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Hi! So I have finally decided after months and...

Hi! So I have finally decided after months and months of dieting and exercising, I going to get a bbl. I'm 5'4 and weight 170 lbs. I workout about 3-4 times a week but I've always managed to creep right back to 170 lbs. I want to get lipo (fat grafting) in my lower abdomen, love handles, flanks, and my thighs (inner and back of thighs). I have already managed to lose most of my back and arm fat. Ya know my butt is an interesting butt she's not flat and she's not round (I do a lot of squats) but she needs some help! I've been doing research and I was initially going to just go to Dr. Jimmerson. He does some nice stack stripper booties, but that's not what I want. I've been researching Dr Fisher, Dr Hasan, and Dr Cortes down in Miami. I've also looked at Dr. Yily in DR but I'm a little afraid to leaving the USA for this type of thing. I've posted a few pictures, Can anyone point me in a clearer direction based on the job type I'm wanting???

I wonder how much weight I'll might have to lose pre-op

My weight is staggering between 165 and 170. I'm more muscle then fat. Last time I checked my body fat was 35% and my mass 28%. That was back in December.

Duran Dolls

I think I'm going to go with Dr Duran. Any Duran dolls getting work done this year.?I

Second thoughts about DR

Man, This is nerve recking. I'm having second thoughts about DR again. Maybe I'll just get it done in Miami and take my boyfriend with me to help/care for me. I just sent Dr Constantino Mendieta a consultation request. I like how he's come up with his own bbl techniques and sound's so pasionate about what he's doing. It sounds like he loves the booty. Lol


So I've gotten quotes from two different doctors. I just sent off my info for my evaluation for Dr Duran. She's my top doctor. Prices for the following doctors:

Dr Curves(Jimmerson) $9800 (no dates until next year)
Dr Mendieta $10300 (until March 31st)(then $14,000)



So I've sent in 2 evaluation questionaires. One to Dr Duran's website and another one to a surigcoordindoor. I still haven't received an answer. I even sent her a message on What's App. I've called the office several times the phone just rings. I see she has a new assistant (IG) but Still nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The process

So I got a response from a Surgicoordinator. I'm just wondering is it worth me paying the $200 for their services. I've emailed Duran and her personal office twice no response. I've call the office several times also. Does anyone know if they have an English speaking person in the office. Any Suggestions on how to get intouch with her.

Duran and Scheduling a date

Seriously it was a process! I called and I called and I emailed and I emailed. I finally decided to do some sourcing and found out it's best to call between the hours of 7:30-8am or occasionally 2-3pm(sometimes no one is there that speaks English). Once I finally got through ,they couldn't open my pictures. I sent them like 4 separate times. Finally they sent me a quote. I paid the deposit that same day through Moneygram. The next day I woke up early and called and called. Finally I secured my appt date! June 29th I'll be a Duran Doll !!!

Help finding a great Recovery House/Hotel

My boyfriend is coming with me. Does anyone know of any recovery houses that allow men and provide private rooms?

Switching doctors

I think I'm going to switch from Duran. If anyone wants to buy my date let me know. It's for June 29th. Now I'm considering Hasan or Fisher. Who is better. I want to achieve a small frame with a plump booty. I'm not really looking to be wide. Dolls help !!!!!

Damn Fish!!! Lol

So I already submitted my info to Dr Fisher's office. They already called me back with a price and a date. I'll make my $1000 deposit Friday. That only took 10 minutes ???? Wow! It's only $1400 more then Duran (I would have sent that on tickets and passports.)

Earlier Date with Dr. Fisher

I really want a mid August Appointment. If someone has an earlier date that they don't need. Please let me know

Werk Werk Werk

lol Hi! The deposit is paid, the hotel is booked, maxi dress bought, and I met a lovely Doll on here who donated her earlier surgery date!!!! So I've current been working out and taking my iron. A few more months to go!

P.S. I'm currently researching nurses and putting together my supplies list. I have a current one that is offering me a package deal that includes massages. Just weighing my options before I pay the nurse deposit.


I booked the plane tickets last night! My boyfriend is more excited then I am lol.
Last steps ordering supplies and booking a 24 hour nurse. Also I think I'd rather rent a house then an apartment. Airbnb shopping currently ??


36 days to go!

The time is near!

7 days away! Ain't nothing to it but to do it!!!!!!!!

I'm officially a Fisher Doll!!

Fisher he did that !!!! I'm already liking my results! Finished my 2nd massage today and I actually fell pretty good! Fisher was really nice and playful. You can tell he loves his job! I'm looking forward to seeing my full results!!! I swear if Vanessa from Curvy Angels Recovery houses, Bella Babes, and Chiseled lux didn't lift all the stress from my shoulders in preparation for my procedure I don't know what I would have done. Oh yeah I can't forget my girl Yare over at Coutour305 she's really helpful and the massages are amazing! More to come later I need a nappy

9 days post op

I'm back home here in Atlanta The plane ride was pretty annoying. My boyfriend told the attendant that I had just had surgery. She gave us our own row since the flight wasn't full. But I still couldn't get comfortable. I just kneeled on the floor in between the seats and fell asleep like that lol. She later came and got me and gave me another row all to myself. I still wasn't comfortable but at least I wasn't sitting on my ass. Lol I came home Tuesday (3 days ago). My boyfriend has been caring for me all week. I'm pretty mobile tho I've been moving around on my own. I've been riding Lyft and Uber everywhere since I can't sit down yet. I ordered the booty buddy since I have to return to work next week. So I'm just waiting on that to arrive. Other then that I just very itchy lol. I can't bend yet seeing that my ass is so tight, So I just kneel to pick up things. I actually was never really in much pain. I guess your only as strong as your mind is. I'm enjoying this quite time relaxing.
I guess I'll start my massages back up next week.

P.s. Don't start eating junk food too soon. All bad news lol

Total Cost

Surgery: $5500
Plane tickets: $230 (for my boyfriend & l)
Hotel Apartment(7 days): $785
24 hour nurse/massages: $610
Garment/Supplies: $450
Miscellaneous: $500

Total Cost: $8075

2 months post op

Yeah! It's definitely been awhile! I finally found a massage place here in Atlanta a month ago. I got my 4th lymphatic message. She suggested endermologie massages. I've had 2 of them already. They feel really weird but their smoothing out the left over hardness in my stomach. My garment and I have a love hate relationship. I wear it at night mostly and when I'm home. I had to give it a rest in the day time, seeing that it's been 90 + degrees all summer. I altered my stage 1 garment like 3 times so far. I'll probably go ahead and purchase a new one soon. My scarring is coming along great! That rejuvasil really works! My booty softened up a whole lot it jiggles a little now. The right cheek is a tad harder then the left. And yes I'm still using my happy booty pillow. I've been sitting without my pillow a little just to get my circulation back to normal. My eating is terrible I'll be glad when I can hit the gym in another month.
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