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Hello luvs!! Has anyone had any contact with Moni...

Hello luvs!! Has anyone had any contact with Moni w/ New Body Recovery Services? I have been emailing to no avail and now her website is down.. I'm less than 6 weeks away with no after care services.. Smh

Ok.. So a little about me. Im actually not new to Realself.. I've been lurking on here for about 2 years and finally decided to create a profile...I am 36 5'7 185 lbs . I have 3 children (2 of them just turned 18 & 19)!! Had my kids young and sacrificed a lot for them. Now at a phase in my life where I want and will focus more on myself..

Surgery is scheduled for Mar 3 with Fisher but I still have to purchase supplies and find a recovery home.. I recently stopped smoking cigarettes so yea for me????... And I have to also get a medical clearance from my PCP... I know u guys are probably like "she ain't did nothing" ????????.. But Trust that I will handle all business in time.. I work well under pressure!! About to clock out at work now..will post again later.????????

Wish Pic...

Sitting here at the nail shop getting my toes worked on (lol)!! And using this surgery app..

Thoughts and concerns on scheduling issues

Good morning luvs.. So, I've become aware that Hasan is currently absent from Vanity. I feel so bad for all Hasan Beauties that this has affected. I was sooo close to going with Hasan. Matter of fact, he was my first choice, then I switched to Fischer, then back to Hasan, then finally I told Vanity that Fisher would be my Dr. and I promised my coordinator, Ana, I would not change my mind again!

Now, I'm thinking about all the chaos this could cause with Hasan being MIA. Calling Vanity right now to make sure I am still scheduled for 3/3 with Fisher. And I'm also nervous about Fisher now.. Will he now perform double the amount of surgeries until Hasan gets back?? Will he be burned out by the time its my turn?? I hope that doesn't make me seem selfish but shidd I'm just thinking about EVERYTHING. Maybe, I'm overthinking it... I need to stay positive as possible.. Ok.. about to call Vanity now and make sure my date is still good. Cuz you know things change in an instant w/ Vanity.....

Vedette 929

To the vets who purchased the 929.. I've heard this faja runs very small... did u go 2 sizes up or 1?? I Pls help!!

Having second thoughts... Hasan ?? where u at???

Man...SMH... As I sit here and view recent work from Fischer, I begin to get extremely nervous... I DO NOT want to put myself thru all these changes (financially, mentally, and physically) to come back to TX talking about " going back for a Round 2"...No time for that BS.. I really want my stomach "HASAN SNATCHED" ... I have faith in Fisher, however, Hasan is giving that "what waist?" look that I really would love to have in my life... It's almost game time. I really don't have time to be second guessing my decision like this .. uuughh.. Frustrated

Lab Results Tomorrow...

Hey y'all!! So.. I ordered all of my supplies but it still feels like I'm missing something ! (will go over my supply list again shortly).. I had labs done yesterday and results should be avail tomorrow.. I was hospitalized due to a pulmonary embolism about 7 years ago so I had my doctor run a INR test for that (make sure my blood will not clot easily). Hopefully, all things work in my favor and I will be cleared for surgery..

Vet Dolls : On a not so serious note, I wonder if I will really have have to take off my nails ??? I've seen pics of dolls on the day of surgery w/ nails. Does anyone know why this could be a potential issue?

living nitemare

hi ladies.. when they gave me the news I literally could not breathe. A week away from my surgery and the clinic informs me since I had a pulmonary embolism in 2009, Fisher says he will not do surgery. I was cleared by my doctor and my INR levels were normal. I cant stop crying. I cant believe this is happening right now. I informed my coordinator last year that i had the embolism and she told me as long as I get clearance by my doctor I will be ok.

Now 9 days before showtime and they tell me no. My coordinator told me that I should see a specialist and get clearance and they will present my med records to Fisher again. Or I could go with Macadoo (who is that??). Now if I wait on Hasan not sure he will clear me either. This is soo fucked up words cannot describe how im feeling ... .

Pulmonary Embolism 9 years ago

Hi Ladies! Ok.. here is the deal.. I had a PE about 9 years ago. Traveled to MN to MS by car and got a PE shortly thereafter. However, I have been healthy ever since! Fast forward 9 yrs later, and I am still considered a high risk patient for the BBL . Would anyone out there happen to know of any doctor that performs BBL's on a patient they consider "high risk".

Has anyone had a successful BBL with a history of a PE? Please help!
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