I'm 4 wks po in Friday and hate to inform my butt iss the same size it was preop ! I'm mad sad but, I wouldn't do this sx again!

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Whats up ladies?? Well I been stalking this site...

Whats up ladies?? Well I been stalking this site for two months its so addicting is crazy!! It all started when I was preggo some lady in my job had butt shots and I wanted them right after baby, I always had a nice ass and good body but if lost too much I lost myass and if I gained it went to my stomach and thighs ! Im 5'2 130 for most my adult life im 25 btw...but I always wanted a bigger ass like every other women in miami I had already bought the boobs when I was 19 ..I had a baby three months agoand gained 70 freaking pounds!! And I been so depressed with this post baby body im ..ive lost 45 lbs but I need to lose more!! Im like 167 need tk get to 150 I think..afer getting on this wonderful site booom it hit me! I need a b not those scary shots!! It just seemed like is a lot of money especially since I want more kids in the future..but I just cant help it you girls look so fabolous after your bbl that I have to get it any means how!! My first choice was duran because I loved her results and even more the price ..but after reading all the horror stories on here I changed my mind plus I never loved the idea of leaving the country neither did my husband I didn't want ti leave my baby either. I figured I just pay a couple grand more and stay in miami a lot of the best doctors are here anyway..my fave is jimmerson but too expensive but in miami I like salamas work..but im so anxious I just cant wait until next year...so the runner up is ghurami ...I want to do it in november..I have a consultation tomorrow with him.. need help from you girls on what questions to ask??? And any other advice!! I have seen some of his work but would like to see more..im not comfortable posting pics but im thinking about because I love to see all your pics and really enjoy all your stories is really helped me learn about this sx ..im on my phone not computer so please bare with me I look foward to share my experience with you dolls xoxo

I help!!!!!

My sx is at the end of the month with ghurani because salama wasn't available when I wanted I originally wanted salama my preop is tomorrow should I just wait for salama??????????????

omg tomorrow is the day and I'm a nervous wreck pray for me!

Hey girls first of all I don'tthink you guys understand how helpful everyone that's shares there story and answer all our questions really are and I thank you girls so much you are a blessing and is so thouthful how muc h time you take to help so god bless u !!!!! Shout out to feelin sexy so sweet and helpful god bless her!! So tommorow is my sx if anyone has tips or must have items you wanna share is highly appreciated! ! If I'm up to it after sx I owe you guys to put my side to side b4 and after pic god bless!

so my boyfriend is treating me like shit!! and I go in with salama at now I feel like throwing up pray for me girls!!!

I can't wait to get this done omg my bf is more nervous than me I can just shoot his ass right now go madea on his ass!!!!!!!!!!he's pissing me the f off uggghh salama doll in the next hours lets do this I wanna thank you for your advice and support this year xoxo see I on the other side my loves!!

this is hell

Sorry to scare u hopefully I get better soon I have bad migraines and cantconcentrate thx for prayers ladies everything difficult but good so far xox


I wana write so much but this migraine is gonna kill me!!!! Girls tell me plz u had a belly left the first week and it went way!!!!!! All this to stay fat I'm 5'2 went in146


I'm 9 days post I'm so much better! !! Just the pain in stomach in back from lipo but that's it and not being able to care for my baby yet is killing me in this sx you need a lot of help the first week !!! So make sure u have that before u book!! I'm dieing to show off my body you don't understand lol..I regtet not getting face down pillow my neck was killing me first week I oreder it it should be here tommorrow but by now I'm use to it so definitely a good investment..now the itching is getting real ! I took pics but the angles are so bad and is dark I will take better ones asap love ya dolls

pic!! of front!!!

What do u think


b4 pic

I know my reviews our a mess and out of order sorry I do it from phone and not good at this blog stuff


My back with burns my boyfriend take horible pic it was a small bathroom t00 :/

day 9 new pics

Nomie took them she took the drain off she told me ho monday then when I get there she said it still may need more time. .really...so I was like take it off! She said i might get a pocket of fluid and they will have to take it out with needle I swear if is not one thing is another has anyone experienced this?

*come monday lol

*come monday lol

ughhh I just want to feel normal again:(

I'm so uncomfortable !!!! This faja drives me nuts I walk like a robot!! And have to beg my bf to help me everyday !!Pads don't work!!!!!so I'm starting to put on underwear fuck if it marks my v can't take it my stomach and back are hurting like if I just had lipo! !I paid for two peice of shit lymphatic messages I think thease ladies was there first time I'm so over this recoveryand with an 8 month old jesus I'm going through hell I can't wait till all this is over

my boo tay

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