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So yes, like many of you i have been very focused...

So yes, like many of you i have been very focused on this site, reading dozens upon dozens of reviews, gathering information. Im telling you if it wasnt for the collective sharing of expereinces id be scrambeling in the damn dark. So here i am schedualed with Dr. Omulepu on sept 2. It still hasnt hit me yet. Im 5'1, 138-ish pounds. 32, 33(waist), 38 hips. Im aiming for a nice fat ass and tiny waist- here i come !

19 day count down to being fabulous

surgery is in 19 days- send prayers my way !! i post some before pics

pushed my surgery date

pushed surgery date up to end of october- im still pre-op

make a wish !

these are my wish pics

Well Helloooo Miami !

it feels so good to not be in a scarf and jacket and finally take them layers off and enjoy this Miami sun. The surgery is tomorrow .Say a little prayer for me- Watch me go from Aight booty to whoa?? Dat ass though!

Updated BEFORE pics

i hv just a little something-somethin which can mostly be seen when I wear tights but doesn't pop when I wear jeans or other thicker clothing.

more before pics

you know in these pics it looks like I'm Holdin. But in person it looks smaller, yall think I can achieve those wish pics ? Can yall see my face replacing my wish pics ? Whatchu think :-D

POST-OP: I made it

heres some postop pics- my belly is still swollen

1500cc in each cheek

I'm about day 5 post op. It's amazing how different everyday is... And how truly important water is. I like my shape- I love the fact that I have hips and curves but guess what ladies Id love to add more projection! In my post op pics it looks like I don't need it..I know. But I hv an ideal in my mind of how much projection I want for my taste and I'm definitely going for a round 2 next year :-)

garment and other curious stuff

wearing the garment plus not sitting on butt is intense. sitting on the foam roller is uncomfortable.About my butt......its funny bc i got 1500cc per cheek, yet my hips only measured 2 and 3/4 inches bigger. Visually its very ROUNDED out but it doesnt project as far as of yet. The fat in my butt is jammed packed/condensed and very tight.....its almost like im squeezing my butt the tightest it can and it just froze in that position. so.... im very curious how my extra fat will settle as it relates to projection. i can see Why the fluffing happens- that condensed fat that was jammed tight in there is loosening up and finally settling. I was instructed to either cut out the butt in my garment OR get a butt-out garment and remove the foams to be replaced with waist cincher by friday. Still got a whole lot of swelling. Even in post-op its still a journey.

By the way im 11 days post op


Waist :-D

i have to say I am tickled by how small my waist is.... It's surreal that I don't have a stomach - and I'm still at the beginning of my healing *smiles* , plastic surgery is amazing

Shrinking waist

Chiiiiild....... My waist is getting super tiny and I don't want it to get any tinier than this . It's so weird to see it this small... Last time I had no waist...... Shiit must've been like elementary school or something. I gotta wear this waist clincher for 3 months after that I'm not continuing to compress anymore... Smh. my waist is shrinking FAST. And guess what ? my hips are down an inch . I'm doing round 2 anywhere between 6 month to a year post op .
Any Vets out there know any affordable ps who is good with finding fat from *petite* women in bbl2 ?

Petite women vs overweight women results

I have to get use to seeing my waist like this. I already knew my waist would be crazy tiny- that's the thing with petite women who get BBL – if anything they are pretty much guaranteed the tiny waist meanwhile the thicker/ more overweight women you can be comfortable with betting that their asses are going to be colossal . For petite/tiny women, we seem to struggle with GAINING enough weight for the procedure versus the overweight women who have to strive to lose weight for the procedure but then their BBL seems to be a very nice plump size. But the coveted waistline that the thicker women wants - they have to make a little bit more of an effort to get the tiny waist that the petite women get very quickly.

one month and one day post op bbl1

so. its been a month and a day. the shape has still maintained- but the volume is less dramatic. My hip/butt measurements have decreased almost 2 inches , however it seems to fluctuate- meaning somedays its smaller and some days it grows a little. So theres some yo-yo action going on. i have started the bbl2 preparation and i decided to go with Dr. Hasan. He has seen my pictures of my post op bbl1 body via my client coordinater Anna, and had some critique of Dr. Omulepu's lipo work on my body, such as the presence of bra rolls, and that my waist is not completely lipo'd etc. Anna said that he mentioned that I dont need to gain weight bc my bmi is fine and that he is able to sculp with the fat i already have. He uses a technique that Salama has been doing lately which is to insert the fat in a particular way so that it will be alive and have a better access to blood source. This way it has a greater chance of staying put and maintaining volume... Basically underneath the muscle. I havent decided on a solid date yet but im aiming for anywhere between 7 months to a year from now.

7 months post op bbl1

So here I am 7 months post op. Dr Omulepu did a great job , the projection is cool and my shape is different from what it was before - a def improvement.But i def want to get round2 bc it's not as full as ultimately want. So. Round2 is scheduled August 15 with Dr. Fisher. He is very experienced and board certified. As far as the fluffing ladies - yes it is true . I noticed it around month 4 and it grew 1 inch. Everything feels soft and natural , just a very slightly hardness in my stomach area. I healed very well.
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