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I'm a young college student on the verge of...

I'm a young college student on the verge of graduation and want to treat myself to BIGGER boobs I've been a member on RealSelf for a little over a year and I've been searching and following so many journeys hoping and wishing to find my ideal look! My ultimate goal of to have a full C or small D. I'm currently 5'5 1/2"-5'6" 140lbs. I spoke with Johanna last week and have her all of my information and I finally sent pictures today! She gave me my quote and I should be paying soon! I'm still a little nervous now and having a little doubt on if I should do it or not.

Received my quote ????

Finally received my quote! Now the hard part is actually finding a surgery date since Dr. Freiman is only available Tuesday's and Thursday's! With me starting a new job that requires five weeks training and a new semester is right around the corner I have no idea what day to pick

Wish boobs!!

Some wish boobs didn't upload

Picked my survey days today!

Picked my surgery date today... Johanna did say that they were going to be increasing the prices 25%. I don't know if I was sent that email so I could finally put my down deposit, or if they're actually going up. Anyway all I have to do know is request my time off for work since that same week will mark my one year anniversary with my job. I'll be paying within the next few weeks. I'm super excited :)


Well, I'm currently waiting on my period. It doesn't usually come late but this time it is... whenever it comes Or of it does come I'll go ahead and pay my down payment. If not I have to wait until next year!
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