28, 5'5" 124 No Kids "Barely an A Cup" 450r 440l HP Saline. Miami, FL

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After contemplating for many years I finally took...

After contemplating for many years I finally took the plung and got boobs! After plenty of research and other consultations I decided on going with Dr. Freiman at CG cosmetics. I'm on day two post op and already feeling quite a bit better with the pain. I feel like I maxed out at a 6/10 Nothing excruciating. Lots of pressure, very stiff and tight!

Before and after (day 2 post op)

Here's my little ones that are now a thing of the past. Very high and swollen right now. Surgery was on Thursday @830am. I have 450cc on my right and 440cc on my left. Natrelle style 68hp saline......now here's to waiting and patience for the D&F!

Post op day 3/4

Day 3-pain hasn't began to ease up. I only took one pain pill and one muscle relaxer in the evening as I began having some very uncomfortable spasms with any arm movement. Still feeling very tired. I walked to the store with my bf to pick some things up for dinner and my chest felt soooo tight like the implants want to burst out of my chest. No pain just really uncomfortable. I bought the compression strap at my post op appt and have been wearing it religiously day and night. I have found its more comfortable to wear the band than not. Has anyone else been like this? I've read that people hate it because it hurts?

Day 4-well that's today and I just woke up. So far pain is at 2/10. Chest is still very very tight so no difference there. My back has b en killing me since day two from overcompensation and sleeping on my back. Falling and staying asleep hasn't been hard but it sucks when you're a tummy sleeper :/

Also on side note, to those getting ready for their surgery this neck pillow has been the best thing ever. I've found myself falling asleep practically anywhere I sat down the first few days. I randomly bought one at Marshalls for $8. Best purchase ever!

Day 4

Today I attempted to get up and do things like normal and I'm fully exhausted at 4pm. I didn't get out and drive like I planned either. Luckily then only pain I've been having is in my back and muscle spasms around 2pm which come and go. It's from overuse I'd assume. I gave in and took some Tylenol 650mg so we shall see if that helps with the back pain I'm having which is the suck. Other thing is the tightness I'm having in my breasts is crazy. Sometimes they don't feel too bad and then in the same breath it's like the implant will come bursting out at any minute. I'm hoping that goes away soon as it's annoying more than anything. I'm going to continue the day without any meds unless it becomes unbearable. I'm back to work from 7a-7pm tomorrow....should be an interesting/exhausting experience.

3 weeks post op

Things are slowly progressing. I'd say I feel about 75% and I'm not getting so exhausted doing everyday tasks anymore. This was the first work week where I wasn't haven't terrible pec muscle spasms or back pain from working on my feet all day. I will say I wish I would have taken an extra week off of work to heal.

The girls are looking great right now. Left feels pretty good and starting to drop. My right has been incredibly stubborn and uncomfortable. I think it's because that's my dominant side which I use a lot more than I realized. I've had pretty significant spasms on my right side which are getting better each day. Still some numb spots and super sensitive skin on my breasts. When the swelling started going down my skin felt like I had a Sun burn and began lightly peeling I've been slathering cocoa butter on those suckers at least daily.

Scars are looking pretty good. They are a little tender and had a couple spitting sutures i clipped down. I'll post pics of them when I'm home. Have you ladies had any success with scar treatments? They are little so I'm not concerned but would love to fade them as much as I can!!!

Sorry for the long post and for not being around. I've honestly had a bit of a tough time with this process but feeling better about it everyday!!

4 weeks post op

Right is still being difficult. It was my smaller breast but only has 10cc more than my left which is almost insignificant. I think it has to do with having little breast tissue and the skin being tighter. Still feeling better everyday....with this process would go a lot faster!! I've always been soooo impatient.

Any suggestions with helping my right higher side to drop down faster?

Little over 8 months

My right breast has been slightly problematic but I love them. Hoping the discomfort is from nerve regeneration and not cc. Dr. frieman did an outstanding job and the bf loves them!

Curious about how long it took for numbness and nerve pain to go away? Also curious about cc symptoms. I don't believe my right breast feels or looks distorted but the way it feels isn't always pleasant!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I only saw my Dr. Five minutes prior to my procedure. He had a very calm demeanor and was very straight to the point. He asked me what my expectations were and explained in very simple terms how it would be achieved. I came in with questions for him and didn't feel rushed. He also gave his personal email if I had any questions/concerns for him post-op. Do your research and come with questions. From my take on him and Cg cosmetics is you're paying for the procedure, not to be coddled. So far I'm happy with my results and will continue updating as the new additions D&F!

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