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I'm a young 5'0 petite. (125lbs) Yes! I am so...

I'm a young 5'0 petite. (125lbs) Yes! I am so small. My mind is set on a BBL.
I have big breasts! :o 34D & I have always had fat in my mid section and I thought of just working out but the problem is I want a booty! & I'm afraid of loosing my breasts!
So I looked more into BBL and figured its a 2 in 1 win win! Half my family/friends say I don't need it and I should just work out & the other half are supporting me saying I need to do what makes me happy. I agree. This isn't so much about insecurity at all. I believe I am a pretty decent looking human & it's true I could work out and loose my tummy but it doesn't get any simpler than me just wanting a big booty! Haha.. I know I could live without one, but I just want one! & if I knew this wasn't a goal thats possible I would not be persuing it, but because I have actually thought it out, I know it is possible and I am going for it! :-)

Anxious for BBL

It's been about a month since my virtual consultation with the staff of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery & Dr. Salzhauer. I was researching many doctors and am 100% set on this office. Whether I get my surgery done tomorrow or in 10 years. Haha. If seeing Dr. Salzhauer's amazing work wasn't enough, his staff was so friendly and informative. I got email replies in less than 24hrs with so much information it just felt so real and I was one step closer to my goal. I spoke to Dr. Salzhauer over the phone and he was just so friendly. At first I was nervous jusg because it's not everyday you speak with someone you don't know about your body, but he made everything so comfortable.
I haven't set up my appointment due to work purposes and financial decisions but I am so glad I went ahead with getting a generous quote. I am working towards arranging everything and definitely plan on scheduling my surgery date very soon to have my procedure no later than March/April 2015. Slowly but surely I will start purchasing things I will need for my visit to Miami. Due to the fact that I am petite I have to carefully chose what I want my post body to look like. Although Dr. S said I was a great candidate and he could even give me a "video vixen" booty , still I believe I need to carefully weigh my options.
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