26 Year Old, 255 Cc Moderate Silicone, Pre 32A/Post 32C/D. Miami, FL

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26 Years Old, 115lbs, No Kids, 32A Pre-Surgery,...

26 Years Old, 115lbs, No Kids, 32A Pre-Surgery, 5"3'

250cc Mentor Classics, Under Muscle, periareolar Incision. Goal: Full B Cup

Of course like most people here, I've always loved my breasts but just wanted more! Filling out a bikini or wearing certain tops without a bra was my ultimate goal. My friend and I decided we both wanted them, so scheduled our surgery in Miami with Dr. Krau on the same day (yay for Surgery Sisters!).

Some pre photos

here are pics with sizers the day before my surgery. 250 cc silicone

Some more before a

Some recent pics

Starting last week I felt my right Breast and felt a something like a lump/knot. According to the Dr. It seems to be scar tissue under the incision (which I had googled and found anyway). Not seeing many girls here experiencing this. I have been massaging and now I also have it in my left Breast. You can't see anything but of course it is worrisome. Other than that absolutely no other issues. I am so happy with my siZe, just an FYI I never experienced "boob greed" I was prepared for it but it never really hit me. I think part of this is because mine came out larger than I thought it would, also the size is so much better than what I had to begin with. Being grateful for what I got :).

One month post surgery

so in clothes you definitely cannot notice the difference. But once you are naked it is like "bam". Lol.

Almost 7 weeks

I've started working out again. Staying away from weights. Push ups are absolutely out of the question! As is upward dog. :/ feel super weird. Anyway, I had bought bras at LaSenza. I returned them, they just make me look so much bigger and are unnecessary. So instead I've bought a lot of bralettes (they are so cheap! $6-$13 most times. What I'm wearing in this pic was a $13 bralette from F21.

Just over 3 months

Realized I haven't posted an update in a while. I deleted this app because I ran out of space on my phone lol! I've uploaded some updates. Very much in love with them and more than pleased with the size.

Dress with no bra

Love being able to slip things on to go out with no bra. Exactly my goal!

Almost 6 months

Hey all,

Just an update at almost 6 months. I still have scarring under my nipple that I can feel. Doesn't hurt, just hoping it goes away eventually.

Otherwise extremely pleased with the size and natural look I've got. Putting on tops and bathing suits is so exciting!

Also, just a word to all the women that troll other women's pages to tell them they are going too small and guilt tripping people to make them feel their decision isn't right, why not keep this to yourself? Advice is so helpful on this site, but at the end of the day if you prefer very large breasts (and that's ok!) commenting on someone who is aiming for under 300cc with negativity just doesn't seem relevant or helpful. Let's be nice and support each other with helpful info!

6 months

Just a 6 month update on my boobs. Love them!

1 year + update

Some updates of what they look like right now.
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