*Best decision I ever made* 450cc salines HP

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I'm getting my breast done in march in miami Fl,....

I'm getting my breast done in march in miami Fl,. I picked my doctor #1concern was I want nice breast! So like I was saying I picked him because not only did he have great reviews but his work looked great! I've been online for a while looking & some breast augmentation didn't look good to my eyes, lol. I have nice perky 34By that are full & round so I didn't want ruin my nice breast. I've seen & heard horror stories on breast augmentation so I'm pleased with picking Mel Ortega from miami florida at CG cosmetics. I've been online everyday doing my research getting ready for march 10 :) I also have two of my friends joining me doing procedures as well. I have no kids & Im pretty curvy so would like to enhance my breast for my own liking. Im at 5 weeks & excited cant wait to see & feel my results. Im also happy my two bbf's will be joining me! So high five to bigger beautiful breast! Im 5'1 at 120 pounds going for 500cc I hope they dont look like in gonna tip over :( I want a full look not a "THATS TOO BIG" LOOK.. comments on girls with my stats & what they got & feel are welcome :) thanks all

breast augumention with my girls :)

Hotel booked! Flights booked! Down payments down! 4 1/2 weeks till me & my two bff's get to miami for our surgeries :) not much of drinking & partying on south beach but at least I got my girlies with me going through the process! Excited & cant wait!! :)))

3 1/2 weeks all paid!!!

Today I paid my remaining balance & got 3 1/2 weeks till my new editions! :) super happy as I'm going with my 2 bff's! As time goes I get anxious, excited etc! I cant go shopping because I want buy every thing in site but not knowing my outcome I gotta be easy! Passing victorias secret is painful not buying any bras :( im going for 475cc at first I was at 500cc bit figured I did not want look like a walking boobie at 5'1 119 pounds "/ My mom told me today why I dont need it meanwhile shes double D's on her own.. times ticking I can't wait but I cam hold off on the pain! I talked to my coordinator today & dicussed to her about my not so good ways with painkillers. Thr painkillers make me sick & I always throw up so I suggested nausea pills as well sleeping pills. I had surgery a few other times on a ankle break & ectopic pregpregnancy & my body did not do good to painkillers so those are my only worries. .... well till next time boobie lovers

20 more days ( . ) ( . ) <~~~~ my boobs :)

Yes im counting! Im excited & just cant wait! I uploaded a few pics of how my breast look now. I got the cleavage down but I want bigger boobs. I see a lot of girls still wanna wear the padded bras but my purpose of doing this is to get rid of them & get the sexy lace ones. Not to mention my boobs will be less sweaty in the summer :) thank you breast lovers for your stories ive learned a lot to prepare myself for surgery.

New sports bras at $7.99

Hello boobie lovers, I just bought my first two front clip sports bras at kmart for 7.99 each. Not a bad deal when we are all spending so much for beautiful breast, hotel ,airfair etc. Now kmart is equivalent to walmart for those around the states. I googled zippered front sports bras & a few good stores came in handy! I google everything :) I got 19 days so its time to shop for my necessary items & ladies feel free to let me know some things I can grab that ya forgot & wished someone mentioned it before hand... this is what happens we your traveling to get breast augmentation well till next time gals!

Misery loves company

As im on two weeks before my consultation following my surgery I realize I will be getting my period that day! Now the first few days my period gives me bad cramps so now I got that as well to look forward too :( not a happy camper… double misery ;(

7 more days :)

SO I uploaded a few pics of my breast now & I've heard from some of ya they are nice now & yes I do have perky lil round balls but I want more (bigger) im a 34 b looking for a big C small D? Im in between 475cc 500 cc saline moderate profile. I would love a tear drop look but the PS said due to my perky ones its not likely ={ ok so big round balls? Okay! Lo, no, im going with my friends who are also getting work so its a slumber party with a bit if pain? Im pretty excited my flight leaves Boston 7:20 am arrive miami 11:20. I have my consultation at 1:00 pm with Dr. MEL ORTEGA at CG Cosmetics. I picked him because not only was his credentials was great his work ( which is important to me) was awesome! I love my boobs now so I dont want them looking funny & I loved the before & after pics cgc had to provide from his work! I googled him as well & great stories a IS for over 24 years so im sure im in good hands as well as excited! I had my first boobie dream the other day & they looked great! We are also bringing a mom, yes my girls mom is coming to take care if us :) well one more week till miami & thank you all for your pics & advice it helps us new boobie comers along till next week & yes I will post tons of pics :) any advice is appreciated.

more pics in sports bra

Ready for more room

Packing! 6 Days to go! but bitter sweet /

So im packing but a little sad one of my friends can no longer come due to being a anemic her iron or bloods too low? Not sure but sucks she's my bff since High School (im 34) I thought us doing this together would of been one to add to our memory books :( she was going for a brazilian butt lift which is a little more of a procedure? Well her healths what comes first! We are now down to two… 6 Days left felling anxious n nervous.. Happy tatas everyone..

bye bye bombshell bras!

3 days till miami 4 days till surgery! Best part of this is no more padded bras!

miami tomorrow!! its finally here :)

Ladies I posted a pic for scars that I came across a high end magazine called NEW BEAUTY magazine advertise best doctors best products etc, World wide. The magazine goes for $30 dollars but has great stuff especially like I just wrote best plastic surgeons and products for scars, beauty etc. They also send you fabulous samples but came across this cream may help for BA scars. Now tomorrow I get my consultation followed by surgery tuesday im scared and excited its finally here.. Will post pics tuesday :)

oops forgot to add the pic

Just posted the scar cream google it ladies looks good

4 hours old new boobies

Just a quick update on my new boobs.. I got ice on them , I'm laying up, I got a traxsaillry augmentation I personally think he did great at only 4 hours they look ok. Just water balloons n very high still n swollen. Overall I will achieve my wish boobs. My armpits dont even hurt! Not sure my cc but I know he said D cup

not sure cc yet will post tomorrow

Loving my results I know once they drop it will look great! I knew I picked the right ps. I haven't seen my scar under the pit yet but tomorrow will post more picd. I feel ok my pains at a 3 from 1-10 I didy surgery at 11:30 a.m I only taken 2 pain killers and a muscle relaxer . im getting up alone walking. Well I uploaded pics in my sports bra but I do know I'm 435-455 cc dont know exactly. I got my follow up tomorrow. Im so glad I did this! My friends in a little bad shape unlike me "/

Not the happiest with my new boobs or is it to early to tell?

I found out today I got 430cc My left boobie 450cc my right. Now I when in saying I want 475cc so Mr. ORTEGA informs me that that size be better for me & my frame. Although I see many girls with my stats with bigger!? He goes on & says we all have different body shapes , breast tissue , etc. So he said he can possibly add more in the breast implant which I got lower (smaller) then I was hoping for! Its early to tell but my main reason for breast implant was to go bigger. I had great boobs just a little smaller. I wish he gone with a bigger implant but according to him my boobs would be coming out sideways which like I wrote u see many girls with my stats bigger. A little disappointing right now, although my boobs look great just wish they were bigger & I have hardly no pain,. U feel pressure on my chest but for the most part just stiff pain at 3 out of 1-10 . I also wanted moderate profile he said no high profile so im only 1 day in n I hope its to my liking!! "/ the only thing I got that I wanted was the armpit incision which is great on a good note no pain there & looks like a clean incision. . I really do hope once they drop they are bigger….

Breast band

Overall in pretty good. The breast band does hurt a bit,. I feel pressure on my breast but IS recommend to have on for two weeks. Overall experience not much pain right boob little stings here & there

4 days post op

Its been 4 Days here is what I'm working with. Its early but im wishing thede puppies drop! I feel pressure on them and right boob some tingle. The band I might have on tight because it left me red marks "/ sleeping is uncomfortable due to I dont sleep on my bad. Overall not bad pains not there just pressure n going bumps when driving hurts a pinch. Im hoping for good results. My implants still pretty high I got 435 cc left 450 cc right high profile.. Not what I wanted but PS recommend let's hope hes right!

4 days post op

Boobie pics

chest hurting

As I was having lunch I got a disturbing call. My chest got so tight & felt so much pressure. I have been having a great recovery with no pain just a little pressure but today I got so mad my chest felt like it was gonna pop. I boobs starting hurting due to me being upset. I was having trouble breathing had to breathe n exhale n slow down. Try to avoid getting upset it does a number in your chest. I really felt like my boobs were gonna pop! No more getting anger for me.. I feel better now laying down with the strap. Avoid the drama its best on your chest..

1 week post op tomorrow

I got 430cc left 450cc right HP through the armpit. I have no visible scars unless I lift my arm up he made a straight clean small line. I will post pics as soon as my strips fall off. I can see through the strips love my tiny incision! I swear I couldn't have picked a better surgeon who specializes in transaxillary Endoscopic. I did not want any scarring on my body due to not knowing how it would heal or have visible scars. Not only that I wanted beautiful breast since I already was a full B & had nice perky breast I needed a PS that was real good at his work. I found mel ortega at CGC & here almost a week later my babies are beautiful. I posted some before & after so you guys see what great job he did at 6 days old no square spondgebob boobies thats how great he is at 22+ doing plastic surgery :)

more pics of my water balloons

They are very round because I already had very full round boobs the were very perky just needed more of them.. They need to drop only 6 days old

Nipples more sensitive?

Im back in Boston which is cold brrrr I noticed my boobs dont like the cold as well as my nipples being sensitive. Now I went through the armpit so I didn't think any changes on my nipples but I noticed my headlights are always on now, lol. My nipples are very much out there unlike before the would be soft only hard during the cold or if touched. Now im walking around with hard nipples all day "/ its fine with me but I hated that in my younger years. Im wondering if my breast are only sensitive because I'm 6 days after surgery? Hmm not sure but I do the cold makes them feel more hard & uncomfortable.. Well happy healing ladies.

As requested side whole body pics

Whole body side views for people that asked :)

Happy 1 Week to me/ Sleeping sucks

Happy 1 week to my breast! Ok, sleeping! Sleeping !n my back sucks! Im a belly girl & last night I experienced my first Discomfort. I woke up around 5:00 a.m with stomach pain I believe due to the painkillers not letting me poop. Now my poor bum kills due to sitting up all day on it & now sleeping on it. Im a belly girl! I only sleep on my belly! Ugh this discomfort yet we are happy to finally get boobs & now all the extra stuff that comes with healing process "/

yoga wear post op 1 week

Dressed them up today with some gym wear but left my zipper a little lower for you guys can see the goods, lol. 1 week I cant complain they look great. I started my massages today & I think they gotten more sore "/ my water balloons need to go a little down south but im patient

My nipples are always active now

Before my surgery my nipples were only hard in the cold. I have noticed my nipples after surgery are always ^^ now lol not that I mind but now they stay wide awake unlike before only in the cold. I posted a few pics of me in a red tee no bra I love it

Brazilian Butt lift

Ok so now Im interested in getting a brazilian butt lift. Yes I already got a butt but I want my stomach sucked out & put into my buttocks, lol. I already sent my coordinator a message about it!! Ugh im bugging huh? But now that everyone is getting their butts done mine looks small compared to all the kim k asses around!

11 Days post op

Just a few pics of me laying down . I really dont see much changes. Im sleeping better & able to sleep on my side a little better as well. I still feel the boobs hard.

12 Days post op / bad bad chest pains

So my overall experience has been ok for me not much pain or anything until last night I got bad, bad chest pains. I was having a regular normal day & bedtime came but I couldn't sleep its 2:00 a.m my chests hurting with pain in between my boobs more my right lower bottom in the middle. Im up , first time I experienced any type of pain ever even after surgery I was ok. I had to pop a painkiller & finally I fell asleep. I still have a little pain im not sure if I been massaging to hard? The PS said on my higher implant to be more aggressive massaging maybe I been beating it too much or the Implants trying to settle not sure but my chest still hurts more my right boob which is where the implant is higher "/ any feedback on this experience is welcome

2 Weeks Post op

Well today is my two weeks & I do see them dropping. I been able to sleep on my side as long as I have two pillows or fluffed up comforter under my babies it helps. My middle pain has pass through now just waiting on more dropping & the fluff part? Lol, my boobs are still hard & high but I regularly had high boobs, here are some pics of the water balloons & yes im happy with my so far results :)

Cold & sleeping

Two things
1. Im in boston its freezing the tatas hate the cold! They get sore, hard & tight! After all they were made in miami ;)

2. If you yet to feel comfortable sleeping on your side buy a body pillow or stick some pillows up under the boob while on your side and the body it works & helps! I been sleeping better!

Uploaded some new pics & they are dropping after 2 weeks a little less swollen. .

front side view last pic

Forgot to upload

Party Time / 20 Days post op

So I had a party to attend last night & I wanted to show my pics of my breast. I am 20 days post op I wore a black shirt so wore a walmart black front clip sports bra soft no padding its actually what I wear everyday since my breast are still in recovery, dropping & I dont wanna mess with that. I was very comfortable & since now I got big jugs I still have plenty of cleavage & volume! As you can see in the pics I uploaded & my family gave me plenty of compliments. They all loved the size on me & im glad I did listened to my ps because as much as I wanted bigger most important for me was my body not looking like I am all boobs or very top heavy! Im glad I let him guide me because I couldnt have had a better set! No padded or push up needed! All that cleavage all on a cotton sports bra & im happy ;). But I can't wait for lacey bras but I love the fact they have volume & cleavage without the support.. Happy healing all boobie lovers! Oh & I still get some stings here there & im massaging and sleeping on my side of course with my body pillows ;)

breast implant humor

My sister in law decided to send me that pic how funny huh.. She's an ass, lmao

3 weeks old as of yesterday!

Ok they are getting softer little by little & finally dropping. Sleeping is better & little stings here & there. My boobs still hate the cold! The pressure on my chest I can still feel I can stretch my arms up high now ( under arm incisions) so just waiting for a full recovery like ya! Summer time ready! Still in my sports bras n still not able to go back to the gym I feel so fat not going. Im very active girl "/ uploaded my 3 weeks pics

forgot to ever add incision pics

4 weeks old boobies / change?

Hi ladies well today I'm 4 weeks & I notice them softer a bit but as the swell went down I feel they look smaller "/ im ok with whatever cuz any volume is better ;) im sleeping on my sides & feeling more comfortable with them. I'm still with no bra, no gym PS orders till 6 weeks & I follow instructions! New boobie girls always remember to take lots of pics because you looking at them everyday you want see much changes but comparing pics you will! My arms fully go up without any tugging (under arm incision) before I felt tugging its completely gone. My arms stretching feel better before it was sore. I uploaded new pics of them they are looking very good , round & full, I am pleased :)

full body pics at 4 weeks post op

Hi ladies yesterday I uploaded pics of my new babies at 4 weeks post op. I uploaded today some full body pics so you get an idea how they look on my whole body in gym attire . my only complain at this point is the sleeping! My back still hurts the pillows only can help so much! Not to bouncy "/ my right slightly higher im working on her! My PS did advice to be more aggressive on it when massaging it. Well ladies till my 5 weeks progress I will repost!

boobs covered up not so big

Here's a pic I just took sideways so people can see with a regular tee the boobs are not as "huge" as they look.. My boobs always look big in pictures but I think with my curves they fit well not too big not too small

30 days today!

First of all ladies id like to say just overnight its funny how they soften. My right boob thats been higher is dropped & my PS said to massage the stubborn one more & it worked! I've been massaging a lot & they been getting softer and dropping! Also I feel they shrunk since the swelling went down, oh well. Today they felt less pressure and tightness so here's to coming around ;) finally. I uploaded full body pics as well. All my before BA shirts still fit.. Also before my BA I had a full perky B size I got A BA for bigger breast so my goal was big breast I had a full perky B before ..

upload didnt upload them

Up load didnt upload

5 weeks / finally squishiness

Good afternoon ladies today, Im 5 weeks today & yes changes! I finally feel some squishy boobs! Let bloomer? Maybe. We are all different get symptoms different times. I never got itchiness like some of ya but I did get like a few of us some little pimples on my chest or mini rash?. My left was always the softer one but now after massaging my right like crazy because my PS said be not aggressive on the higher implant to fall in place on massaging. Now my rights more squishy & its dropping lovely. 7 week no gym I'm eating like a cow still PS orders no gym till next week only lite duty.. This sucks because I feel I been packing the pounds due to no gym.. Lately my stomachs been upset ive been off antibiotics for 4 week's but my coworkers say some of us get a late reaction to them "/ so my bathroom has been busy, lol.. Well ladies I'm still sleeping on my side (sucks) & till next time, oh I uploaded pics look how beautiful they are dropping im happy with my PS choice but all my prior shirts still fit "/ I better fluff BIG ! Xoxo

damn pics didnt all upload

Continued pics

5 weeks Post op

Not sure but my PS said no gym till 6 weeks but I can't take this, I'm a gym rat & if you see my before pic you see my stomach was flatter! Im gaining weight laying around eating & im not having it so my community has its own gym for us and light walking (which I walk everyday) dont think will hurt me & low low resistance on the bike actually peddle thats all.. I'm not packing the pounds for breast sorry.. Lol. .

a few before & afters

Not sure if the "fluff" part missed me but like I been saying after the swelling (I know its too soon but ) the boobs get smaller or at least nine did. I posted some pics up tomorrow 6 weeks post op. I sleep much better as I been saying pillows on my side help. Im back in the gym only light cardio.. Happy tatas ladies.. Not sure if I think they are not big because my curves or what but all my previous shirts still fit "/ I went 450cc thought that was a good size but hey they are bigger than before & remember pics always make Them looker bigger

forgot some pics

Clothes on off party wear n they look great!

6 weeks first bra fitting

I went to VS (which these young girls working there have no clue how to do fittings!) to do a fitting, first girl measured me 34 C After bringing in 5 bras at 34 C my boobs hurt & did not fit! Dummy measured me wrong! Now I'm aggravated because I gotta get dressed all over & find bigger bras! I'm so mad thinking wtf a C cup! I told my PS I wanted a D outcome so here I am pissed as hell ready to call my PS & curse him out! Meanwhile in only 6 weeks and I see so many girls buying bras at 3 weeks. I want the girls that are in the process to know that are boobs are still changing in 3 weeks, 6 weeks so its worth the wait! Don't rush into spending $60 on a bra when in a month they will change. I've read many girls on here that said they changed after months. I also know my PS said after 2 months go buy bras .. Now after the second girl measured me she said I'm a 32 DD or 34 D which thats the sister size meaning if you can't fund one size the other will fit. Now I'm just trying these on, I purchased 1 bra & returned it because my boobs are not fully dropped meaning when they do my outcome maybe something else. I uploaded the pics of the "bra size" they gave me. If you notice my boobs are popping out & you shouldn't have that look one a bra unless its super padding or push ups with padding. I believe I was measured wrong again but im gonna wait my 2 months because the breast change daily I swear! At 6 weeks my right boob is still slightly higher the implants feel like they are in the middle of my breast not dropped under yet. My PS advised 2 sets of massages daily they are three different kinds until they are till my liking .. When I tried some wore bras it did bother my implants felt uncomfortable thats when I knew its too soon. I had some that were very comfy though but I will wait till they fully dropped & ready I read girls say they bought bras & 3 months later got bigger ones who knows.. I also want to remind ladies I had very perky high round boobs before my BA so its natural my outcome be perky round bigger boobs. A lot of girls go into this with no boobs , deflated , saggy I didnt so thats why my boobs are very high & round as well full..

popped boob :'(

Im very scared & nervous my man jumped on me or should I say boob & landed hard on my left breast! I felt my boob right away feel different n I yelled at him I hope it did'nt pop I will modified !!!!!! Im praying its fine but I read that I would notice it sag in a few days and experience pain :'(

2 months !

Hi ladies to start off my boobs are fine none popped :( close call huh.. Ok let me start with the girls who are going for breast augmentation first ; ladies please do your research on breast implants yes we are lucky we are here among each other to try to help but we are no PS so try to get all your accurate info from your PS. Also it take a while for breast to drop, I see so many girls worried about their "spondge boobs" at 2/3 weeks! I'm 2 months & still not fully dropped but that's normal! I believe we get blind sided with having breast some of us do no research.. Ok so my breast are much softer & I think mines look natural they are super squishy! You ever see girls & you can tell right away they have breast implants? They look hard & right under the chin? Not here but funny I like the "fake" look.. Lol, so if girls want higher or boobs coming out their chest like damn bang just buy a push up bra with padding. The push ups give more upper pull & stick them puppies right out! So I took pics with a bra & without you can see but overall not much as changed my rights still slightly high. I'm still massaging but only once or twice a day. I never did a review on my PS because I needed to wait & see my outcome but I will today at 2 months tomorrow :)

nudies 2 months

Real boobs look squishy in bras together fakies get the gap look so pleased I got a squishy look in bras

2 month old nudies!

I wanted to show all you ladies how beautiful they are without the bleeps on my nipples I believe it makes a difference & how beautiful my PS did of a job .

forgot to post the pics!

All nudies so you see how well they came out

wish pic vs my new breast

Here's my wish pic I brought my PS as well as my coordinator yadira sent me this email after seeing my 2 months post op wow is all I can say on what she wrote me! !

my email from my coordinator

She left me speechless

9 weeks post op

Hello ladies I'm not posting much because there's really no change & I'm perfectly happy with my new additions! At 2800 you can't go wrong! They are very squishy n dropped a lot but I miss the super fake look up really high I started with "/ they definitely looked smaller after the swelling went down my previous before & after pics show it! Thanks ladies at this point not much changing but I will keep you posted.. I uploaded 3 pics :)

before BA pic / after BA pic

Pictures only show so much so I uploaded a pre surgery pic & after. . my boobs look the same just fuller/bigger. I had no problems with my breast just wanted bigger breast. Pro surgery I was a full B now full D…

11 weeks Post Op!

Hello ladies! The 11th I will be 3 months wow! So in my opinion not much has changed, still sleeping on my side & they are super soft & squishy! Two girls that I left feel said they feel like real boobs, wow huh? I'm still a 34 D how I dont know when I had 450cc & plenty of breast tissue?!? I see girls post DD DDD at 330cc. I'm like wtf!? Maybe different bra sizing but whatever! Anyway they still tense up and little stings here n there but a foreign object in my body I hear that will always happen , ok. New boobie girls take your time and let the recovery too many off buying bras at two weeks & your breast will mold to the bra which is not a look you want.. Well I'm off happy tatas ladies xoxo oh PS went to a family party for the first time my cousin asked if I did my boobs! After 11 weeks first person to ask!

3 months post op

Hello ladies in 5 days I will be 3 months post op :) not much change so I probably won't post a lot. I still get stings here & there. They finally feel like mine! I actually cam sleep without a bra feeling comfortable as well. I did recently experienced a rash on top of them or pimples. I never had this before so I'm assuming its the boobs 2 other people on realself as well experienced it as well. Well I'm getting a BBL at the end of this month back to miami back to my PS! I did a BBL review if you guys like to follow me there im fine.. Note to new BA girls PATIENCE is the key! Follow PS instructions too to avoid any mess ups.. Happy tatas.. ladies I added pics =]

4 months post op friday!

Time flew by and the best decision of my life was getting these puppies! They are so soft I wish they was hard a bit, lol. So let me give a word of advice to the girls that are almost ready to sleep on their stomach. I discovered a boppy pillow helps n works wonders! I use one to rest my breast between the hole and head on the pillow itself! Try it helps and if your like me that after sleeping on your back for months and finally can sleep on the new puppies but felt weird or not comfortable the boppy helps! 24.99 walmart.… well my babies are doing great all still no one notices because I always wore the bombshell bra. I'm still a D cup (I knew that wouldn't change) I ended having another surgery a brazailian butt lift which I'm having trouble loving it actually got me depressed unlike my breast I loved them from the start. I did it with the same PS safe to say I have lots of regrets or maybe at 6 days post op is to soon anyway here some pics, excuse any bruising due to my BBL.… happy tatas! PS I wouldnt mind going bigger a D cup just don't do it for me!

5 months post op BA / BBL 5 weeks post op

Yes ladies I did it! I got a brazailin butt lift and I love it! Im almost 6 months next month on my BA. I ask myself why did I wait so long for beautiful bigger breast!? I love them. im still a 34 D they fit perfect with everything.. As im sleeping on my stomach it does feel weird "/ but im 35 years old with a 24 year old body I cant complain, lol.… I do gave a bbl page ladies go check it out if you want info on it! Happy tatas xoxo

1 year next month wow!!

Hi ladies I'm a year next month & definitely soft & dropped! Everyone thinks they are real & feel real because you can feel the implant but a nice natural feeling!! I'm 34 DD I gained ten pounds so the pounds went up a size, I'm not complaining! I still get some soreness here n there but overall they are perfect

Hello ladies I waited 2 months post op to review my PS because at 1 week 1 month you really don't see how your outcome will be. I did my research on my PS before choosing him as everyone woman should. I knew I wanted a armpit incision, was my number 1 priority! I after googled his work ethics, schooling, what hospitals he's worked at or any foul play against him. He was clean as a whistle with more then 24 years experience. The experience was very important to me because I seen some butchered, chopped up looking boobs on some woman. Lopsided breast or nipples that looked pasted on! I flew down had my choice he was the one. I get to miami CGCC was a very busy place! Like a nail shop really, yadira my coordinator was pleasant woman very soft spoken. She did try to guide me in not going through the armpit but I told her in 100% sure that's where my incisions will be & thats why I picked Dr. Ortega because he specialized in that! She tried to tell me she seen many lopsided breast going through the armpit because its a blind spot in there when placing the implant the really don't know where its landed.. I reassured her I've done my research on him in fine. I went out back in a room finally met my PS he asked me what size would I like my outcome I said D cup & said that's fine. I tried pushing for a 475cc he said I'm small framed it wouldn't work. He said my boobs would be coming out my sides. He was very pleasant, nice, answered all my questions & very outgoing. The day if surgery he even done research on my city & cracked a few jokes with me. I got 450cc on my right 430cc on my left , it was my PS who chose this for me after all he's the one with over 24 years experience not I. My outcome is a D cup as of now I really love them they are not lopsided, they are round, beautiful boobs. I Would of loved them bigger but I'm grateful he gave me beautiful breast & thats what counts. I'm actually going back to see him again & I trust him with what he does as far as work on me. My incisions also look great & not visible to the eye which I love. I'm glad I found CGCC as well as Dr. Ortega. If I can change anything maybe gone bigger, lol, ;) overall Im better than what I walked in with and we often forget what we had before! Thanks all.… .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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