Wanting a Bigger Butt and Hips :)

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I'm on the hunt like most of yall. I been looking...

I'm on the hunt like most of yall. I been looking into dr fisher . I found a few profiles that had some great reviews and results. Are there any out there that can name some that you've came cross ? Please share .
I am trying to gain some weight so that way I have enough to fat to go to my booty :).

Wish pictures

I did take the pictures from other RS that I'm following. I hope you don't mind ???? Go big or go home ????????????????
I hope to get more before I decide on a date this year


Has anyone done rhinoplasty with dr Fisher at the same time getting a BBL?
If so or seen a profile with dr fisher work let me know please

Hotel vs recover house

For some of you that are looking or already gotten it done ... Which one is best.
How much for a hotel dos you pay and which dos you stay in?

Recovery house how much did you pay and what is included?

I'm trying to see how much I will be spending a total of

I know I still have to buy supplies ass well.
What are the number one things that should be on the list ?

Thank you y'all for the replys


Oh ... Anyone from Tx area thinking about going later this year to Dr Fisher?


I been looking into Pantoja more and more . I will be sending in my picture through email to get price . I also got prices for the recovery which they emailed me back fast .

Anyone know how to change the doctor on here ?

When going over the boarder you need a passport , correct ?

Current pictures

Just wanted to share a before picture
5'3 155lbs


I would love to buddy with someone to do it the same day . I'll be flying in from Tx

I'm Going with Dr. Salvador Pantoja Pereda


So, I was going with fisher but as I looked through everything I loved Pantoja's work.
I do need to get more info and waiting for $ . I'll be calling Monday.
Where did you ladies stay?
Anyone going from Tx?
What are must haves to bring?


I finally received a email from Nadia. She gave me the cost and everything I needed to know . I really can't wait .
Like I said before I'm 5'3 155 and I want to be 165 so I can have enough fat
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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