21 Years Old, 110 Lbs, No Kids, AA With 225cc Silicone BA! - Canada

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Hello ladies! First I'd like to thank everyone...

Hello ladies!
First I'd like to thank everyone here who have made a review. It is much appreciated and gave me wonderful insight. Now it's my turn :) Like most of you, I've been wanting a BA ever since I knew my boobs wouldn't grow past their size in grade 8. Now that I'm finally done school, I thought a wonderful gift to myself would be to finally get my BA.
I've been debating a long time over heading to Miami to have this procedure done. Their prices are so attractive, and the expertise of the surgeons are unmatched. I did have a consultation here in Canada, and I really liked the surgeon. He explained to me everything I needed to know about the procedure, and really reassured me.
I'm still debating on heading over to Miami (and have the procedure done for a fraction of the price) or staying here at home and pay about 3500$ more. Going to Miami is a bit scary since I've never met the surgeon. I could have some complications afterward when I get home, and I'd be left all alone without a surgeon to observe me.
Has anyone of you been through this debate?? Help!

Date booked!!

I finally booked the date! June 15 it is:). I've decided to stay in my home town and selected a surgeon here instead of going to Miami. I figured it would be so much easier and would require virtually no planning. I'll be a thousand times comfier in my own bed during recovery compared to a hotel room!
Here are a few of my wish pics (stolen from a few of some RealSelf reviews). Not wanting to go too too big, but still want something bigger than what I have right now. Gahhh i cant wait!!!

Pre op done

So today I had my pre op meeting with my doctor and my nurse. I had noo idea how complicated the healing process was! Sure, I read all of the reviews on this site, but having it explained by the nurse and doctor made it much more real and serious! I was told I need to wear a bra 24/7 for one month, and have to insert pads in my bra to cover the insicion. No pool, no lake (booo) and no hot tub (booo x2) for a whole month....makes me rethink having this done in the summer lol. Also, no alcohol (specifically red wine) and no garlic during the 2 weeks prior to surgery. I litteraly put garlic in everything so that's def gonna be hard for me.

Invother news, am I obligated to wear the surgery bras (which are uuuugly and huge) for the whole month? I forgot to ask my doctor :( I'm assuming I can wear some type of bralette which makes it less overwhelming compared to the front clasped bras! What did you ladies do?
I cannnt believe my surgery is in a little more than 3 weeks! Definitely hasnt sunk in yet. I'll try and upload some before pictures so I can help out other really flat-chested ladies lol.

1 week and a day!!!!

Only a week and a day left to go. It's surreal, it hasn't sunk in that it's actually happening!! I'm really scared of the pain and of being disappointed, but it's part of the process and I really think anything is better than what I have right now. I've been hesitant on posting pictures of my before, but I had a hard time finding someone with the same before as me, so hopefully I can inspire some of you. I've tried to post pictures here, but as I've seen on multiple reviews...I'm having a hard time uploading them :(

As for the sizes, we've decided on either 225cc or 250cc. I'm going back and forth on the sizes....is it better to be disappointed that I've gone too big, or disappointed that I've gone too small and don't notice a difference? How did you girls decide on the sizes??

Before pictures!

Ahhhhhh what I dreaded! Putting up my before pictures. But here they are. There really is nothing there.
I'm very petite and my rib cage is tiny (as per what the surgeon told me). This is why I'm really scared of going too big and getting something that looks super fake! I am by no means a ''fake'' girl that loves seeking attention, so I definitely want something subtle.

On the other side!! 1 day post op

It is doneeee!! I dont even know where to start. I got at the clinic at 9:30, but only got called in at noon to start the operation. About 7 people where in the operating room - a little overwhelming but i was happy to know i was in good hands. Next thing I knew, the iv was in my hand and i was fast asleep. I woke up at about 2:30 and was having so much trouble opening my eyes. I couldve dosed off for a full 2 hours right there, but I hate when people watch me sleep so I forced myself to stay awake.
I felt like I had just done 500 push ups after years of not working out (which is actually my case lol). The pain wasnt that bad and i only one moment where i felt nauseous.
I decided to go with the225cc. My doc suggested the 250 since he said they would fit better in my breast pocket but I was too scared of choosing that size and it ending up beingtoo big.
I just removed my bra minutes ago for the first time and so far Im happy with the results! They are a little far apart so im hoping they will get closer together when they heal.
I dont feel that much different which is kinda weird since i have breast implants now!! The only time I actually felt them was when I opened up a cabinet and I kinda felt it move in me. It was really weird lol.
The thing i hate the most is sleeping while sitting. I almost didnt sleep at all last night and i was so scared that my bf would turn around and hit me by accident or would try and cuddle with me without thinking. That kept me up all night :(

The nurses said the pain would be the worse tonight and all day tomorrow since my anasthesia will be completely gone from my body. Not looking forward to it :(
In the meantime i will try and upload pictures!

Pictures - 1 day post op

3 days post op + post op appt

Im feeling great!! I can't believe i've had my surgery 3 days ago..i havent touched my morphine pills once, and im already off the tylenols. I feel so lucky with how im doing, compated to a lot of girls reviewing their experience. I've never felt nauseous, i've not been comstipated (been going everyday since the operation) and i'm already sleeping well!

I went to my first post opp appointment this morning and the surgeon said everything looked good. They showed me how to massage them and its a realllly tedious task. They ask that I massage them 10 times for 10 seconds each turn, twice a day, and for 6 months. I should follow their advice but i'm sure i'll stop after 3 months lol.

I actually touched them and wiggled tem today which was a little weird! But all in all, i am so so happy for having done it. The size is perfect and i'm recovering so easily! I even went shopping withmy mom after my appointment and found a bunch of clothes i wanted to try on. i was a little sore after the shopping trip but was happy to conclude that 1) my boobs look exactly the same size in shitts as when i'd put my double push up bra on (so aquaintances and family will never know i got this done) and 2) i no longer fit in xsmall bikini tops!!

I cant waittttt until i get to enjoy them and wear an actual bra!!

1 week post op

Everything is going great. I feel like I recovered pretty well/quickly. I can do most things, except sleep on my sides
:(. Saturday i drove for the first time, and it was realllyyyy weird. As I was turning the wheel, I felt my implant go up and my muscle clenching over the implant. I decided to lay off driving a little bit more and wait until I feel more ready.

My experience so far has been a bliss. Every day I could feel my recovery improving and I could do something new that I couldnt do the day before. I do not feel weird having implants, they've never seemed like something foreign and not a part of me. The way I explain it is that it's like the part of me that was missing is now in place :) (cheesy...i know. But its how i feel lol).

My only regret is that I feel like I've gone a little too small. I shouldve picked the 250 and not the 225. When im topless, I loveee their size. But when I put a shirt on, I feel like my old self with my major push up bra on. It's initially what I wanted to look like, but I realised in the last couple of days that deep down I wanted something a little bigger. Nonetheless, I'm very happy with what I have.

Question for you girls : if an acquaintance or family member ask about your bigger chest out of curiosity (i.e.: oh wow becca, your boobs look bigger!) do you confess? Do you lie about it? Do you say straight out in the open you've gotten a boob job?? I havent seen anyone yet who doesnt know, and i'm a little anxious to go out in public and face whatever my acquaintances would say.

2 weeks post op

Late update..been busy all week! Here is my 2 week post op pic. Not much else to report on. I think they're getting closer together :)!

2 week post op / dreaded boob greed

Ohh dear, us girls. I swear, we are complicated. I got everything I wanted with my surgery - amazing boob shape, perfect size so that in shirts they look just like i looked with my padded bras and no one noticing I got a boob job. Everything on my checklist got checked out. Howeverrrr the boob greed is there. I saw my friends over the weekend and even they didnt really notice a difference.
I did get everything I wanted. But I still have that feeling inside that I didnt go big enough and that it wasnt worth all the money I spent on them :( i am super happy to have boobs now, but I'm sad that I didnt go just a bit bigger. Waaahhh :(
Here they are at week 2. Hoping they somehow go bigger when they finish settling. Hey, a girl can wish right?

Ughhh last review is supposed to be 3 weeks post op!!

Not letting me update my review :(
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