22 Yr, 5'3" 375CC HP Mentor Smooth Silicone Unders - Miami, FL

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Very excited to finally be writing my review! I'm...

Very excited to finally be writing my review! I'm attaching some pre-op photos including the ones I sent my PS Dr Ghersi in Miami. After much research I believe that Dr Ghersi is my preferred surgeon for my procedure. He specializes in facial cosmetic surgery (esp rhinoplasty I've heard wonders) but have been impressed with the BAs I've seen from him. I had a consultation almost a year ago at Doctor's Plastic Surgery in Long Island City as I was looking for an affordable cosmetic center in NY but was unhappy with the surgeon that I met with. She did not have much of her work online and after speaking with her she did not instill any trust in me! Turns out that Dr Ghersi co-owns this center and used to work out of there but moved to Miami a few years ago and opened his own practice. He seems to have a lot of younger, slender patients like myself and he consistently gives his patients a rounded, full look without that awful 'high' look that I so fear! As for my measurements under bust I measure at a 26". I work in lingerie and have tons of lovelies- in Agent Provocateur / Myla I wear a 32C. In terms of best fit, I have a lot of Mimi Holliday in 28DD that works well. So in terms of my sizing matrix I wear anything from 32C, 30D, 28DD! All are sister sizes where the cup volume is relatively the same but the band is tighter on the lower numbers. Like my title mentions I am 5'3" and a petite woman. I do have thighs and a butt so I think I can definitely handle a fuller implant! I am aiming for a 32DD, 30E, 28F (UK) sizing (equivalent to 2 sizes bigger) with breast implants I've noticed that it is inevitable that a woman w/o implant sizing at say a 32D has less breast density And always looks much smaller than someone with the same bra measurement w/ implants. So my wish to go two sizes bigger will defiantly look MUCH larger than what I am starting with! As for my decision to go with HP I don't want to have a lot of breast on the side, as I fear it will look weird under clothing. I love a full, slightly fake look without clothes on but really do not want my breasts to be apparent under clothing. This is one of my biggest issues, I fear boob greed like most women on here but definitely will be sad if they stand out too much under clothing. I typically wear fitted clothing and am banking on my heavier bottom half to make the larger implant seem balanced and not too noticeable. My surgery date is in a week! June 2! I live in NY and will be flying down on the 1st for my Pre Op. I am flying back on the 7th in the morning and going back to work on the 8th! I work in high end sales and an mainly on my feet but it does not require me to lift anything so I believe I will be okay. I have family in Miami but for the first three days I'll be staying with Joy who is a private nurse and opens her own place to be a Recovery home. I've heard really great things about her! Ladies, I love RS and think this community is amazing- please feel free to message me for anything! I will do my best to reply. X


Hi!!! Just came out of the recovery room 3 hours ago. I went with 375 HP instead of 400. Dr Ghersi advised me that the base of my chest is 11.5 and the 400 implant would be too wide. So far I'm really happy that I listened to him.

5 days post op (pics are 4 days post)

Hello! I'm constantly wearing my surgical bra- it actually feels really good because it holds them in and is shock absorbent. They are still sitting high but that is expected. I've tried on a lot of bras and wanted to share with everyone how things are fitting! They are slowly getting softer which I loooove ???? I'm happy to report I'm fitting into 32DD sizing matrix. I think I will be slightly wider once they drop.

1 week post op

One weekish post op! I'm attaching photos. Hardly any more soreness. There have been some instances of nerve pain on my right side but topical arnica cream has really helped to quell it. They get softer by the day!

If you are going to Miami for any surgery

And are looking for a place to stay---- JOY is your girl. I stayed at joy's recovery home for 3 days. She was incredible and really helpful to navigate the first few days pre/post op surgery. Totally recommend her!!! Here is her contact: 305 780 0925

Here are some photos to show squishiness.

Close to three months Post Op

Very happy with my results. Just a quick update.

Dec 2017 update

X hope everyone is well.
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