26yr Old, 3kids, 5'5" 155# 450/500 unders - Miami, FL

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I'm a mommy to 3 kids, I breastfed for a combined...

I'm a mommy to 3 kids, I breastfed for a combined period of 5 years. My husband and I decided we don't want any more kids so I'm starting to work on myself. I lost 35lbs this year & stopped breast feeding in August which made all volume in my girls non existent. I no longer feel like a woman without my curves. I decided to go for a full transformation and do a bikini competition next June but in order for me to feel comfortable in a bikini on stage being judged... no way I could hack it without added help.
My husband is being fully supportive and he said I could have them as a Christmas gift!
Hoping for round high profile silicone Under muscle. Going out of state for surgery so I'm nervous but excited & based off the reviews of the place I'm confident all will go well.

I did quite a bit of research and Dr. Ortega has wonderful reviews. I was helped online via chat by Evelyn who answered all my questions, helped me submit my pictures & out of state questionnaire.
The next day I spoke with Vivian who got me set up with a contract, took my deposit & booked my surgery within days.
We are driving out to Florida tomorrow as a vacation type thing. We've booked a hotel & were excited to get out of the cold weather for a bit.

Big day tomorrow!

After 17hrs on the road we arrived in Miami. Stopped in at Spectrum Aesthetics for my prescription to fill. Got pictures taken & signed consent forms.
My excitement is off the charts, I've been dreaming of this moment for so long and now it's finally here.
Staying at a hotel 3 miles away. Surgery is scheduled for 11:30am & I can't eat or drink anything past midnight. No make up, jewelry, lotions or anything.
Just had dinner & I'm about to jump in the shower. I'm getting boobs in 14hrs!

Bump in the road

When I first contacted Spectrum Aesthetics via chat, Evelyn told me the price was all inclusive- including blood work. When I spoke to them over the phone they said I could walk into any lab to get my blood work and I wouldn't have to pay anything.
When I found a lab & scheduled an appointment I notified them when and where I was getting it done. When I got there I had to pay $235 out of pocket.
Now that I told them this they say I had to go to a specific lab they are associated with for it to have been free but I was never notified.
As an out of state client I am trusting them and depending on them to let me know what I have to do, when and where. If there was a specific place to go to I would have expected a :
"Our blood work is covered through lab XYZ, the nearest lab in your area is located at: insert address here. Should you go to any other lab you're solely responsible for payment" instead I got "ok great" and now "you didn't go through our lab so... you should've gone to our lab if you didn't want to pay extra"
$235 isn't a major deal, the price for the value I'm getting is extremely low and I'm grateful, I just won't be able to get the recovery kit I was planning on purchasing since now I'm out and over my budget. I don't believe it was my fault, and I believe they could have done a better job at guiding me away from this mishap.
On another note, I specifically declined a pregnancy test because I'm on a copper IUD and I was on my period so I knew 110% that I'm not pregnant. They included this test in the lab work order!!! If they had not done that I wouldn't have had to pay for an extra and unnecessary test.
They have yet to give me a solution, wether they will credit me for my expense or if I'm SOL. I would be more than happy if they at least credited me $100 out of the $235 towards my total cost and maybe threw in an ice pack or extra bra.
The situation sucks because I don't want to put them out and make room for bad feelings, but I don't want to be left hanging for not being properly instructed.
I'll see what they resolve with tomorrow before surgery.
Not gonna lie, but this is causing me a little stress.
Send your positive vibes my way please!!!

My stats

Weight: 155
Height: 5'4.5"
Pre baby bra size 32B fluctuated back and forth through pregnancy & breastfeeding 3 kids at my largest I was a 38E.
Currently I am fitted as a 34D but I cannot fill the top of the bra, a smaller cup size I have have lose skin spillage :/
and push up bras make my empty skin ripple. It's extremely unattractive.

Wish Boobs

I looked through Dr. Ortegas gallery and these are the boobs I saw were somewhat similar to mine which results I like.

What time is it?

It's boob time! I'm in the office now. Surgery is scheduled in 30 mins. Super excited, a little nervous and frustrated!!!
I'd been on my cycle this past week and I wanted to have one last time of intimacy with my hubby before the big change but we didn't get the chance.
How much time after surgery did y'all get back on the saddle?

Just woke up

I have boobs! It hurts but I'm too happy to care. Got 450 on the left & 500 on the right. Under the muscle.

I'm not flat Any more!

Just checked in on the girls for the first time. I'm 8hrs post op. Pain is managing well. The ride home sucked. They couldn't find my husband's number so when I woke up 2hrs after surgery I had to call him & wait. Anesthesia had worn off & I was in pain. They didn't give me additional pain relief nor have me crakers or juice to take my own pills.
I was looking forward to a silly loopy conversation story.
Anyhow once we got to the hotel I ate & had 2 pain pills, antibiotic & the nausea pill. I thought I could do without it but I took a but off my banana & gagged.
I passed out randomly after eating. I woke up & had a chewed cracker in my throat I hadn't fully swallowed LOL.
Anyhow, it doesn't hurt as much any more, I'm due foe pain pill in 5mins, all I feel now is tightness and pressure.
Woot woot, I'm not flat Any more!

First night

Slept upright on the hotel room chairs against the wall. I didn't want to slide down in bed at night so this was an excellent solution. My butt cheeks are a little numb but I was turning sides & slept quite comfortably.
It's so hard not to hold my kids (2 & 3) the pain isn't half as bad as I expected. It feels like a dull pressure like sore muscles after a good chest workout.
I still can't believe I have boobs!
I'm super happy!

I hate this band strap!

Can you say constipated? I can't enjoy my boobage with all this bloat going on. I look pregnant!
I had my post op appointment today and I got the hell strap. OMFG!
I have been prety mobile, yesterday I went to the seaquarium & today we went to the mall.
Today was the first time since surgery that I cried!!! The anesthesia has fully subsided, I'm a bit sore from yesterday but the strap... wow!
I'm right handed so my left is higher up & therefore the strap is killing my left side.
I got the all clear to use arnica to reduce swelling, just not over the incisions. I dint have any bruising so I'm excited.
The arnica feels good. My husband just ordered the complete Eden knows implants recovery kit for me, can't wait for it to arrive. Follow her on instagram for augmentation inspiration.

Feeling good

Took a shower yesterday after I finally pooted lol TMI and, finally got some alone time with the hubby. We got back on the road home & I felt kinda nauseous. We stopped every other hour or so to walk around. I can go a full 10hrs without pain meds. Technically I could probably just quit them all together but meh, don't wanna let them to go waste & it still hurts some, my back hurts the most getting used to the extra weight.
I drove for the first time today, it's a little painful. My right boob is doing great, my left one is still pretty high so Iturning left was awful LOL.
Pretty excited when we go home I had appackage from @EdenKnowsImplants my hubby got me the recovery kit. I wish I had got it sooner. Your supposed to start taking the supplements 3days pre op.
I also went shopping for sports bras. The compression bra I got at the doctor's needed a wash & I didn't want to be bra less.
I finally put on some real clothes. I didn't own any zippered or button clothes so I was basically wearing jackets, pijama tops & bathing suit covers LOL. I put on a T-shirt and my hubby's eyes lit up.
I'm super excited. The pain, the cost & the sucky drive were totally worth it.


Still can't believe it happened!
It's surreal to have boobs!
The back pain though...

New Boobs New Year

Hey there beauties. I can't believe it's been 2wks & a half. I'm barely starting to get used to them, I was bumping into stuff & tipping stuff over lol
The cold weather really makes my incision sites hurt :(
I removed my stickies on New year's eve and it looks good & smooth but the inner stitches feel big & deep.
Lately I've been having stabbing pain on my left side where my incision ends & my nips are extra sensitive. Water stream in the shower is unbearable!
Yesterday we went out to dinner & afterwards we went for a walk in the mall. As we walked past Fredericks of Hollywood I saw they had panties on sale for $2.99 so I couldn't resist.
While I was in there I noticed they had bras on sale too for $14.99 so I asked to get sized & oh boy was I shocked by the result!

Tittled (Tilted)

So I am nearing the end of my recovery period. I've gained about 15lbs since my BA (including weight of implants) & I'm feeling pretty self concious. I'm anxious to get back in the gym... I had gone out & purchased a 5lb dumbell just too keep a little activity going and today I caught a glimpse in the mirror. :(
I knew my left was descending slower than my right so I have been avoiding the mirror to avoid frustration, so I hadn't realized the big difference between my breasts! I feel even more self conscious now :'(
He said my left breast was bigger so he decided on an additional 50ccs on my right. I did not expect it to look this way though!
Does this resolve itself or will I need a revision?

Crazy 8's

So its been almost 8 months since my BA and although I had a lot of remorse, fears, guilt & doubts (so bad that I developed severe depression) Im now very happy with my decision. I put on an aditional 20lbs since my last update but its not visualy noticeable since my new boobies give me the hour glass shape.

My breast sort of evened out. They were initially different and we went with 2 separate sizes so something had to give. My muscles made different arrangements for them. The 500cc sags a little lower do to the weight and the 450cc contracts higher. If i shift my shoulders just a tad the asymetry either dissapears or becomes super ovbious. Non the less, im much more confident in my clothes. I feel beautiful and complete.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega is a cool dude. He's passionate and humorous, totally down to earth. I showed him what I wanted & he gave me his recommendation of 400/450. But I loved the 450 & I was afraid I'd regret the 400 side. So to avoid being unhappy & letting me have a say, he agreed to 450/500. Usually doctors intimidate me, but Dr. Ortega made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in plastic surgery, as long as you don't mind the wait.

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