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Hey you guys, I am a young adult (21) and I really...

Hey you guys, I am a young adult (21) and I really want a Brazilian butt lift since forever, but now I feel that I am an appropriate age. I know the cost will be crazy, but im cool with that if my results are amazing, the doctor and his staff treat me with respect and wont stare at me with those judging eyes and etc. Im not a stripper or a video girl. Im just a girl who loves fat buts lol. I was going with Dr. Fisher from VanityMiami, but the consultant was rude. She told me my quote and I went ahead and filled out medical loan to get to book an appointment. The quote was 4500 because I just want my stomach sucked out really so I loved the price. She told me to ask for 4500, but the medical insurance gave me 5000 which I thought was cool. When I talk to the girl again she then told me I would owe them 800 back. I ask her, " If I would have to own you guys why didn't you ask me to get 4500? Why didn't you tell me to go ahead and get more just in case and she says, " Well first of all I didn't know if you would owe us or not because everybody's quote is different. SO then I said yu should have still gave me the heads up though. I wasn't mad at the fact that she didn't tell me I was upset about the fact she gave me attitude like sweetie surgruy is serious business so you giving customer attitude is bad customer service for any establishment. So I continue my search and im decided to try out Dr. Michael Salzhaur because on his instagram he has some great results and also he looks like a great guy so I cant wait to talk to him.

NOt impressed

Okk you guys, i went and got my surgery ( Brazilian Butt lift) from Vanity cosmetics Clinic in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl and it was not the best experience i had. First, the coordinator that i was talking to the whole time gave my wrong directions to get to their clinic, then the doctor wasnt enthusiastic about meeting me or nothing and i believe that really wanted me to not even go through with it because he was compassionate, happy or even cracked a smile. The nurses are all Hispanic and many couldnt even understand English very well so it was so hard to communicate. Even though they was atleast happy to see me. I also felt that my coordinator didnt know what she was doing because she made it seem like this doctor is so good, but you guys the pics i showed them on how i wanted to look like after the surgery was nothing compared to what i end up looking like. When i asked the doctor why i still have so much fat he claimed because he was allowed to only take out a little bit. So my thing was that if you could only take out so much then why didnt you let me know from the beginning and give me the choice if i wanted to go through with it or not. Im so pissed, but my friend told me to wait 6 weeks to see if my body changes if i dont see anything atleast 3 mths im going to sue.
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

If you are looking for someone to take fat and give you a bigger butt then you have i will not recommend this doctor. The results i asked for or not the results i recieved.

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