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My identical twins sister & I turned 35 years...

My identical twins sister & I turned 35 years old June & as a birthday gift we decided to get our BBL procedures done around the same time. She had hers yesterday & my procedure was done today. I researched for months before deciding to go with Dr. Alvarez and I don't regret it at all! We both already had booty but wanted our waist snatched & more hips with a little more definition in our booty. We flew from Jax which was only an hour to Miami. We are staying at a new life recovery house & let me just say, William is absolutely amazing! He & his mother are so genuine & kind hearted & they are taking awesome care of my twin sister & I. His mom makes all meals home made, broth & chicken soup was amazing day of surgery. They give you a call button & are there every step of the way to help during recovery! So my surgery was scheduled 6:30am this morning. William got me there around 6:15am, I was taken in the back at 6:35pm, marked up & consult with Dr. Alvarez completed by 7am. He was excited to be doing his first set of identical twins. Anesthesia given & within seconds I was out. I woke up freezing, but expected that after doing my research, they gave me warm blankets & also have this heating machine blowing warm air directly on you. William was there to pick me up around 10am. My advice is to be sure and fill your prescriptions before your surgery, I filled mine the night before, so William was able to give me a percocet before the car ride back to the recovery house which made a huge difference, as my sister didn't get her meds until afterwards & felt the pain! I was able to walk to my room, there is was given jello for my throat as your throat is extremely sore & scratchy from the tube. Cold jello helps coat your throat, given my nausea pill & broth, I waited about 2 hours before taking my antibiotics. Surprisingly today hasn't been that bad. I've been able to walk around, slept on and off, been able to eat baked chicken & rice without any nausea & been pretty much ok, on a scale of 1-10 pain level is about a 4. More sore than anything. I am leaking a lot of fluids as Dr Alvarez doesn't use drains not sutures, but no dizziness or light headed. I have my post op & first massage tomorrow so I'll post pics then!

Post Op Day 5

So the first 4-5 days of recovery is a bit#$ and this is coming from someone who had a high pain tolerance as I deal with chronic migraine syndrome. I haven't been up to posting but today was much better, I went in to work for half a day, I'm an auditing manager so I sit at my desk- which I stood some but also used my booty buddy- which I love as it kept my butt elevated w/o touching my chair! I'm now able to put my garment on without any assistance & have a bit more energy. Percocets started giving me badown headaches so I'm now taking toradol for pain, in addition to my antibiotics & arnica pills. I try not to over do it or over exert as you will feel yourself getting light headed if you do. If you can get past the first 5 days you will be able to tolerate the remainder of recovery with ease. I do feel stiffness & a little soreness but nothing unbearable. There is a lot of swelling which is expected, especially the first several weeks but I have a lymphatic drainage massage scheduled tomorrow to help alleviate some of the fluid. I took a pic before work with just my maxi dress and before I put my garment back on. I really can't wait to see my 6 weeks results!

Post Day 9

So I have a luau party this coming Saturday so I decided to try on my dress which is by the way now a small! I'm still very swollen & it has only been a little over a week but omg I'm so loving my body!

2 Weeks Post OpToday!

Today marks 2 weeks since I've had the surgery. I'm still swollen a lot in my lipo areas & was advised that 80% of my swelling should resolve between week 4-6 so I can't wait. My butt hasn't dropped yet but it is softening in some areas. There's been a little discomfort but honestly it's very tolerable.

16 Days Post Op

Just took off my garment so I'm still very swollen but I'm starting to see great improvement. Can't wait until I reach 6 weeks!

Post Op Day 17

Booty softening....

1 month post op

So it's been 4 weeks or months since my surgery, things are progressing very well. I still have a lot of swelling in my back & stomach area. My booty is getting softer. Can't wait until this swelling subsides but I hear u typically are in swell hell the first 3 months. Here are pics of the booty!

It's Been A Few Weeks...Butt!!!

So I'm experiencing a lot of swelling, especially in my back & stomach at times so I'm going to schedule more lymphatic massages & wear my garment 12 hours a day to see if that helps.

It's been a minute

So I'm experiencing a lot of swelling, especially in my back & stomach at times so I'm going to schedule more lymphatic massages & wear my garment 12 hours a day to see if that helps
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alvarez is a hottie, very professional & extremely knowledgeable & witty. He's honest with you about the expectation & results & puts you at ease. So glad I choose him!

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