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I found doctor Alvarez online. He is Board...

I found doctor Alvarez online. He is Board certified and i like his pics. He has no disciplinary actions on his record, graduated top of class, his father is a surgeon, and he has performed hundreds of bbl's. I have high blood pressure and am nervous. i will be flying in by myself. I would like to stay in a recovery house for 3 days. They are running about 200-400 per night, includes meals and transportation. Does anyone know of a cheaper one. Booked a flight through priceline from KY for 190 tax included

ive found a recovery house!

i will be staying 3 days at Miami Escape. It is clean brand new and has a private bath in each room. They provide transport and three meals, although they will not pick up prescriptions. They are running a special 175 per night plus $60 for a care package thats optional

BBL done!!!!

hello all! i got my bbl on June 1st 2016 by Dr Sergio Alvarez. recovery on the first day was hard. i was given percosets for the pain. i am unable to sit on my butt and can barely get in and out of the bed. i am staying at Miami Escape, it is absolutely gorgeous, swanky. i have on a faja, which is like a girdle it costs 100 at the doctors office. they are also available at Miami Escape. must wear socks for one week. no bath for two days. my blood pressure was regulated, 140/100 will prevent you from having the surgery, pictures coming soon. my surgery was delayed two days, so instead of staying here i opted to get a hotel on the beach.

10 days post op

im ten days post op, feeling better everyday. yesterday i drove to work using books under my thighs with my butt hanging between the books and the backrest. before i would lay across the backseat of the car. i stopped taking pain pills four days post op, and have four pills left of my antibiotics. recovery was harder and more painful than expected, i am very happy with my results, my stomach is flat but appeared large at first.

faja suppression garment

I purchased two compression garments from the doctor. they are 100 dollars each. also purchased a board to place under the garment on stomach. this really helps. i wore the board to high for first three days, and it gave me a pudge under my stomach, it is now back flat. my doctor does not use drains, he leaves the incisions open. supposed to make swelling go down faster. my stomach was very swollen but is now flat

15 days post op, swollen, but satisfied

i am worried that im losing volume on/in my butt. Dr Alvarez says that people lose 30% of the volume in butt. sorry im not good with the camera, i look much smaller and more defined in person.


Its best to arrive at least one day b4 surgery. You have to fill out a ton of paperwork, mostly waivers. and you have to make final payment. The surgery will be at a different location from the office. This location does not take payments. So, if you are scheduled for 6am; you cant pay til the office opens at 9, so you cant get the surgery. If you smoke, your reabsorption rate is higher and you heal slower. You have to sign a waiver. It constricts blood vessel keeping new fat from attaching. Walk more to circulate blood. You can manipulate your results. After two weeks buy a waist trainer or corset. Something with the silhouette you desire. Wear it all day and evening. leave your butt and hips bare. The garment is used to reduce swelling, which is good for the stomach, but bad for the butt. We want it to swell and get a little jiggly. At night sleep in your old garment. Lay on something firm like a book or magazine. The garment is 100 dollars extra and is not included in the fee. You need 2 they get nasty. You are using the bathroom from the hole in the garment. You can buy a urine funnel. Must make first down payment to reserve date, then a week before the surgery you must pay at least 1000 to confirm date. Whoever is picking you up from surgery should get your prescription filled while you are in surgery. The 1st day is very painful. Felt much better by day four. Getting through the airport is hard. You cant sit so you must walk and stand waiting. Able to return to work by day 7; a non sitting job, but only worked a few hours each. 2nd week still sore, tire easily very hard to bend over. Not sitting is beginning to feel like a burden. The same doctors practice out of several offices. The same doctor costs thousands more depending on which office you found him at I did not use any of the supplies that i packed. They weren't needed.

18 days post op

Recovery house ,,,miami escape

My recovery house was gorgeous. Brand new, super clean, modern. Two girls to each room with private bath.

Emotional rollercoaster

Yesterday i was sad and emotional, i felt that my butt had lost tons of volume and was shaped weird. Today i think it looks good. Oh im losing my mind, worrying about this bbl!!

Post op issues

Im just realizing that my stomach is completely black very dark. During the last 2 days my stomach has been very sore. It is also getting hard. I can feel hard knots throughout my stomach, im realizing that this is y i needed the massages. I haven't got any because i was sore and was thinking i'd have to lay on my butt



I had light spotting about 5 days after surgery. Started my cycle four days ago. Only light spotting for two days


I havent been posting lately, sorry. Im having issues with my new look. My butt still looks good in clothes but it is dropping. I had a raised boxy area at the top of my butt above my hips. As i lose weight this dent/bulge is becoming more noticeable. Also the middle of my butt looks flat. Im not sure if i need a revision or a touch up. Or if i can get lipo on those bulges, only, will post pick

5 weeks 1 day post op Bye Bye Booty :ยท(

Sorry i have not been responding or posting pics. I worry and obsess over the decreasing size of my butt and the fat rolls on my back and lumps and bumps and a zillion other things. This process really brings out your phobias hang ups and secret hopes and fears. Soo much so, that i decided to stop looking stop taking pics and stop worrying...,,, i even started sitting on my butt. Whatever happens will happen.

I look better in my clothes and in the mirror. I still look fat on candid shots. ???? idky..,you can't tell from the pics, but my stomach is flat. My back/waist is much smaller but i have a roll. Cant wear a back out shirt, hopefully it will continue to shrink. My original faja/ girdles are too big and loose. If i dont wear anything, feels like my whole body/all my fat is falling down or settling low. My doctor recommends wearing only 12 hours i day, i usually wear about 20 hours a day. To replace i bought a waist cincher and medium spanxs type girdle at sears 20 for cincher 50 for spanx.

The dent across my butt upper hip area, that i had before surgery, is becoming more visible. Other than that my butt has a nice shape. It is now regular average sized, i think. At this point i am happy, hey its much better than what i had, but its not the butt of my dreams....if it gets any smaller i will be crushed. I am hoping that after the 5 week mark, most if not all of the volume has already been lost. It seems 30% smaller now. I am considering a revision, if my dents become more visible, it will be hard for him to refuse. Cant see them in girdle but the area is circled in another pic. Doctors must approve u for a revision. Although i dont want to go through the trouble or the pain again. Feels like having a baby, many women go back for a 2nd round and its like they forgot how painful it is, like when u have a baby and then want another, forgetting that u damn near died. The mostly male doctors describe it like its a walk in the park minor outpatient surgery. No, it is major surgery with a long stressful uncomfortable recovery and any time u r put to sleep u r risking death. So i dont want to rush into another surgery unless its necessary. A revision costs about 2000 i think. I know u have to pay for anesthesiologist and hospital fee lab work. Plus im from out of state so recovery house plane ticket transportation. It will quickly add up. Anyway, i wouldn't say that a recovery house is absolutely necessary maybe the first night to make sure u dont die, but other than that u can order take out and walk around. Bringing a friend is fine, plus i dont like being treated like a child or being told what to do. My recovery house had lots of rules. Also i cut holes in the butt cheeks, which i immediately regretted

Feeling good

Today my butt looked big/good in my clothes. Everyday i look and feel different. Thats why i said i would wait and stop obsessing over my figure.
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