35 Yrs old, 4 Kids, 5'7, 130lbs - Needing a Boobie Intervention. Natrelle Inspira UHP 400cc - Miami, FL

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I have never written a review before, but since...

I have never written a review before, but since this site has helped me a lot (I've been browsing daily) reading reviews and the journey you girls took, I believe I need to tell you about my journey and maybe help some along the way.

I have done so much research that my head spins. I've seen the bad and the good, many surgery videos, I know about all the complications that could happen, I even read all the explant stories, but the thought of a BA has always remained.

I'm 35 years old, petite 5'7 and 130 lbs. I have breast fed 4 children and that left me with saggy and deflated boobs. I'm 4-5 days at the gym every week, enjoy working on my legs and abdomen more than the upper body. My expectations were to just have a fuller breast without the lift. I'm terrified of the scars and the amount of healing required.

I started this journey with a deflated 34c (all skin), usually a double padded bras to achieve the look I liked. I felt comfortable in clothes and bathing suits, what I hated was the restriction of the bathing suit or bras that I was able to wear. Over the years I learnt what bathing suits worked on me and it was the same one style from VS. I love the bathing suit, it gave me good support, I did not spill out of it and it looked good. But a time came when I became increasingly annoyed of this process of bras /bathing suit shopping. I just wanted to fill out the clothes without the restriction of a heavily padded bras (needed for support of the bags). So I started looking into BA. I'm from Canada, the cost of the surgery in most cities is close to 10k and the wait times are 6 months, since we were going on a trip to Miami, my husband said that this would be a great time to get them done and I agreed. I already knew what doctor I was going to go with, Dr. Rani Ghurani had great reviews and the fact that he was a perfectionist and attentive drew me in, plus a good price.

I was an out of town patient, I made the pre op appointment with him for the Monday and on Tuesday I was having the surgery. Did I mention that it took 1 months from the date I put my deposit down to the date of surgery, not 6 months. When Dr Ghurani saw what he had to work with he told me that ideally I would need a lift but since I was opposed to it he was going to do his best to give me good results. I gave him a lot of restrictions. I was glad to hear that he only recommended 350-400cc HP. I was so relieved, I'm very conservative and did not want huge breasts, just enough to fill out and still be able to hide them, while not feeling top heavy. He totally understood that. Because I was so scared and anxious he told me, that he wasn't sure I was ready for this. And he was absolutely right, I knew I wanted better boobs but I wasn't ready for everything else. Either way, I was going to go through it, it's now or never.

The day of surgery came and frankly it still did not hit me that I'm going through with it until I was laying on the surgical table and the anastegiologist was explaining everything to me, the last thing I remember telling him is that it is crazy, he asked me what was and that's the last thing I remember. I woke up from a beautiful dream that I was near the ocean on the beach. ???? Dr Ghurani came in inspected my breasts, said he's very happy with the outcome and that everything went well, 45min in all. But when I looked down at my chest, my breast they were huge. He told me in order to fill the loose skin and make them look good he went with UHP 400cc. ???? Holy molly I thought. I was not mentally prepared for that. Anyways to make the story short, I barely remember getting back to our place. The drugs made me very drowsy and sleepy. My implants are over the muscle because I'm a proper candidate for it, he said, even if he did go under the muscle because I'm small I don't have much muscle to begin with and it's unnecessary trauma. I have to say that because of that, I didn't have any tightness, or any other symptoms, my only pain is under the boobs where the incision is. Dr. Ghurani had excellent skills, how many times I've seen boobs shaped like boxes, bruised like crazy, and I don't have a single bruise. He told me beside surgery that he takes his time and makes sure everything is good. I believe he was gentle and that's why I have no bruising.

As I'm writing this review I'm day 4 post op. At the initial peak at my boobs and later full view of them, I was terrified at how big they were. They are swollen still and I'm blotted, I'm hoping they will get smaller and more subtle. But with what he had to work with, this is an amazing outcome.

I went to my post op the 2nd day after surgery, the first day I was so out of it because of the pills, when I would get up, I was passing out. The nurse called me the 2nd day and said the Dr wanted to see me, at the end of day 1, I had quit Vicodin that I was prescribed because it was simply drugging me, I switched to 2 extra strength Tylenol and it seemed to help. We went to see the doc, he was very pleased, he told me that during surgery he had sizers on the table, he tried 350 up to 450 and nothing looked good, he had to go to Uhp. Oh well, my boobs are not subtle, but atleast I have them and don't need a lift. Overall Dr Ghurani is an excellent surgeon, he did am amazing job and placement with what he had. As the time goes by I'm starting to get used to them, I even tried on some old clothes and I love the way I fill them out. Sexy is the word. I don't feel like they are implants (I was worried I would), they are a part of me, an improved enhancement. ????

My not so glorious start

I'm 5 days post op today. It's been very hard laying in bed doing nothing. I quit taking Tylenol just taking the prescribed antibiotics currently. The pain is still there, mainly where the stiches are and more in my left boob than the right.

Here's some pictures of what I came with to Dr. Ghurani. Pretty sad.

What they look like now

I also thought you'd want to see the progress from day 1 post op. I'm feeling so Sexy in clothes. I still think they are big it of clothes, but that's fine, I can't have it all.

Feeling much better post op day 7

Yesterday, day 6 I went back for another post op wirth Dr. Ghurani. My recovery is going good, right side is pretty pain free, but my left one is in tremendous pain. Since I had quit Vicodin on day 1 (I was too drugged by it) and switched to extra strength Tylenol, I was in pain for 5 days and was confined to a bed for all that time, I couldn't feel my back or behind. I didn't realize that Tylenol was simply not working. My pain was on the left boob incisions, it felt like burning and then just severe pain. Due to that I wanted to have it checked with the doc before we left.

When I arrived at spectrum aesthetics the Dr. Was in surgery, his nurse immediately took me into a room to get checked. She looked and felt the incision but she said everything looked good, no redness or anything alarming. She saw that I was in pain, and even put on some numbing ointment to help with the pain - it didn't. All that time while the Dr was in surgery (about 30min) she stayed with us. She told me with what I came in, I had some sweet results :) she also fitted me with a more comfortable bras because the 1st one was hurting me. The doctor showed up as soon as he finished his surgery. He inspected me and said the same thing. He asked me what I was taking for pain meds, and informed me that Tylenol isn't s a good pain reliever. Hello, was 5 days of bed rest unnecessary! ? He also told me to take zentrax for heart burn. Boy, I feel like my old self again and no pain. :) Dr. Ghurani has amazing skills, his nurse was awesome. His bedside manner and the time he spent with me is more than I expected. Awesome!!!

I'm feeling so good today that we went to the beach (I'm in a shade with excellent breeze = no sweating). Loving my boobs and even the size. I got some never before cleavage :D YAY boobs.

Day 10 post op

I'm feeling much better post op day 10, I stopped taking ibuprofen, I still have some pain at the incision in the left breast, but otherwise I'm feeling good, lifting my arms above my head, doing light chores, and loving life. I'm thinking about my breasts less and less, and focusing more on the remainder of our trip.

I've attached pictures of what I looked like before BA for comparison. As I said before, I love my VS bathing suits, it's the only top that would give the lift and hold the girls together. But I got tired of it. Laying down I was always worried of spilling out. No more!!! :)

Who knew bathing suit shopping will be awesome

I'm loving my boobs, how did I ever live without them! We're back home now, vacation is over, but I had a chance to do some bathing suit shopping before. I can't describe the feeling of happiness I had trying things on, everything fit and I was able to buy pieces I never imagined I would before.
Before going into this journey I was very reluctant changing my body and putting foreign things into me. I kept telling myself I don't need to, I liked the way i looked, but the thought of saggy boobs always bothered me, I always wished they weren't deflated. Going through with the ba, had it's challenges. I still worry something may go wrong, but the satisfaction I get in the mirror and in clothes has been so worth it.

Hail to the boobs. ..

My recovery had been good. I'm 20 days post op, I feel like my implants have settled into the right place. They are still not as soft as I would like them to be, but then I don't know what they should feel like in the first place. But with time they will become softer. I massage every day a few times a day just to get the implants moving. 400cc are heavy, I still haven't gotten used to the extra weight, I feel like I need to support them all the time. I bought so many sports bras and I don't think they give me adequate support I need. Yesterday I went into VS and got sized, according to their sizes I'm a 32DDD, but I don't trust their sizes and when I was measured the girl told me I was 32D, but trying that size, I wasn't fitting at all. Thus, the sizes at VS are off.

I still feel some sort of pressure and was feeling a burning sensation on the bottom of the breasts, as well as this weird feeling, when I walk, as if the implant is folding. I don't even know how to describe it. This got me worried, I increased the time I spent on massages and I don't feel it as often anymore. I don't know what it is, has anyone else felt that? There's no noticeable changes or abnormalities. I was going to call the PS but it has stopped. I still feel tired when I spend too much time doing things, I think it's the weight on the incisions which is draining me. Otherwise, the recovery has been progressing well. I use the silicone strips on the scars and and they have softened so much and are not raised anymore.

On another note, holy, having beautiful breasts has given me so much confidence I never had before in the bedroom. My husband loves it!!!

One months post op

I've finally hit the one months mark. I don't know why, but the time seems to be moving at a crawl. I'm impatiently waiting for the whole procedure to feel like it's in the past and move on with life.

I'm almost pain free, still wear my sports bras, I take 250mg of vitamin B6 daily, it helps to prevent capsular contracture. My girls have softened up quiet a bit, they are jiggly, and I can sqeeze them all I want. The incisions are healing nicely, I use the silicone scar sheets.

No pictures as I think they haven't changed from before. I can't wait to start wearing nice bras, getting tired of sports bras all the time. I don't quiet remember how soon I can start wearing underwrire, when the doc was explaining I must have been still under the pain killers.

One more thing, I'm still feeling weak, and can't lift heavy things, last week I couldn't even open a jar of jam. :/

Loving my results, they are perfect <3

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