -he didn't want me to do this to begin with ! So I just keep telling myself to be patient and I will love them soon ! Omg I havnt been able to say I love them yet eekkk scary lol - anyway I will post new pics tonight when I get home frm work - hope everyone is feeling well and healing good xo

Bromelain and scar sheets

Forgot to mention I wasn't taking the bromelain as I shld have been so last couple of days I take them faithfully hoping this helps the seedling with right boob
Now the silicone scar sheets omg deff one of the best things my scar is already almost invisible also flat to the touch meaning you touch my nippie and it's smooth - so I deff recommend this to anyone - I would post pics of It but my better half is not ok with me posting my bare boobs so I wld be more than happy to send pics to anyone who is interested through email just pm me =] honestly my nipples look untouched as if they never had a 500cc implant shoved thru them lol xo

Some possible hate at VS lol

Sooo I have been visiting VS during my lunch and I only visit a certain one becuz it's close to work and it's easy for me to go with only an hours time ! Anyway I absolutely feel in love with a Demi bra freaking beautiful bra and I will post a pic of it to my surprise the 32D was extremely tight so I tried on the 32DD and still tight u will see in the pic the double bubble frm the bra being so tight so I asked her for the sister size which I think is a 34C ? I dunno but she sd no u need a 34B lmao do these breasts look like they wld fit a B cup "/ lol I sd forget it because I was running late anyway ! Strange though because body by victoria 32d fits me nicely but the 32DD Demi was way to tight a 32C body by victoria also fit just as a push up somewhat !! Guess every bra is diff I know I shouldn't even be bra shopping until these girls have had a chance to take full shape ! Just thought it was funny this same girl tried giving me a B my last time ! Seriously smh ! Maybe she was having an off day ? I dunno but when I am actually ready to bra shop I will not be buying frm that particular VS - I did cave an buy 1 bra only because I had a $10 off that was going to expire lol
I just hope my boobs don't change and the bra ends up not fitting "/

Comparison pic same tank top

Some deff change !

Some real movement

Sorry last update lol

Body view hope this helps

Sorry for the bad lighting I guess I need new lightbulbs lol

Right breast

So besides this boob being high it had like a hard bump on top it was feeling like a ball "squishy"hard to explain had my so stressed and worried ! Today it's gone =] not sure if it's the bromelain - massages - or just time but I am so relieved =] now when I touch my right it feels like the left ! Just still fairly high but hey I'm not even a month in "patience patience lol
Happy healing everyone xo

Dressed up boobs

I figured I wld add some pics showing them under clothes ! Even though I feel they shld be seen not hidden lol j/k I hvnt even went shopping yet can't wait for that ! I want ladies to see they are easily hidden under clothes but can go frm conservative to vava voom in 2 seconds =] happy healing xoxo

A little down

I am a little mad I never considerd more than 500 cc ! I was always reading reviews of women who wish they'd"gone bigger ! For all women who havnt had surgery the greed is real ! Don't think it can't happen to you ! Consider all your possibilities =[

Some old bathing suit tops

I am feeling a tad bit of boob greed but need to stop because it's taking away from me enjoying how beautifully my boobs are coming along ! I'm going to wait until month 2 before I ever mention it again lol - thank you to all you wonderful ladies who support and encourage me with your kind words it truly makes a difference happy healing xoxoxo

And he didn't want me to have my BA

So my fiancé was sooo against me having this procedure and although I adore him for it ! Let's say he loves my new girls lol - he even enjoys the feel of them sometimes I feel bad bcuz they still feel "fake" and he's all no I don't mind lmao ! So let's say he's happy =] on another note today was the first day taking the girls out on the town ! Boobs get A+ I have added some photos also 32DD bra left marks on my boobs frm being so tight no more bra attempt shopping for me happy healing xo

Woke up this morning

I could honesty feel the breasts heavier and more softer ! Weird how they literally change over night while you sleep ! My righty has me a little worried only because I was scrubbing my sink yesterday and had to hold my right breast because it felt so uncomfortable =[ anyone experience this ? Also listen to your ps guidance ! I was advised not to wear a bra at least for another 4 weeks being that is so uncomfortable not to I did anyway and this bra is now all the way wrong for me ! My implants are being pushed down and it's a 32DD I am not being sized correctly !! Could also be due to my UHP ? Who knows !! All I do know is now I have to be braless at work ! I am such an impatient person =[ ouch !!!

Trying to make sense

So I have been trying to make sense of my new additions and the fact that I can't and havnt sd those 4 words "I love my results" lol i read so many reviews and look at so many pictures of all you wonderful ladies and I ask my self what is so different ! Majority of every review right after surgery or days after are soooo happy =] y not me ? And I figured it out mostly" every review starts off with a brief summary of how this surgery has been something they have wanted for so long ! I don't want to say I woke up one morning and decided to have this surgery but it's something pretty close to it ! I recently losed weight I was 135/140 lbs by no means overweight but went frm that to 120/119 I go up and down - anyway my boobs took a turn for the worst ! I wld say around October my daughter "13 going on 30" touched my boob and sd what's wrong with them =[ I think that was the moment I sd maybe I should have surgery ! Don't get my wrong I wore bombshells obviously I was small lol but I didn't mind taking it off once I got home I dunno !! I will say this Dr Frieman is an amazing ps honestly - my breast have not healed completely but they are beautiful ! Maybe I am waiting for them to feel like apart of my body - I've read how many women say "they finally feel like mine " I still feel like something is there!! I am glad I found this site. It has been so insightful and it's wonderful seeing women uplift other women !! I am also inspired by some private messages I rcv of women who claim my pics and updates help them !! That makes me feel amazing so thank you !! I hope everyone is healing well and in boobie-bliss lol xoxoxoxo

1 month tomorrow

I thought I would share some great progress with you lovely ladies ! I was actually going to stop with the updates but recent words of encouragement and the fact that a lot of you wonderful women actually say the updates help =] I know how important it is to see pictures it keeps us feeling positive I know it does for me =]

So D&F - it's real lol .. My implants are settling more and more they are fulling out more in the bottom of the boob also I have some serious side boob going on ! You will see frm the pics =] The sides do not appear swollen anymore although I could be wrong ! And to think I still have another 2 months of settling to go "well according to my ps" I also have a lot of upper pole fullness "actually hoping it goes down more " you will also see frm the pics !!

My size lol " well I saw my sister for the first time since surgery ! Mind you my sister is and always has been my biggest critic ! I didn't grow up with my mom so she kind of took on that role anyway the first thing she sd was " why did you get them so big lol " that was the moment when I knew they were big also the moment I loved my size haha !! Had she sd oo they look nice not to big ! I think I would have felt depressed lol so her honestly and criticism made me confident ! "Crazy huh" my sister is very conservative the opposite of me so I don't take her words hurtful "she's real" but again I am happy I think any bigger wld have been a bit much !!
Also these are heavy it's a weird feeling when I bend down with no support I have to hold them because I feel they are going to fall lol deff have to get use to the weight ! Don't get me wrong it's not unbearable just new to me !
I still have pain and discomfort at times ! My left is sooooo soft and squishy my right although soft deff still has a way to go =[
I am still dealing with some serious emotions as to whether I made the right decision in having this surgery ! I'm not saying I regret - let's just say it's not like a new pair of shoes or a new bag where you can say - omg I wonder how they would look and stick it in your closet after trying it on !! My issue is not the way they look as I stated my ps did amazing because honestly my breasts look beautiful when I take my clothes off - it's issues within me ! I just don't feel the way I thought I would after getting them done ! "Honestly not sure what I was going to feel " "/
I hope I didn't forget anything =] I hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their new investments and to those still on their journey keep researching and as always consider all your possibilities xoxoxo

First day

Sooo went out today and it was the first time I forgot I just had my boobs done =] I didn't feel any discomfort ! I can safely say today was the first day they felt like apart of my body yayyyyyyyyyyyy xoxo

Almost there

Picture of my perfect boob wish pic id say almost there =]

^^^^^ mine slighter bigger


Laying on my side

What a pretty sight ^_^

Thought id share this

This is totally off boobie topic but wanted to share ! I have always suffered frm dark circles under my eyes since young as I got older it became more noticeable to me I guess ! About a year ago I started using Clinique laser repair wear eye cream !!! It worked soo amazingly ! I have been without the cream for 2 weeks now and this morning I noticed my dark circles are back =[ I ran to Bloomingdales at lunch to pick up a new bottle ! It's like $60 and the bottle is fairly small but it's really magic in a bottle =] I am in no way advertising lol I just like to spread joy lol and if their is one women who reads this an suffers frm dark circles then yayyy ! Mind you the bottle says it's for wrinkles ! The cream really is amazing !!!! Xoxo


A picture of my actual style implant -my b4- and my after
Hard to look at my b4 = o

It's official !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE MY NEW BREASTS lol - this whole experience has been a tremendous roller coaster ride ! Seriously I have cried my eyes out at times wondering whether I made the right choice ! This was a big decision and no1 should ever go into this expecting instant love/results ! My breasts look beautiful and I am grateful to my surgeon Dr Jacob Frieman !!!! It's crazy because my boob greed is goneeeeeeeee lol - I couldn't imagine them being any bigger or smaller !! They are perfect and fit my body ^_^ honestly I would have been lost after surgery not having the wonderful support and encouragement I rcvd frm all you lovely ladies xoxo {blows kisses to all of you} I'm actually hoping they don't change much more except for my righty it still has some dropping to do and it will be visible in pics I posts today !! I've named my new girls [betty boop] lol !! Again thank you all for the encouragement and support !!!! Here's to all of us and out new boobies!! Always accept hate you might experience I know I have -what's crazy is a lot of hate and critic I have recently experienced helped me haha hate on itches!!! xo BTW sizing ! I am fitting in both 32DD 32DDD depending on the bra ! Honesty it's true size doesn't even matter it's how you make them look =] " I am so happy"

Suggestions ?

Can anyone suggest a good strapless bra ? I tried one on today and it was all the way wrong they seem to stay under my boobs hard to explain !! Is it due to my UHP ? Maybe I should try the strapless in a diff size ? I would appreciate any suggestions if anyone has luck with a good comfy strapless

For those wondering "

Um there's nothing wrong with my boobs the picture in strapless bra makes my boobs look a lil weird uneven and"suspect lol rest assured my boobs are very much aligned despite my righty being fairly higher which is completely normal ^_^
Don't know why that pic makes them look like that >_>

Obsessed with my new breasts =]

Ok so this will be my last update for a while =] at least until there is some major change to share with you lovelies ^_^
Size - I am deff a 32DDD they fit me so comfortably where as the 32DD gives me more of a BAM effect ! You will see frm the pictures the 32DD gives me the bubble thingy by my armpit and is very snug leaving me uncomfortable I bought my fabulous vs push up because they didn't have 32DDD and I still like the look I get with it ! I also bought another which I will return tomorrow because my nippie was coming out didn't realize in the store ! The girl at VS started laughing when she saw me I think I'm there every other day ! Let's say comenity bank is going to love me ha !

I will always be available for any questions you ladies might have for me if I could ever help pls don't hesitate to ask =] I am officially obsessed with them now ^_^ I actually don't want them to change at all eekkkkk ! Although I know they will I hope not to much ! The projection/size/roundness/upper pole fullness all PERFECT !!! I am happy I had this surgery and feel blessed to have had Dr.Frieman as my surgeon - he is AMAZING so glad I trusted him in choosing my profile !! UHP's are awesome ! as I stated b4 my incision is invisible! I am using the scar sheets because I figure it can't hurt - but I don't need them ! I still experience minimal pain but that is expected I'm not even 5 weeks !! I am sleeping on my side with no problem =] and they get squishier everyday !
For anyone considering surgery please keep in mind this is an emotional process " well it was for me" life is short and we must always make ourselves happy ^_^
*also I'm getting married in August =] looking forward to finding a sexy dress "deff won't be anything traditional for me we are getting married in a helicopter in Vegas ^_^ lol -
Thank you all again for the support you are all beautiful women and I was blessed to stumble across this site happy boobie journeys xoxoxo

No bra wearing "

I was always perplexed as to why women are told no bras after surgery and the reasoning behind the infamous "wait period" so I researched it a while ago ! one main reason is simply for the breasts can drop properly "makes sense " the other is simply not to irritate the crease incision for women who had well "crease incision" lol - every plastic surgeon is different I have read some reviews where some women are told to wear a bra while others are told not to ! Which is a clear indication neither is right or wrong just different opinions from different ps ! And everyone should always listen to their" own ps !!I personally think good support is important with implants as gravity will eventually take it's course and we should try and beat it as much as possible I I am also following a review where a women had a revision after bottoming out and she feels safer wearing bras to well "prevent it" so every one is different and everyone's comfort/healing/opinions/desires/choices are different - the only uncomfortable thing for me in bra wearing is the fact that the bra is to small but all in all I'm comfortable wearing bras - that's my own personal decision - not right or wrong just mine =] basically what I am saying research shows their is nothing unsafe about wearing underwire bras- as long as your comfortable =] my implants are fairly heavy n "I feel safe/good wearing them ^_^ hope everyone is healing well xoxo

A must have

VS dream angels multiway/strapless bra by far one of the most comfortable bras I have ever purchased "for a strapless that is anyone looking for a good strapless this is it =] xo

1 more week

My doc gave the ok to start working out @ 6 weeks ! I' am dying to touch up my abs >_> ha
Just need to tone up and I will be all set for beach !! Funny story my crazy uncle called me today and asked how I was feeling and if I "felt different" lol I told him oddly I don't , he said that's because you have them hidden he said wait until summer lol ! Let's see !! Anyway I noticed a drastic change in my right breast it deff dropped a lot still not as much as left but as long as I am seeing changes I am happy ! I will be sure to post a nudie soon with the changes !! Also researching it's so common for one to take longer to settle but it's still comforting to hear it frm your ps !! I hope everyone is healing well and in boobie lisious heaven xo

Deleting profile

To all you lovely lovely ladies
I will be deleting my profile ^_^
I came here for support and to learn about breast implant surgery - as this was all new to me
I never thought I would ever have this surgery because although I was small I loved my breasts this wasn't something I ever even considered having ! I want to thank many of you for the love and support I received ! Most of you are genuine and caring =]
I wish you all luck on your journey to happy boobie land - for those with upcoming surgery good luck and happy thoughts to you all
I would have been lost had it not been for this site ! xoxoxo

Beauty inside!

So according to realself' they will delete my profile but leave my posts?? at least that is what the email they sent me sd??anyone have any idea how i can work around this and if so will my pictures also stay?? hmmmm sounding like a cult lol u can join but never leaveeee haha- I wanted to take this opportunity to say someone can be extremly beautiful on the outside gorgeous/Glamorous even yet be the most insecure thing on the inside finding the need to bring others down or tap into someone’s flaws to only boost themselves, we can all work on making ourselves more beautiful, feel more secure on the outside but honestly what matters most is the inside-being genuinely beautiful both inside and out is by far the biggest threat –Remember beauty is not having a two inch waste big back side and perky boobs if the inside is ugly- beauty fades -but being a geniune person lasts forever !!! xoxo


I received an email regarding deleting my profile and according to them all post will remain on the site as long as it according to their terms basically you can't delete ha! You can delete all your pics but they keep the posts up ! So after reading many messages I decided I will continue to update and help anyone I could ! One message stated they wld have liked to see progress at 2 months and I know it's hard finding results with UHP so I feel selfish leaving ! When a picture can help someone tremendously ! I know how important it was for me ^_^
And so many of you actually say my pics helped you in your journey and honestly that makes me updating worth it =]
Keep in mind ladies anything you write here stays forever haha!!

I am adding some nudie "somewhat" lol so you ladies can see the breasts without a bra !
Yes they are big I mean they are 500cc but I am also very petite so a 500 on me may not seem that big on someone else ! Also I really want you ladies to see the projection with the UHP I have received a lot of questions regarding the UHP and I try to explain the best way I could ! I was able to get 500cc only in UHP I think a 500cc mod profile would have made me look waaaayyy over the top lol the 500 UHP is a more contained breast implant - I think ! They still have not fully settled into the pocket at least I don't think they have "/ but they are deff settling ! A lot softer a lot -still fairly rough though they bounce but with a little resistance lol I have minimal pain very minimal and they deff feel like mine at this point ! Once my right settles more I will add a full pic of both breasts ! It's hard taking a pic of them myself because they look diff sometimes to small sometimes to big I would really like you ladies to see how they really look so it helps Happy healing ladies ! xoxo

6 weeks today

So I can honestly say they are almost perfect to me ^_^
Although you won't believe this ! My righty has been higher than my left which has been a complaint of mine for a while ! I was massaging my right soooooo much that she finally dropped now it looks better than my left haha soo now I have to massage the left smh should have been giving them both the same attention =[ but omg I can tell once they finally both settle the results PERFECT yayyyy I'm really happy especially because I struggled with my results for a while ! To finally be here with beautiful big boobies is an amazing feeling ! Also was able to lay on top of my fiancé and it was comfortable "innocent hug haha"
Hope everyone is healing well and those still awaiting surgery good luck loves you are all simply amazing xoxo

Amazing -another comparison

They really do change sooooo much ?????? xoxoxo

I love comparison pics

To some ladies who are in the beginning of their healing process and might feel a bit discouraged whether it be size or looks of your new breasts I promise be patient "they change so much " xoxo

Forgot to mention

No bra on with the lakers crop top ^_^

Unwanted / unsolicited advice

We are all here for one purpose !
Support and encouragement regarding a cosmetic surgery ! Also to learn - when a person has a desire for something no1 has the right to deter someone ! This process is hard enough last thing someone needs is unwanted comments ! EVERYONE IS DIFF AND EVERYONE HAS DIFF DESIRES WANTS AND DIFF LIKES SO PLEASE IF SOMEONE ISNT ASKING FOR YOUR UNWANTED ADVICE ZIP IT !! IM PRETTY SURE IF SOMEONE WANTS YOUR ADVICE THEY WILL CLICK ON YOUR PROFILE AND ASK YOU - JUST SAYING

Super itchy boobs - 6 weeks

Soo my boobs are sooo itchy especially at night - I definitely do not scratch them but eekk that scares me because I don't want stretch marks I put so much cocoa butter on them >_< I actually just ordered two more bottles of cocoa butter frm amazon has anyone else experience a lot of boob itch ?also I havnt felt any pain in a couple of days ! Like zero discomfort - it's a weird feeling looking down and seeing boobs lol
I catch myself looking at them everytime i go into the bathroom " this and my daughters room is where the body mirrors are =]
I feel lucky to have my boobs be pretty haha - I actually tell myself their so pretty lol - such a good feeling to finally love my new boobs ^_^ hope everyone is healing well =]

It all leads up to this moment !!

Bikini season lol !!! So my first bikini purchase since my BA and although I am extremely satisfied with my results so far ! Was not happy with my bod in my bikini =[ I need some serious toning !!! Tomorrow I start the gym- and I've promised myself to stay motivated and stick to it ! I am extremely lazy @times and I don't want to be !! Sooo I refuse to buy anymore bikinis until I'm toned !! Also looking forward for my boobies to fully drop >_> happpyy healing loves- for anyone thinking my boobies are either to big or fake"looking - guess what LOOK AWAY ^_^ I love my perky round ladies ha xoxo


I want to apologize for some of the comments some of you ladies may have seen or felt offended by - I allowed a particular person to get a rise out of me with their negativity and malicious comments ! I love this site because of the encouragement and support from you ladies and instead of focusing on that - I played right into the hands of someone who had nothing but negativity and malicious intent ! I do apologize this site should be for uplifting purposes and I guess I forgot that although my intentions are to uplift !!! their will always be others out to bring you down !! Happy healing ladies xoxo

Old bombshell swimsuit tops

I had to share ! Pls be aware these are bombshell tops so they over exaggerate my boobs obviously lol I just thought it was funny - imagine if I did wear a bombshell omg lmao - it's kinda frustrating I have spent alooooot of money on bombshell bras/bikinis =[ now I will have to give away !!! Oo well ^_^ here's to shopping !!!





Dermaroller treatment

So I started the dermaroller on Thursday ! I have posted a review and will be adding updated pics every week showing results " if it actually works lol - review hasn't posted yet ! But honestly it's been 3 days and my stretch marks are already smooth "no lie" this thing might actually work "fingers crossed"

Insanity day 1

Boy do I have my work cut out for me ! I did 15 minutes of insane abs and I already feel like I want to die ! I was wondering why the instructor wanted me dead =[
I havnt worked out a day since my 20's so you can imagine >_> just because some1 is thin doesn't make them fit ! I am living proof !
"Here's to insane abs ^_^

Boobies 7 weeks

Not much change except for squishy ness - my tank top obsession has to change only because as I stated in some of my posts I wear tanks all year long even @ work of course with blazers and cardigans over but I will say I look very top heavy when I wear certain tops with bras especially tanks !! Which has me a little bummed "just a little lol" I feel zero pain @this point maybe an occasional zing here and there but nothing major - hoping my right can catch up with my left I mean I see the changes just taking foreverrrrrr lol - besides that I am still in love with them ^_^ happy healing xoxo

Top view

Sorry forgot

Body view -7 weeks

Last photo ^_^

2 months today ^_^

Hello lovely ladies ! Exactly two months today I walked into CGCC and had my BA of 500cc UHP silicone implants ! I struggled so much b4 and after my surgery wondering if I made the right choice ! I deff did - I am extremely happy with my new additions " They are round -they are big- and they are mine ^_^ - my look is deff not for everyone but it's perfect for me ! And for those struggling with size and feel because they are short or petite that they shld stay away from anything bigger than 400cc I say BLAH- lol I am very proportioned and I have tried adding full pics so you ladies can see !! Please follow your hearts and gut if not you will kick yourself later ! "And of course your ps" lol
I'm still a little concerned about my right boob I emailed my ps last night and his exact words " it takes a full 3-6 months for your final result - expect to be perfect lol so I'm ok and know in time my girls will be just that" PERFECT" otherwise I am fine I still massage and add tons of cocoa butter - my incision tssss lol it's like nothing ! =] thank you to all of you for support and encouragement you ladies made this process so much easier for me xoxo keep rocking and living in boob bliss

10 weeks

Hi ! Been a while since I've been on here ! Hope all you ladies are healing well ! Boobies continue to take form - they are filling out a lot also getting so much softer ! My right is still not exactly where my left is but I see changes and as long as I see change I know with a little more time they will be fine ^_^ my boobies look amazing as of right now and I am in love - for all of you who are at the beginning of this healing process and feel hopeless be patient in time your boobies will be amazing ! I am seeing so many other ladies now with uhp and I want to say you won't be disappointed these UHP"s rock ! My projection is crazy - pics really are an illusion in person they really look better lol - I will stop rambling lol happy healing all xo sorry if some of the pics I added are doubles lol !

So sorry

Want to apologize for my late responses to comments and questions ! I turned off my notifications and can only see when I actually log in - I returned back to normal life lol - I actually got to a point when I couldn't look at another pair of boobs lol
After and be4 my surgery I was dreaming with breasts ! No big updates on boobs ! I have actually started a new review it hasnt posted yet I am seriously considering juvederm or restylane fillers for my lips ^_^ I do have natural full lips but wouldn't mind to add volume and a more youthful look to them ! Anyone have any experience with either the juvederm or restylane ? I already contacted 2 doctors and one definately has my interest ! Only thing is I will be doing this behind my fiancé's back =[ he just won't jump on board with any other of my "journeys" I tried explaining the fillers eventually fade "/ anyhoo any experience you lovely ladies might have with this please do share xo

The side/profile projection

Wanted to share this pic - this is the effect of the UHP "it's the projection that makes this implant what it is ! Also was packing up some stuff getting ready to hand down some swimsuits and I realized some of them are 32D's and decided to keep them ! They are defiantly to much for everyday wear or even much for any regular beach but ummm hello I'm going to Vegas in August and definitely not to much for Vegas baby lol
It's crazy how I was even fitting the 32D bikini tops - goes to show how much volume left once I lost weight =[ also explains why I had never even considered surgery b4 my weight loss "/ scheduled my appt for my Juvederm fillers ^_^ excited !!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I was going to wait until my full review on my whole experience with Dr.Frieman and CGCC - if you are someone looking for a personal intimate experience I don't think this is the place for you - NOW if your ultimate goal is good results than I would deff recommend CGCC - first off Dr.Frieman was not very personable so to say lol - at my consultation I was very nervous and felt a little rushed so to say - he said show me what you want I gave him a few pictures and he said I am going to give you that "and so far he has" I told him what I wanted in regards to cc's I asked him what he thought "He said that will look great on you" and he was right - The day of my surgery I waited almost 3 hours in the pre-op room I was beyond aggrivated -I hadn't eaten -the staff was good in making me feel better - the anesthesiologist was a sweetheart as was the nurse who took care of me after my surgery - so with all my aggravation while waiting and the fact that they changed my appt time 2x - I would do it all over again - both with Dr.Frieman and CGCC - they have a high clientele and I see why along with competitive prices - But they provide good results and in the end ladies that is what matters ! I am glad my coordinator recommended him to me -and after reading so many good reviews on him I felt that I was making the right choice in him being my Plastic Surgeon !! Soo Dr Frieman thank you because my boobies although not fully healed are coming along beautifully and I am extremely grateful to you for that also Yadira and the rest of the staff at CGCC if I decide on ever having any other type of surgery I will be returning

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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