28 male, 34A/AA Pre Op, silicone under muscle - Miami, FL

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Where to start... I guess first a little about me....

Where to start... I guess first a little about me. I am actually a straight male, I have been rather feminine my whole life. My body is feminine and enjoy feminine things in life like clothes or products targeted to women. I am in no means looking to transition though. Ever since I have been young, I enjoyed being the way I am. I am different than you average male, obviously, I want that feminine body. I am married and my lovely wife is supporting me and happy that I am finally doing what I feel my body should be like. Even though she thinks it's weird, she knows how much I wanted them. I am very happy to have someone like her in my life.

Anyways, to get to the present, it was determined that I can try herbal and non medical techniques. These did get me from flat to where I am now but growth stopped before my targrt size. So we talked about it, and decided its the only way to achieve my body desired. We had an online consultation with a few doctors and found one that we felt comfort with and on top of it, very affordable.

My wish is to have a full B cup when all is done. I want something that I will enjoy but small enough to keep private. I am getting silicone under the muscle. I have not yet tried sizers on but will do the rice sizers to get an idea. I am very excited to finally get this done and finally fill out some bras.

Lastly, if you do not agree with my decision, thats your issue not mine. So keep that negativity off my review of my journey to seeing my body to the eay my mind sees it. This is a world where we have free choice, I can careless if you agree with me so keep it to yourselfs.

Pre op photos

I have attached some photos of my current look. As you can see, not much there. I dont fit well in a 34AA (tad too small) but a 34A fits decent, just seems a bit big at times.

I have been doing a lot of reading on forums, getting ideas what to expect and how others went. Makes me excited, nervous and everything in between. My main worry is obviously complications but seeing the frequency of this procedure and the small number of complications make me feel better. Its just the thought.

I just wish it were done already, cant wait.


So, I was able to make myself some rice sizers to get an idea of what I want for my final decision during pre-op day. I decided I will go no more than 300cc, maybe 275cc. I will have the PS give me his opinion too. I am so excited to fulfill my ideal body image for myself.
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