25 Years Old , 5'4 125 Lbs, Two Kids Wanting Beautiful Boobs!!!❤️❤️❤️ - Miami, FL

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To start off, I've been stalking this site fir...

To start off, I've been stalking this site fir almost a year now!! Im so glad that i can finally go through with this procedure. My surgery is only 5 days away!! Im pretty calm about it for the most part. But whenever i get into deep thinking and what if's i start feeling my self freaking..I guess you can say im anxious?? I still dont know what size i will be getting as i did not get to consult with my surgeon (got my eye on 400-425 cc's) ..i will be consulting with him on the DOS!!! But i have thoroughly inspected his background and read + seen so much of his work that I actually trust him. Is that weird?? My biggest fear is looking fake!!! Im soo afraid if that :( I am naturally of a slim build even after having my two kids..but I've never really had breasts...I always feel so insecure about my body when i dress up..my clothes just never seem to fit to my liking. I've only told two of my closest friends I'm getting the operation done, and a co-worker. I'm taking my vacation next week to do it and i hope when i get back it's not that noticable lol. Im a very secretive person when it comes to my personal life...i cant even believe im writing this..but I want to look natural with volume if that makes sense. At my consult i show the PS a pic of what i wanted to look like abd i tild him i wanted MP implants cuz i didnt want the fake look...he flat out told me those implants aint taking me there lol. I didnt take any offence to it..he was actually quite funny!! But i've been doing more and more research and it looks like MP implants when they finally drop and fluff wouldnt be a good look on me..so im in favour of the HP's now ???????????????? oh and BTW my PS is dr jacob frieman at CG cosmetics..my consult was with dr hunsaker though..i'll post pics of me now :(

Supplies!!! Two Days Away!!! ????????????

Well guys..these are my supplies (Arnica montana 30x pills, Vit c, Ultimate flora probiotics pills, Stool softner, huge chair shaped pillow lol idk the correct name for this!! Post-op bra, Prescription meds, nipple petals incase they get sensitive..Hibiclens wash, and scar away treatment strips!!! i think I'll be fine..I also have a plastic bucket for my car and flexible straws..bought lots of soup and fruit cups too..and of course lots of water :)

Had my surgery yesterday :)

Hey ladies I had my surgery yesterday and man was it a breeze!!! I was so nervous waking up in the morning, and when i was on my way yo CG cosmet

Had my surgery yesterday :)

Sorry ladies (and gents) i submitted the unfinished article bu accident!! But surgery was a breeze!! Went wayyy better than i expected!! I woke up the day of surgery before i drove down to CG cosmetics with a really bad tummy ache and really bad anxiety. However when i got there i met Dr.Frieman for the first time and he was very reassuring that i eould be okay!! He is such a seeetheart, very warm and easy going. He smiled alot and asked me what was i interested in getting and i told him weol i wanted to be a full C cup..i dont want huge breasts but i want to look natural still. I told him my ideal implant size and tyoe was 425cc hp. He told me that ehat u had in mind would actualy make me a small d cup!! But it would be good for my frame!! He actually said that he would out 400cc in my right breast since that one had more tissye, and 425 cc in the left since i had less tissue!! I was askin him so many questions, i thought he would get annoyed, but he just smiled and answered them calmy. He shook my hand again and told me dont be nervous, you'll be fine :) so after he said that u know my anxiety went away!!! Lol!!! I told him i was sooo worried about the pain i was going to feel upon waking up from the procedure and he told me it'll feel like when your breasts are engirged from breast feeding ( i kind of doubted that) only because Dr.hunsaker told me the same thing ( i had my initial consult with him) snd i thought he was trying not to scare me lol..but he was absolutely right!! I went to the pre-op room after speaking to dr.frieman and they had me change into another gown this time with everything off except my panties..i did the urine pregnancy test and the assistant came in and put in my iv...i waited 30 mins before the anesthegiologist came in..she was super nice also!! Lol she was telling me about how when she was going to med school and taking her boards she was so stressed out and hiw stress isnt good for you..cause i told her about stressing myself out and i had an ekg done at my job because of that, which came out normal (thank god!!) but anyway after she asked me more questiobs about my medical and social history we walked over to the operating room, and she had me lay down on the table. At this point i wasnt even nervous!! Lol i was expecting to have an anxiety attack, but nothing!!! I just remember being sooo tired and i closed my eyes, then when i opened them up the surgery was done already!!! Lol!!! I couldnt believe it!!! I was like did i have my surgery alresdy??? Hahah!! I looked down and saw my beautiful breasts!!! They didnt even hurt!! Just feels like i was at the gym and my armpits were really sore!! The breasts dont even feel heavy untill i got up and they helped me into my car where my sister and her boyfriend were waiting on me!!! It was such a hood experience!! To think i was freaking myself out for nothing!! And 15hrs later i am still pain free!!! Thank you Dr.Frieman and staff!!

Pics from yesterday!! (After surgery)

Had my follow up today...

So i had my follow up, they took off the bandages and told me how to care for myself and what not to lift and so on. The nurse gave me my implant card and I also got a compressin band (which i purchased from them for $25) to put on top of my breasts to help them drop some more. The nurse advied me to wear it for two weeks!! It is causing a lot of discomfort..but anything for pretty boobies :) im healing very well. Cant use the silicone scar strips till two weeks either!!

Day two boobies

This is how they're looking on day two :)

Day 4 post op!!!

So today was my second day driving...i drove yesterday and it was AWFUL!!! My left breast was on soo much pain :( as soon as i got home i put on my compression /displacement band (whatever u wanna call it) and put ice on top of my girls!!! Thank god for those two things!! My boobies started to feel much better shortly after...So i drove again this morning this time with the band on and it was WAYY easier on my girls. Had to drop the kids to school, but i had my sis with me so she took them out of the car for me (i have a one and four year old) For the rest of the day i went to the dealership to service my car and i tried to dress in a way that wouldnt expose my boobs too much cuz honestly i love them, but im not used to having such a huge rack!!! So i wasnt really that confident in myself!! Weird right?? I know :( anywho i could feel some of the male workers looking at me lol and it was kind of nice to have that attention!! But my boobs today feel normal..i do t have any pain or discomfort driving,except for when i have to reverse, i have to kinda twist my while body cuz my boobs still feel tight..but otherwise they're doing great!! I can lift my hands above my head, spread my arms out and it's all good!!! I dont kniw if it's just me, but they also seem like they're dripping (yay!!!) they're nit riding as high as they were when i first got em, and they're getting much more softer and starting to feel like real breasts :) my left breast is starting to mive, but the right is stull kinda stiff...but imgg can i say how much i LOVE them?? Even thi i think they're a little huge for me right now?? (I know they will get smaller once the swelling goes down) anyway im sooo glad i did this :) i showed my bestfriend today and she said they look awesome and are just right for my frame :) now she's more serious about getting them!! Dr.Freiman's gonna have alot if reerrals coming his way ;)

One week one day po :)

So I cant believe it's been a week already. I'm feeling pretty good and just went back to work since surgery. Not on any meds!! Im loving my breasts right now and though i know they will change in the week/months to come, i just hope they stay beautiful!! I can really see them changing. I take pics of em everyday (obsessed) lol and they are just perfect to me. I get twitching in my muscles every now and then which doesnt hurt, and in the mornings my breasts are super stiff, but throughout the day they start softening up. The office i work in is soo cold (im a medical assistant) and my poor boobies had to pay for it today!! But i made it through the day still. The tightness in my chest is gradually going away. I can cough a little without feeling like my chest is gonna pop, however sneezing's still a pain :( Anywho...I'm dying to get these stitches out and take the steri strips off of my incisions seeing that they're soooo irritating!! Everytime i take a shower i have to blowdry them with cool air, but i just hate how they feel when wet..they get sooo itchy and bothersome and i just wanna peel em off. They wont come off till thursday which will make exactly two weeks po!! Thats crazy!! Have any of you ladies had your stitches in so long?? I really dont want ugly scarring...especially since i have dark skin, but i do have my scar away sheets to use as soon as the stitches come off. I asked Dr.Freiman how soon i could start using then and he said 2weeks po. So maybe it'll all work out? I just feel like the stitches and steri strips shouldnt be there so long..but otherwise everything else is going well!! I only use my compression band now when driving in the morning when my boobs are stiff to help me out. I gave up on that thing, plus it looks like my boobs will fall right where they're supposed to. I get little twinges of pain every now and then but nothing to really complain about. I cant wait for my boobs to come together for that perfect cleavage :) im dying for that, but one step at a time!! Im going to a concert on Sunday and i cant wait to show these babies off!! Im originally from the Caribbean and i know I'm gonna link up with some familiar faces :) dont think i'll post again untill then..so see u guys soon :)

One month post op!!! :)

So I'm one month post op today!!! I'm so sorry it took long for me to update..but life happens :) I have been doing my breast massages regularly and they are getting so soft :) they are dropping so beautifully, almost looks like I was born with em!! I can't wait until they are fully healed!! I did have an issue with my left incision where the stitch looked like it was a little irritated..but u just used sea salt and water to clean it, then I kept it dry throughout the day by covering it with gauze and paper tape..I did this for about a week and now my incision is looking normal again :) I do have to say I have boob greed days :( but nothing too serious..I actually think my breasts are the perfect size for my body type. I've been doing lots of clothing shopping as well!! I'm still a size small in tips which is awesome so I don't really have to adjust to that..but I am planning on going to Victoria's secret this weekend to get sized!! Just in time for the semi-annual sale :) in super excited and so happy..I over love my breast :)

More pics that didn't upload

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Very kind and intelligent. He made me feel so comfortable talking to him, I loved the fact that he did not choose a size for me, but instead he asked me what i wanted and he suggested that was a good size proportionate for my body type. He also made me laugh and reassured me that i was going to be alright!! Loved this doctor!!! The only thing i disliked was following up with the nurse. While she was courteous, she didnt take the place of Dr.Freiman. But overall this was a great experience!!

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