21, Silicone, 1 Happy Breastfed Baby - Miami, FL

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Name: Jane Breast size: 32A Implants: Silicone,...

Name: Jane
Breast size: 32A
Implants: Silicone, 400cc+ Round profile
Height: 5'2
Weight: 104 pounds
BMI: 19

Hey y'all, please feel free to follow my journey with Dr. Freiman at CGCosmetic. Originally, I was going to get saline implants but with my lack of breast tissue, that's already firm I'm afraid saline implants would be rock hard on me.

I have not met Dr. Freiman or my coordinator Joannah, so I've did intensive research on my own to avoid any concerns. I will be flying to Miami, where I'll stay in a rented out house (Airbnb) for a few days. If you plan on going with CGCosmetic, please understand they will not hold your hand and kiss your cheeks. They are busy, working for a pharmaceutical company I am well aware of busy, precise and blunt so their lack of service never bothered me. As long as Dr. Freiman, a perfectionist gives me exactly what I'm looking for realistically I'm happy.

I'll update you all on June 20th to let you know how my pre op goes. I wasn't given a time to come in, so as soon as my plane lands at 8:00 in the morning I'm going straight there to complete paperwork and so on..

Wish Pictures + Random Information

Just attaching my wish photos, as I mentioned I'm a very flat 32A wanting a lot of cleavage and roundness. I'm giving Dr. Freiman these photos, as that is the way he operates which I think is brilliant! Why stress about cc's when you can give a professional a photo? 400cc may be huge on me, and itsy on the next girl..

Well, I'll be recovering in my MACOM bra. I ordered it in Champagne in a size small..the reviews are 10/10 and the way the bra is designed, I'm sure I'll love it.

I also will follow the rapid breast recovery guideline. To wake up two hours after surgery, stretching, laying on your breasts 15 mins and even showering the same day as surgery! I'll let you all know how that goes...

But wow, I've been paid in full for about 3 months now and I cannot believe surgery isn't even a week away!

What do you all think about my wish photos? To much for my tiny frame?

Favorite Wish Photos

She was my exact size..went with 500cc Silicone High Profile! I will show Dr. Freiman these..I'm thinking long term as I do want to gain 20-30 pounds, so they may be huge on me now with my petite body but eventually I will round out :)

I'm also getting LASIK and dental work (To shape my canine teeth, they're sharp for some reason lol!) I have 5,000 to splurge on so upgrading to silicone, LASIK and dental work it came up to 3,000.

Not sure what else to spend the other 2,000 on but I do have to spend it within a two month timeframe or else I'll lose it.

All in all, I'm very excited to finally achieve my dream body. Perfect boobs, weight, teeth and vision! I have zero stretch marks, and no loose skin from baby.

Anything else you ladies can suggest that's cosmetic?

Forgot to attach photos lol

The same girl!

Pre op

Hello, I had my pre op today and I honestly felt as if I was one of their coworkers, everyone treated me to the best of their ability. Their was a mixup, they accidentally put Dr. Lossein as my surgeon and explained that it was a honest mistake and apologized several times. I of course did not mind, we're human and I loved that they owned up to their actions without excuses. I played with the silicone 450cc, but will try them on tomorrow while Dr. Freiman is there. I did not meet him today sadly.

I was told I'd receive my surgery time tonight but as of yet it's 9:45 PM and nothing. I'll just go there at 6am since they're only a short drive from my location and to avoid being "late"

I'm not nervous, scared, or even excited! Occasionally I get all giddy and exclaim, "Today is my last day boobyless!" But that's about it. Weird!

Silicone implants

*No idea on the size, or which implant was used will question on pre op tomorrow at 10AM Eastern time. I showed him a picture and he said gotcha! Then I said 450cc, he said my frame was wide so he suggested 460cc but would "see what was best"

I've been out of surgery for over 5 hours now I believe and haven't had any pain medication :) But I will take some after I eat, just to take this pressure off my back and the pain in my armpits. I'm not big on medication but my back hurts so much and my arm feels useless.

I know a lot of you do not like your breasts at first but mine are gorgeous so far! Dr. Freiman is extremely talented and confident. I would 10000x recommend him. For the past 3 years straight, he's done the most breast augmentations in the U.S - not because of the cheap price, but because he's just that darn amazing AND cute.
I just opened the door with a ice pack on and my MACOM bra. The pizza guy was like uh...I was like "Welcome to Miami!" And he kindly put everything on my table and even opened it for me :)

The surgery was extremely fast

Implant Size + Style

Hello everyone, Sr. Freiman inserted 425cc Natrelle - Silicone Filled Style #20..which is high profile!

I was instructed to purchase a band to start wearing next week :( however I'm able to start my massages which I'm excited about.

My back is still hurting, along with my implants. I'm going to take a pain pill and eat some pizza, than go on a walk once the pain medication sets in. I paid $14 for 5 sets of medication..one being a 30 day supply (quantity 60) of pain medication. So it was very affordable with my insurance. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

One Day Post Op

My girls are so darn gorgeous just to be one day old! I've read hundreds of posts here on RealSelf and was more then prepared for the initial disappointment and disgust I would feel towards my breasts in the beginning. But they're perfect. Dr. Freiman is so talented, I can't stop obsessing over them.

SO much pain

That's what I get for bragging, woke up in serious pain! My back not only aches but my breasts and arms as well. I'm not sure if this is due to the 30 minute walk I took yesterday but man oh man, never again. I currently have a heating pad on my back and a cold pack on my chest. I took two percocets..I honestly wanted to take four but I have a plane to catch this morning :(

I'm excited to see my two year old, but somewhat nervous. She's very wild and carefree..and needs me to always hold her . Not sure how this will play out..

Well the pads are working, and the medication. I'm going to sleep now...????

P.S - Did anyone get a professional back rub this early?

2 days post op!

Sorry, I'm pretty obsessed with them. I'm getting the tattoo on my chest removed..my sister and I got matching tattoos, I went to a professional and it looks like it was done in prison! The font and size just ugh, I hate it. But anyway..

Whenever I'm in pain I take a pain pill sometimes, put a freezing ice pack on my boobs underneath my MACOM bra and a hot pack on my back where the pain is. I usually feel great afterwwrds!

Here's some random photos I took today;


Just posting more photos. :)
I have pain on my back and ribs + I'm a little bloated. My doctor never discussed when I should start massaging them. Some surgeons say immediately and others to wait a week. I'll probably continue gently massaging them now and do it a bit firmer as time goes on.

Body Pictures + Video

I can't believe how fast time is flying :) I'll be one week soon! I love how my body looks now that I have a chest. Currently I fit into a 32D (Just tried on, still living in my amazing MACOM Bra!) Sportsbra by Victoria Secret. It's pretty snug, I wonder what I'll wear after they round and drop! Probably a 32DD.

Ladies what did you wear after your implants dropped?? I was a 32A, had 425cc implants inserted. Silicone High Profile. 5'2, 104 pounds.

Squishy! 5 Days Post Op

Wow, after doing three massages yesterday I woke up at 1:05 AM to squishy breasts! My right has also dropped a little I think. Just thought I'd share :)

I wear my MACOM bra 24/7. I take baths and just wipe that area with a rag gently..I can't get my steristrips around my incisions wet. But the MACOM bra is just wonderful.

You don't have to worry about choosing a certain size, you just choose your back size and the bra has this mesh netting where it'll adjust to the shape and size of your implants. Offers so much support, I've never experienced the "My breasts feel as if they're going to fall out" feeling or any of those other complaints I read on RealSelf.

This bra is medically designed for Breast Augmentations..I paid around $70-80 for this bra, which includes shipping as I received it from the UK within a week. I'm not good at explaining, so just check out the website! I live in this bra, and will continue wearing after I'm all healed up. Love, love, love it! Offers plenty of support + it's adorable! I wear just the bra around the house and even in my yard as it's pretty modest.

Booby Greed :(

Argh, the booby greed feels has hit me! I've been trying to make myself feel better by looking at other girls with my exact measurements and it's helping so far. I keep whining to myself that I should've gotten 500cc..and that I'll just get a revision and blah blah blah.

I know that I will have huge breasts as I'm only 5'1, 100 pounds on a good day and just petite all over. My first post op photos, my breasts are also bigger then a lot of the girl girls but again booby greed! It's real!

I'm just documenting this so I can laugh at myself when I'm in pain from my double D breast for even considering 500cc's.

8 days post op :)

Whenever I lay on my sides my breasts actually falls in that direction. That is a new experience for me as I was totally flat before and had zero movement with them. They're soft and squishy..I don't know if they feel like a "real" breast or not seeing as how I was a 32A or less. My breasts were always really firm so I guess I'll let one of my girlfriends grope them and see aha. I was looking at forums and read that a lot of guys supposedly hated implants (Not that I care, was curious. )..however my guy friend last night was super excited about them. He was very delicate at first, as I explained they're practically new and that he can't wait until they "heal" I laughed at that but said nothing. After all it can take one year!

Uhm..I'm not on pain medication, was driving 4 days post op..had sex for the first time and slept without my MACOM bra all night. Man that felt good but weird! I kept grabbing my breasts making sure they hadn't ruptured lol..not that I would be able to tell :)

I'll attach some bikini photos later on today! Ordered several from Victoria Secret in a size small. I hope they fit, as it was the surfer type + the strapless bandeau :(

I had on a very cute pale pink strapless bandeau top in a size small and a high waisted grey skirt last night and man did I have to adjust my top 1,000 times. My friend thought it was hilarious and at first I loved it..but man does it get old. I own so many strapless tops, I cringe at the expensive extra small ones I'll have to sell -sigh-

My left breast has a random bruise ???? No idea where it came from, but it happened last night. I love my size right now :/ but a lot of doctors said 425cc was humongous on my petite frame and I WILL "look" like a DD! Holy!


Hello, so my steri strips fell off today..at almost 12am unfortunately so my local pharmacy is closed. I just lightly dabbed the area with water and applied a light layer of gauze between the incision and my bra. Debating if I should purchase more steri strips tomorrow and wear 3 days straight, 1 night without + massage..repeat. I'll do this until 6 weeks post op then I'll began to wear silicone patches by scaraway. This was my regima with my areola incision..zero scarring :)

I think they look awesome to be only 2 weeks post op. It looks kinda bad due to the blood/steri strip markings. I didn't have any antibacterial soap, I don't feel comfortable using anything else there. Will attach current incision photo, and another after cleaning.

2 weeks!

They look great to me so far..I'm not using a strap, I'm letting them drop on their own/with massage. I try to massage them three times a day but it's more like one half assed attempt in each direction with a lot of pushing them together, because I want nice, round cleavage.

Clean incision

Practically non existent. It's just slightly raised, I was instructed to massage them and not to use the steri strips anymore. I'm not sure if I can use my silicone patches now..I don't see why not. The incision is completely closed and healed. The stitches have dissolved..I'll call my doctor later on today to see. I hope so, using silicone patches should be done so as soon as possible.

No pain or anything. As I had zero tissue I can feel the implant at the bottom of my breast, but only if I'm poking at it..if I'm cupping or squeezing it I don't feel anything.

I still have "morning boob" which is when you wake up in the morning in pain due to not using your muscles. It goes away after a few minutes of being out of bed and moving around.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :) very satisfied. Can't wait for them to round and drop more!


Honestly not much to talk about..I wonder how different they'll look a few months from now.

Update :)

My breasts are huge on my tiny frame! I'm so happy he couldn't fit the 460! I would've looked like WOAH.


I'm just attaching photos from now on unless something different occurs..not much to talk about. Feel free to ask questions, notifications come to my phone :)


I have so much cleavage without the aid of a bra haha. Yes I'm a dread fall wearing, furry leg warmer wearing weirdo when I'm not at work ;)


Bust: 32D
Waist: 25
Hips: 32

In case any of you are curious. I'm what they call a inverted triangle LOL. All models are for the most part. I want to start waist training to obtain a hour glass figure!

Update :)

Beyond happy! Best decision I've ever made..I hope Dr. Freiman will still be a surgeon whenever I need a replacement :)

Update + New Piercings

Nothing has changed as far as I'm concerned, very natural looking.. I'm on the busty side due to my petite 98 pound frame however. I haven't read about or seen any photos of ladies with nipple rings and breast implants. I was kind of scared to get them at first due to the risk of infection and possible implant replacement, however I've never had a piercing get infected (over 9) I use the H20 Ocean Spray 3x a day, wash with antibacterial soap 1-2x a day. Clean all of the crust from it with q-tips only..pretty much it. Love my piercings :) I had decreased sensation in my nipples, nothing major but noticeable. The sensation came back 100x

Dr. Freiman was absolutely amazing! He is truly the best doctor, and I recommend everyone go to him for all of your desires! I showed him what I wanted, and he said, "Gotcha" and smiled. I'm only one day post op and they're amazing, I experienced 0 pain after surgery except for mild back pain! My silicone implants are already beginning to soften up, which is crazy. Some say Dr. Freiman is arrogant but he has EVERY REASON to be so, he realizes that he can and will give you perfection. I'm so happy I could cry..he's a man of short words like we've all heard but honestly theirs nothing else to say. He asked what I wanted, explained that I would need 10 more cc's to get cleavage and did exactly that. I never leave reviews but he turned me into a girl into a woman overnight and I will forever be indebted to him!

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