29 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'9 & Ready to Get Some Boobies That Make Me Feel Like ME - Miami, FL

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Well, I am going with Dr. Ortega who is based in...

Well, I am going with Dr. Ortega who is based in Miami. I am traveling from Tampa and I know I have a slew of great doctors around me locally but I know this doctor's work is what I am looking to achieve. A family member has also used this doctor as well and had wonderful experiences with him.

The staff has been super sweet in helping me between my crazy changing mind and thinking things through. I am going for 500-500cc instead of smaller with a lift. I really don't know what to expect because this is happening from out of town makes me a bit more nervous. I was rather nervous about only one pre op visit and then the surgery being the next day but I have been vocal and emailing constantly to Gabby who has been SO patient with me to help make sure I ask the questions and get the knowledge I want.

I haven't told many people about this happening. I'm doing this for me and nobody else! It is hard to explain, but I feel like I have been missing a part of me that I want there to feel like a woman. My husband is beyond happy and excited. He is super supportive.

Surgery is scheduled for July 9th and I am beyond ready! If it wasn't for a preplanned fourth of July vacation I would have already been in and done lol!!!

I am trying to prep and think about what I need for after. We will be staying in a hotel o the beach and just chilling and recovering for a few days than driving back. I hope by day 4 the drive back will be somewhat comfortable. I am a bit nervous but thats expected I am sure.

I did go in for my blood work up (whew that was a chunk of change without insurance) but I am serious about this.

Wish pictures!!!!

I also included a picture of what I'm at now. I'm a 36 B but they sag after three kids. I feel deflated.

Blood Work

Got my blood work done & surgery is a go! So so nervous but so excited at the same time! I'm wondering about the recovery time and how soon I'll be able to go outdoors and do family functions like ride on the boat. We are very out doors so this will be a challenge and I am willing to donate the time to feel amazing and proud of my new additions! It helps so much that my husband has my back

The week is upon me!!

So this is the last week with my saggy ladies! Lol

I'm going for 500-550cc! I defiantly think with my tall frame that would be better and I won't have boob greed.
I am super stoked for Saturday and ready to head to Miami on Thursday!!! I will be staying on the beach with family (separate rooms) and that will help to keep me moving forward. The doctor said I can probably go to dinner and walk around later that day.

I am not nervous as much as anxious and ready. I haven't thought too much on the what ifs because I know regardless I'm doing it and there's no point on dwelling.

I plan on recovering on the beach and pool loungers at my 45 degree angle ???? at least I hope to ????
I think it will be refreshing to not stay cooped up in my hotel room during the day.

I wish there I could find some stories of 5'9 158 doing 500-550...I see a lot of awesome stories that are from A to 375-450 range. Anyone have recommendations?

I enjoyed my last weekend in the gulf with my original set and being pushed up with a cute bathing suit! I'm looking forward to not having to do that. Underwires suck!

My husband is just as excited as I am and that makes me so happy! I want his support but I also don't want him to feel indifferent or upset over changing my body. I am looking forward to this and have wanted this for so long I can't believe it's the week!!!!

Rice sizers

I made rice sizers for approx 550cc. My neiva said the sizers she tried on are exactly what hers look like after the fact. I'm loving them!!!

Surgery moved up

Whoa!!!!! They called me and asked if I wanted to fill in an opening tomorrow morning at 6 am!?!? Of course I jumped on it and said sure that way I can get this done and over with!
Tomorrow at this time I'll have my new girls!!!!! Whattttt?!?!? It went from 72 hours to let thank 24!

Going up in size

I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with 600cc since I'm so tall and want to stand out having broad shoulders. I've looked at pictures and I will make the final decision tomorrow morning with the doctor! Super stoked!!!!

More wish pictures


At this point I'm 7 hours away from my surgery time & I feel jus to lain ol excited! I want to make sure I've got the best size and being that I'm having my consult before surgery is crazy! I've had previous consults with others but he has been awesome through email and phone conversations! I love love love the results he's given so I'm confident they'll look AMAZING!

Surgery day

Today was the day! I couldn't sleep and bad to be there at 5 so we got up super early.

I arrived to be the first in the office with two very sweet nurses and they took my before pictures, took my vitals (that were high from the stress of everything ) and I changed into there surgery undies, robe and hairnet.

After about 10 minutes Dr Ortega came in & really was a fantastic guy. My husband and I talked with him, he explained everything in awesome detail. I am so happy I trusted him.

So we left it as I didn't was to get a lift just yet so we'd do the fifty fifty chance of adding bigger to create the lift. At first I was saying 500-550 and he said it'll probably be 600 maybe 700cc but he's wait and see what it looked like.
He was very calm cool and in control and really put me at ease. Next thing I know he said okay you ready? Let's get anesthesiology in here. They came in almost immediately and took my back to the operating room. I payed down on the table and they got my IV and he hooked up a cocktail of drugs. Next thing I know in in recovery and I'm emotionally racked. I woke up with pressure on my chest like my breasts are full to the max with milk. I'm sore and the 35-45 minute ride to the hotel did suck cause I was not reacting well with the anesthesia and my body was in pain. Once I got to the room it did have a Alvaro time getting comfortable but unknown once I fell asleep inwouldnstsrtntomsleepmoff the yucky feeling.! I have been resting in the room for today and icing. I can't wait for them to fluff and drop. At first I liked down and freaked but now in sooooo happy! My husband has been AMAZING & tending to my every need and I'm so great full! I have my follow up appointment tomorrow and than I can take a shower!!! My surgical bra isn't right at all in fact it's not bothersome and in the way at all.

More to come later!!!

Day three post op

I'm sore, my back is strained from using it to move places instead of chest muscles.

The bra that I'm in isn't even tight so I may just do away with it after one week. It's not supporting anything whatsoever so what's the point!?!

I can't believe these are mine! I keep thinking I'm so stretched I feel like I'm going to pop haha. Each day is a little easier. The medicine helps a lot.

Post-Op Day 3

Post op day 6

I am still swollen like a s.o.b but I've noticed a huge difference in being able to move around easier as well as sleeping is much easier. I hear people mention morning boob but what is that anyways? I think it's when they rise up when you lay flat or something...

I took off the surgical tape and got to see what lays beneath! I'll post pictures later. I wish they would start their decent! I'm still very swollen in the middle of my chest.

Emotions arena freaking roller coaster!!! I feel horrible about my body and moments pass where I wonder why in the heck did I do this?!?! But than I look back at the wish pictures and remember why. I am happy that my body ate up some CC's because that had me freaked out baddddd making sure I could hide them as well as show them off. I feel my nerves starting to really fire off and come back to life. I'm taking care of my three boys but this is hard because I can't lift anything. My baby wants to snuggle so I make it happen but unjust want to get past this faze. I wish I could sleep through this and wake up to perfect boobs! But in the hard times we appreciate the good right!?!?

Dr. Ortega was really knowledgeable and very up to date with new techniques and that was super cool. I know his staff is hot or miss but he himself is very friendly and worth it. He did a hybrid version of under the muscle he said and I went bigger so I wouldn't have to do a lift at this point in my life but get the desired effects of a lift.

I'm going to start using the silicone scar strips to help and in stoked my scars aren't huge either. It's crazy cause I look like the picture I took with the rice sizers on (550) and I got 700ccs actually "installed"! Thank flipping heavens cause I didn't want a stripper look. I'm super ready to work out agin and get this bloating down! I have went 3 weeks before with out working out and stayed on the level and I jumped up 8 lbs! I know some is boobie but that should only be 3 lbs good god! I get great breasts and I blew up!

I'm ready to be able to love on my husband and him love on me without worrying about hurting or being uncomfortable in my body or pain in my back! Ohhhh the pain in my back!!! Okay enough complaining! Hope all the others healing are doing good!!!!!!

Post Op day 7

Looking more and more natural. Each day is a little bit better. I am able to lay on my side and not be as uncomfortable during the night ????????

I went and bought some sports bras and a couple bra let and omg Arie is soooo comfortable and on sale! Each day I've noticed a subtle change. I wake up with my belly flat and then through the day I get really bloated and I can't wait to get back into the gym again.

I am using the scar saline strips on my scars. I touched one and it freaked me out (the scar) lol I also have zero feeling from just above my nipples and below. I feel the nerves sending shocks more and more and I think when I can actually feel my breasts again that will be pretty awesome!

I was super stoked to put on regular clothes ( I've been home all week resting) to find I can hide or show them off depending on me and my mood. I am not going to lie when I woke up from surgery and they said he put 700 in I was like ohhhhh shitttttt I fucked up but I am SO happy! I really am super pleased so far. I am starting to own them I guess. I feel like when I go out an about that people know I've had a BA but I am reaffirming that no way it's not noticeable and to chill. They look different to me! But I look like I did when I wore the bras to make them stand out and I now don't have to wear those stinkers any more! Wooooooo!

I'm hoping all the ladies recovering are feeling well and if your not it will pass! I promise! It's a roller coaster of emotions and no matter how much you read or try to mentally prepare for your journey it is just something you've got to deal with as it happens.

Old bathing suite

I tired on a older bathing suite I loved but had no boobs to fill and now look!!! ???? I am beyond excited that I filled this baby!

I am starting to slowly deflate and my weight is steadily coming back to what it was. What a relief. This is day 9 post op and I still haven't got feeling in the lower sections of my breasts and I can't wait to feel!

I wonder what it will be like a week from today. It's so crazy cause so many things change so fast.

I'm ready to get back in the water and swim but I'm waiting until a solid two weeks have passed for safety. Super stoked to get back to work this week and actually get out and about!
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