22 Year Old from Barely an A to 850CC!! Long Story but Truthful Experience. Coral Gables in Miami, FL

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So I have been debating writing a review on my...

So I have been debating writing a review on my procedure or not first based on privacy and second based on I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to say. My experience here has been quite rough but the surgery is now done and I am glad for there. Where to Start because the back story plays into it...I am a transgender woman. For year since starting hormone replacement therapy I have wanted a Breast Augmentation but never was it financially viable. A few months ago I was referred to the coral gables center by a friend who got them done there and suddenly it became a possibility. After finally saving up the money to do so, I first flew to Ohio to visit the family as I live in Honolulu. Once there I began to speak to the coordinators at Coral Gables.

This is where it begins. My coordinator informed me of a additional 500$ charge simply because I as transgender and if i wanted my blood work done there it would be a additional 100$. The coordinators were very sloppy. Hard to get a hold of, lots of times my assigned coordinator wouldn't even call me back after I had left her messages. I had to constantly call her back and I felt like a stalker. When she did reply she would ignore 90% of my inquiries and simply ask about payment. Since my bank was in Hawaii, i thought it best to simply withdraw cash for my account and put them in my mothers bank account as she could pay the cost of all on her card. THIS seemed easy however turned out to be a hassle. After having to email her pictures of my ID as well as my mothers ID and Debit Card front and back, she informed me that she could set the surgery for the follow week so long as payment was receive. Wednesday May 14th blood work, Thursday the 15th surgery, and Friday the 15th post-op. This worked good for me as remember I had saved my money and flying to and from Hawaii as well as paying for hotels in Miami is not cheap. I set out on a bus ride toward Miami with my brother as he was going to help and wanted to visit the beach ;) During the bus ride, my mother calls me up worried and said they only took 1000 out of my account and that she had called the bank and didn't know she had to authorize payments more then that. She authorized the rest of the 2100 to be taken out. Short story short because of the sloppy coordination and slow response times there was 3 payments of 1000$ taken out and a 4th of 100$.

After a long bus ride to Miami I arrive that Tuesday. I had no info on what I was supposed to be doing to prepare for surgery at all. I was smoking away, drinking margaritas on the beach and so forth. I woke up the next morning for my blood work a bit tired. I went in, met my coordinator on got my blood test done, signed a bunch of paper work and then only received the Information to prepare for surgery. I left that day excited and happy, went to go get my nails done only to have my Coordinator call me later that day to tell me that my White blood cells were to high and that I could not get surgery the next day. I was distraught and cried because I had the money only saved for this trip and I thought I would have to cancel, pay the 1000$ fee they charge and go home defeated. Thanks to a old friend of mine this wasn't so and he gave me the funds to stay down in Miami. My coordinator set it up so that Monday the 19th I would go in for additional blood work , if my blood work came out positive that day, I would have my surgery later on that same day. She told me to drink lots of water and take vitamin C over that following weekend and also reminded me that the following day I would still have to come in for my pre-op meet the doctor and sizing. The next day, high and mighty Dr. Frieman comes in my room, he barely looked at me, was looking at my chart below and said ok lets take ok. He said it was good I had some tissue built up in the breast area before he said "ok I am gonna give u 800cc each, and I will inflate them to 850 if I need to" shook my hand and left out. I had tried to ask him question as I did not want them that big but he shrugged them off saying they would close the gap in my wide chest and just seemed in a rush. He left the room, 2 minutes after that my coordinator comes in to tell me the good Doc recommends I get a HIV test because my lymphocytes were low. You can Imagine how this crushed me, it ruined the next 2 days for me and my brother and I was convinced I had it, I was calling up guys from my past left and right blasting them and fell into depression before working up the guts to go in on Friday and get tested. came out negative and I cried tears of happiness as everything had turned around and looked better because of that result. I called my coordinator right away to tell her of my results. I stuck to my plan of water, vitamin C and stopped smoking.

MONDAY surgery day comes around. I go into the clinic, pay over 100$ more for my medication that I had to bring in on my surgery day and my coordinator calls me back for my blood test again. After she ships them down to the lab she sits with me in the room, we talk a bit and strangely after being so nervous and resentful towards her for in my eyes not helping me enough - she became the closest thing to comfort for me of being in that office. SO while were waiting, the Dr tells my coordinator that he needs the results of the HIV test to due the surgery. Mind you she never told me I needed to get it done, only that I should and thank god I did because the surgery would of been a no go if I hadn't. All she was "Oh sorry, I heard it wrong!". Since I didn't know I didn't bring my results, so while still waiting for my blood results were calling up the other medical office I got my test done at, sending them medical release forms because they didn't want to send it. They sent it and finally my results came in, everything was normal, my lymphocytes that the Dr was up in arms about were normal and I was a go for surgery. It took place on Monday the 19th , my anesthesiologist was rude and I don't even know his name. When I woke up I felt instant pain while one nurse put on my pants, the other my support bra while one shoved a perk down my throat. I was rushed out of the clinic.

The next day I wake up to go to my post-op appointment. Dr. Frieman was unavailable so Dr. Ortega did my post op. He was so warm and sweet I instantly felt comfortable with him. And then he tells me Dr. Frieman gave me 850cc . All of this and I had no idea. 850cc if he needed to, well he needed to and he simply forgot to tell me. The 20$ I paid there for a support bra was crap because they didn't even have my size! The Doc said I needed a size 40.

Its been 5 days since my surgery, they have a band to help push the implant down as they are riding high, but my little breast have turned into big things. I am not sure of the results yet because they have not dropped but among my friends who have had them done, I have by far got the largest at 850 while the closest one to me is 750cc. I can't say I am happy yet because they haven't dropped but I am hoping they aren't so huge or I am going to be pissed. I will post more update pics. Sorry I dont have a lot.

Im usually a very private person but I would like other girls to know what happened to me and take my results into account. Those these post ops pics are unflattering, I am sharing em for purely sweet purposes.

One week post-op

My new breast are dropping nicely. The pain has resided and it's more so pressure that I just feel now. They are pretty big now and from what I hear, they are going to be even bigger when they drop lol. I want to make it clear though that I am not blasting the Doctors works. More so his mannerism that he took with me and the process which led up to my surgery. I however understand that for my part the surgery was not a planned one and all scheduled within a week and a half time.


Also forget to mention, I will add more topless pictures in a bit. Just haven't got the chance to take them.

9 days post op ;) & Bra size

I went shopping at Victoria secret for some comfortable Bra's as the surgical ones provided were simply to tight. The employee who did my measurements informed me I was a 38 Double D and when i dropped I would most likely be a triple D. I love them at the state there at not, not sitting to high or low. I may not care for Dr, Freimans manner but I cannot knock the Doctors work.
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