30 Y/o, No Kids, 5'10, 130lbs, 800cc Silicone Hp Unders - Miami, FL

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Surgery scheduled for October 3 with Dr McAdoo at...

Surgery scheduled for October 3 with Dr McAdoo at Seduction Aventura, FL. I'm nervous.
Pre-op 32A. Getting 700cc or 750cc silicone hp mentor unders. Incision thru nipple.
As the days go by I'm having anxiety about losing my little boobs. I like them. But I know I want bigger to complete my look and feel more feminine.
The consultation was fine. The staff is great and attentive. The faculty is great. They pride themselves on having an open house policy. You can go on Saturdays to see the surgery room and all of the facility. It's pretty cool and makes you feel safe. Seems like Dr McAdoo knows exactly what he's doing.
I've done a load of research about which size I want. I walked in thinking no less than 500cc. When he measured me and said 700-800 I was pleasantly surprised because I don't see a lot of women with 700+cc. Than again there are not a lot of tall women either.
I'll post photos and updates as I go.

Wish boobs... Lots of wish boobs

All wish boobs between 700-800cc

Getting 800cc

Changed it to 800cc

Post op complete

I can say I have a very low pain tolerance. And in right handed. Yes that's how I want to start this post lol.
So getting prepared for surgery was simple. When the surgery was over and I woke up I was like a weird talking lady. I was in a lot of pain mostly on the right side my back. My boobs were fine but my right arm and right shoulder blade was killing me. Once I got home and took my medication the pain started to go down but not really. Post op night 1 I had striking pain in my shoulder blade, my arm was going numb, the right boob was higher and more inflamed than the left.
I did my next day follow up and the PS came in and massaged the crap out of my boobs and tighten my band. He also gave me a scrip for volum. I feel a little better but I think I think I need to stretch more

Penetrex review arnica cream

Before the surgery I went to Walmart to find some cheap arnica Montana products. I didn't buy any off Amazon cuz my brain was not functioning before surgery. I came across this Penetrex in the medicine aisle. It was the only one on the shelf. Next to the popular arnica gel, tiger balm, capsazin, dragon cream or whatever the hell its called, icy hot. All kinds of stuff. But this lone product stood out to me because it was buy itself and the labeling said intensive recovery with arnica. Ding ding! So I read the labeling and looked up the reviews online while standing in the aisle. It cost $19. I didn't want to get it. But based on the reviews and arnica being the second ingredient I said I'll get it and return it if it doesn't work.
I also have hylands arnica Montana 30X pills. And some Latin arnica salve. I didn't get bromelaine cuz I couldn't find it in stores and I'm not that concerned about bruising. More so the pain because I got such big implants.
So the day of surgery I was f*ckin out of there. I was in so much pain!! I wasn't thinking about anything. The next day when I did my follow up the PS came in an massaged my boobs down and actually created an extra pocket space under my nipples for where my boobs could drop. The right was higher than the left so the right side had more more more bruising. Actually the left didn't bruise at all. He loosened up the snaps in the front of the bra so my bottom boobs could relax. This bra they gave me is too little. But to be honest my boobs don't seem that big.
Anyway!! I saw the bruising when I got home and later that night I put the penetrex on the bruise. I made sure not to touch the tape. I have to keep the tape on my boobs for a week.
I put the cream on and covered it with Saran Wrap. 2 days in. This is my results.
The instructions say rub it in until it is absorbed in skin 4 times a day. I rub it in a little cover it with Saran Wrap and rub on the Saran Wrap and cover it with my surgery bra. I wash it with dial soap, spray it with 91% alcohol and do it again. So only 2 times a day. This stuff works.

What I'm dealing with today

I'm going in tomorrow to get the tape and stuff taken off. I feel/look like a mummy.


In the spirit of Halloween... I present you... Frakenboobs.

I'm at the facility today to have the tape and stitches taken out. I forgot to take pain killers before I got here. Bummer. They are going to show me how to massage them too I guess. I have nipple sensation on the rounder left boob and not on the right. But they do get hard when the temp changes so that's good. I wonder what my boobs look like under the tape. Also they are super hard and I feel the breast muscles spasm and twitch all the time.
Oh I'm also nervous about the massages because the boobs are so big and my arms and hands are so weak lol. Ugh this is frustrating.

Update and Thoughts

Here are some photos from today.

I think women initially decide on smaller implants out of modesty and then when they become more confident with their bodies, they realize they could have gone bigger. I see a lot of reviews on here of women getting revision surgery to increase the implant.
I also saw a few cases of women being upset because the initial size was too small and they feel like they have to pay double to get the correct size they want.
However! I think surgeons have women start off small to accommodate their amount of tissue and avoid complications. They could also do it for the hopes of the patient coming back for a revision. More money. But in a way I think that it's smart to start off smaller in order to recover faster, avoid complications, and gently stretch the skin out. I've seen reviews of women upgrade from 400 to 600 and the healing time was fast because they were already stretched. Even women with children have great results because their skin was stretched out from the breastfeeding and so forth.
I'm a solid 2 weeks in and I think it's going to take me a long time to heal and look normal. My confidence is down, I'm soar and tight everywhere, I don't wanna go out because I don't look good in clothes. Sigh.
It's only 2 weeks.
Overall I'm happy that the PS was able to get 800cc in there because I want it to be big. I just have to deal with the healing time.
Thanks for reading

2 week update photos

2 week update photos
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