25 Year Old Mother of 2 5'3 140lbs Ready to See Dr Krau - Miami, FL

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Ever since I was a teen I've wanted inplants....

Ever since I was a teen I've wanted inplants. After breast feeding left me very noticeably uneven chested and years of research I've decided to take the plunge and get my boobs done. I've found Dr Frieman at CG cosmetics in Miami about 3 hours away from my home in florida. Iv already spoke to my cordenator Cathrien made my deposit and sceduled the date of my surgery. About 8 1/2 weeks out. I've started taking my multivitamin and purchased a few sports bras that close in the front for after surgery. Here's a photo of one of them.

How to explain to my husbands work he need to take time off?

My husband has a very flexible job he is an online market manager and works from home 2 days a week. But when I go for my surgery he will need to go with me. Since the surgery center is 3 hours away we have to spend a few nights in miami. How should we tell his work? Should he be straight forward and just say I'm having a breast aug. or just tell them it's a surgery that requires him to help me after? So far I haven't told my family or really anyone. Not sure how I feel telling my husbands employer.

I have changed to dr. krau and surgery date has been changed to Apr. 16th

To be honest my husband and I felt like Dr. freiman had way to many reviews that just didn't seem real. When someone would say they where treated horrible by staff and left waiting for hours the next review would say the exact opposite. How great the staff treated them that they hardly had a wait time the Dr took his time answered all their questions. No personal stories or photos just glowing reviews. Also I feel like if I have an issue after words I will be more likely to get it resolved with Dr Krau being my surgeon.

wish photo

Lab work

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I had my lab work done last friday. still waiting to here back from Cg. I had a few bumps getting the lab work done. My coordinator is very hard to get in touch with. The only time she ever got right back to me was when my emails spoke of making a payment. I called Catherine to have my lab papers faxed to the lab. I was told they would be sent right over. 45 minuets later I called Catherine back and she said or sorry my assistant emailed them to you. So I had to leave and set up another appointment for labs. Well today I called her to see if she received them because the lab said my results have been sent to Cg. I called at 9:30 2:00 and 4:15 but she never answered or called me back.

Farwell to my favorite bra.

Did any of you ladies have CG call and update you on lab results? I have yet to here from them.

pre op is tommorrow!

I was nervous after getting my labs done. My coordinators said if my iron or something was low I have to take a vitamin before surgery butt no one got in contact with me about my labs. After leaving several messages for my coordinator and not hearing back from her finally I asked is there another person I can ask about my labs. I then got in contact with preop they told me that they receive my lab work through fax but it was only part of it. I had to lab fax them back over. The next day I called my coordinator to see if my labs where good and she said yes if they didn't call me then they are fine. But later the preop called and asked if I had labs done. That lady said she would call me back. And didnt. For some reason cg could not get all my lab results faxed to them. I called them a good 5 times waiting on the phone 20-40 mins. At a time getting sent to different departments and people who didn't answer or had no idea what was going on. So i went online and figured out how to email them. Then finally today they called and told me when i can come for preop I asked about my labs. The lady said they recived my email and my stats are good also I'm not pregnant.

preop done but didn't see the dr. :(

Went to preop today. They sent me down stairs to an office that was very small the waiting room you where sitting elbow to elbow. Then the preop staffs office was very tiny you had to move your chair every time the lady had to get up from her desk. I signed like 50 papers. Took preop photos. Then they sent me back to the main waiting upstairs where there is plenty of room and its nicely decorated. Waited almost an hour to see the dr. and try on sizers. Aparently the dr was still in surgery and I'll meet him tommorrow. Tried on sizes I chose 500 not sure if I'm going too small but 600 just looked so much bigger. All the staff was very nice never seen my coordinator. They gave me 4 prescriptions. 3 CVS in the area would not fill the prescriptions none of them had all 4 in stock. We drove to each one like they where 5 minutes away from one another. Total waist of time. So we finally went to the suggested Rx place cg told us about. They didn't even have to see if they where in Stock they just filled them. Cg called me while we where leaving the pharmacy to tell me my surgery time was 7:30 to arrive at 6am!

surgery done and over with

They asked me to show up at 6am when we arived we couldn't get in the building and they didn't pick up the phone. We waited 20mins. To get in I was freaking g out. Surgery was set for 7:30 dr. Didn't come till 8:something spoke to me for about 15mins. They had another girl getting surgery at the same time. I think they where doing 2 boob jobs at once. I herd the dr consult the other lady before me but I was taken back first but we woke up in the same room. The younger paler Hispanic nurse who gave me my iv woke me up and dressed me was very sweet wish I would have cought her name she helped me out to my ride. Also the anesthesiologist was very nice guy he explained everything really well even told me about his hometown which was the same state as I was born in. Told me a joke about toddlers and living in florida. It was a pleasant experience with the nurse anesthesiologist and the doctor. It wasn't a stale experience like others say about CG. Also Dr krau said I didn't have to get silicon like the coordinator said she told me he didn't do saline but he said that's not true I should file a complaint that they shouldn't be up selling me. First day was rough I can't get up off my back when I want to so I stay sitting up the muscle relaxer really helps I can feel these spasming twitches then about 20mins after the meds they subside.

my follow up was a cluster f*ck

There was about 30 people in the waiting room and down the hall. They gave me an opointment but I didn't matter they saw people based on who signed in first on the clip board. First come first serve. They didn't have a Dr just a nurse practitioner man who was seeing people one at a time by himself. I waited 3 hours to see him for about 90 seconds they gave me my implant card and warranty papers told me I can shower not to lift with my arms and take steri strips of in 2 weeks. Also I got the breast strap for $25 and no one showed me how to use it. There is no directions. Update on how I feel. I'm still pretty sore can't set up for long periods of time like I did today riding 3 hours to Miami waiting 3 hours to be seen then 3 hours home OUCH! The muscle relaxer really helps with the lightning bolt pains

here's my new best friends

Can't wait till they start looking
Good. My mother didn't understand why they look so out of shape she said I thought you got round implants. So I explained the dropping and fluffing.

1 week

So at one week I feel pretty decent boob is the worst but it goes away about an hour after I get up. I can lift my mine's over my head now. I can't you too much because it gives me sharp pains around the armpits. I want to beals today and purchased a $5 bra a 36 D I know it might not be my final size but for $5 with 15% off I couldn't beat it. it opens in the front and is cross back I added a photo of me wearing it. So the strap/band I hate it I absolutely cannot wear it its painful especially when I I wake up feeling like somebody is sitting on my chest.

constant stinging sore right breast

So for about 4 days my right breast constantly hurts especially when moving every step I take gives me a zapping pain. I thought maybe icing it would help but it didnt. Cg said I've probably over used my right arm causing it to be sore again. Well the last 2 days I've relaxed and didnt do much it didn't help. The left side doesn't hurt at all unless I really do something to it. I'm beginning to get worried something maybe wrong. This happen to anyone else. I can't even massages anymore or touch it at all.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far I've only spoke to the surgical cordenator

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