30 Yr Old, 102 Lbs, 5'3, No Children - Miami, FL

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My BA is scheduled with Dr. Ary Krau in Miami, Fl...

My BA is scheduled with Dr. Ary Krau in Miami, Fl I'm looking to have a small C cup, I am currently a 32A Sometimes a 32 B/C at victorias secret depending on bra style. Due to being a LMBT I want to remain somewhat conservative. Also I love mountain biking, kayaking and water sports, so don't want the new "girls" to get in the way. Maybe 255 cc, 300 cc max, maybe round mod silicone, I'll leave those decisions to the expert Krau is. I love my shape just looking for some volume and shape!

inspiration breasts

Counting down to the final days. Here's a few beautiful women that are inspiring me....

ideal example

Hands down favorite, this woman has exactly what I desire!

More Inspiration

1 week away!

Very excited ! :-)

prepping.... Stopping certain herbs and starting certain regimens. FOLLOW SURGEONS INSTRUCTIONS AS THERE IS CONFLICTING INFO ALL

VS had a huge sale today and I was like AWWWWWW mannnnn! Haha. I am really curious how long I will be in that surgical bra and what to wear over that thing? Butterflies are kicking in. 4 days down. One of my GFs works there and told me to pick out a couple lightly lined, no wire "lounge bras" to hang in for several weeks after. I have been taking some supplements to aid the healing process.
Bromelain, Vitamin C, CoQ10, Zinc, Probiotics,a high quality multi- vitamin from a food source and Arnica Montana pellets , slathering on badger sunscreen and moisturizer preparing for stretching. Also consuming LOTS of pineapple, and smoothies with lots of leafy greens, I cut out sugar and salt and have been doing a ton of yoga and weight training. I sound like a spaz, I know. This doesn't feel real. This BA and seeing The Cure concert, will soon be crossed off the list.
the link below is pretty excessive but has a nice breakdown, I encourage everyone to follow personal recommendations of their chosen surgeon. Talk to you all soon! Xoxooooooooo.


This helped me too EXCESSIVE LINK
: http://www.drjoannelopes.com/cosmetic-surgery-preparation-virginia-beach/

anesthesia recovery

As you know, effects from anesthesia can be negative, some of these herbs help detox after effects.

it's done

A couple hours after 275cc submusclar
Smooth round moderate classic
Couldn't be happier with my experience and staff at DR Kraus private practice. in a lot of pain at the moment. Lots of pressure.

post op

day 2 recovery

Very swollen on sides of body that is migrating towards abdomen, starting to get feeling back into my breasts, doing lots of range of motion. Taking DulcoEase (stool softener) taking pain meds evey four hours , I find if I do forget, trying to catch up to control pain for me is a no no. It is so hot here in miami, if you are going to be doing this somewhere warm I have found my favorite outfits include a spaghetti strap shirt and a baggy tank to camouflage my BA bra and strap. Also very baggy, long shirts with shorts and a belt at the waist looks somewhat decent. Lots of smoothies, eating normal meals. I wont post any pics until next week, but feel a bit better my breasts swelling went down 1/4th of a cup. Gel Ice packs with a soft coverings are my best friends (walgreens 5 $ a pc) one above the breasts where strap is, one in the middle of breasts, one under each arm pit where swelling is collecting.

1 week post

Still lot's of swelling and bloating due to meds. Skin and muscles are beginning to relax and breasts are beginning to have slight mobility.
Was wearing medical bra and strap 24/7
Now wearing a wireless sports bra and strap only at night.
Switching to tylenol and only taking pain meds to sleep through night.
When nude move arms in large circles and stretching to gain range of motion, I am sooooo happy I didn't go any bigger. This proceedure has reall balanced my body and accentuates rather than being the main attraction. I am looking forward to the future D & F . I will post a slide show of day 1 through 7 so changes can be seen. For now ill post my 7th day photos. Xoxo

slide show of pre op through day 8

Day 4 extreme bloating..... warning..... swelling migrates down. The rest is pretty self explanatory, subtle changes can be seen. Enjoy. :

20 day post op

Feeling phenomenal

Feeling Phenomenal, 20 Days Post Op 32A to 32c or D Depending on Style and Brand.

20 days post op, 275 cc mentor smooth moderate (classics) subpectoral, areola incision. My experience has been absolutely amazing. The surgeon takes the cake for his expertise, I'm so grateful to have had such a wonderful staff support me through this experience. My tape will be removed tomorrow and I will begin my scar regimen, Biocorneum. I can't urge people enough to please review this mans practice via website and YouTube. The nurse Nora has been bombarded by questions from me (bless her heart) kindly gets back within moments, the staff all around from reception to anesthesiaogist are comforting. Thank you again DR. Krau. 

30 day post op 275cc mentor classics subpectorial

Hey guys, just a quick update loving the results. Took the tape of a couple days ago and the nips are healing nicely. My left breast seems to be taking a bit more time to drop I think. I'm seeing variations in shape, other than that completely in love with the size. Most of the time I go braless or wear spandex bras with zero padding, else it looks very top heavy and takes away from my booty lol. Measuring small in unlined bralettes, 32D and 34C depending on style and lingerie Shoppe. Hope all you beautiful ladies are doing well. Remember to stay positive! Xoxo

5 wks

Lefty riding high. Waiting for both to drop, feeling good.

6.5 weeks

45 days out, finally went into ocean, wonderful experience. I am living my breasts but am a little self conscience at times. If I wear a push up I later clothing so I don't feel and look "done". Other times I feel strange because I know I'm not done healing and I'm anxious to see where they will be positioned in the end result. Nipples are healing very fast, regaining feeling in the lower pole. I did too notice a knot under both nipples. Which doesn't hurt just feels strange.

5 months

Softening still and evening out, still very happy. They get better and better.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Amazing.compassionate.thorough. above all extremely educated.

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