I Wanted a New As$ for Years and Finally Got It - Miami, FL

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I got BBL Done and I am happy about it the first...

I got BBL Done and I am happy about it the first thing I will say is the first day is Hel! On wheels I must say but every day it gets better trust me it once you view your results. it so worth it trust me ladies you doll will not regret it. . There's ni better feeling than feeling u feeling happy and sexy . This experience was very different and scary for me but I did it and I made it to that otheeside and Will too

Recovery house

Ok ladies I stayed at a recovery house with moni let me start off by saying she is the best in the game when I say if I can rate her on the scale from 1 to 10 and she will be a 20 no lie remind you I never met this lady ever nor her sister I called her because one of my real self sisters gave me her number and we talked a whole hour the first night we met over the phoneI feel so comfortable I knew I was going to stay with her she was so laid-back cool down-to-earth honest the whole 9 yards After we talk I continue to bug her and I Book My stay with her.it all started off like thisshe pick me up from the airport and took me to the doctors office and that's when I met with Dr. O and he explain how sexy he was going to make me feel and look. Moni was so ready with her supplies ,She had a ginger ale crackers for me after surgery she stayed there the whole time with me and don't know why the doctor went over things once the doctor walked out she kept me calm because I was starting to chicken out after I did all of this . Next thing you know the anesthesias came in to talk to me reminding her lashes was flawless she was pretty and she talked to me and told me I was a good I'll feel so comfortable after that next thing you know I was on her table breathing in and out I wasn't even scared anymore because I knew I was going to wake up BBL Doll LOL. Next thing you know I was out I don't member nothing like them up and my feet was cold like crazy this is day one.

Osakatukei omulepu

He was so nice so respectful so honestI have no regrets about doing this Procedure . The First Day is no joke it is a lot but the first day yeah is no joke most definitely you will need to stay in a recovery house if you're an out states patient or bring someone that you trust that can take good care you but your first three days you will need help seriously .

New pic

Love my booty


New pics no garment

More pics

New pics

Me in jeans

I went to get done jeans I can't believe I'm a 13 lol my hips are dum...

My body before

I hate this body. I had love handles for days

Before and after

Just ugh to ayyeeeee for a$$ yes

Recovery home

So at work and I get a call from Moni I missed it and called her bk we played phone tag a lil but we finally talk tonight for over an hour as usual I freaking love this lady we gotta be Friends because we talk so much about everything I swear I had a great feeling in my heart the first time I talked to her . But she actually calked to check on me to see how I been .. I updated her and we continue to chat ..!i can bit wait til next year I will be going bk to her I love her she so sweet n her sister is too I swesr they took care of a sista ..ladies like Forreal do your research on recovery homes ..... I know I did ... If you need a nice clean warm homey recovery house feel free to get in contact with Moni she is the best ex specially if you traveling alone . We all want to make it to the other side but once you make it to the other side it is ruff u need that assistance that a man / friend really can but can not give u ... she checked my vitals every two hours made me walk so
I won't stiff up showered me give me my meds checked on me she treated me better than I get treated at the hospital ... Sweet lady and will make sure your ok when I got hot she got me a fan I was so extra everyday some what like Tamar and not once did she treat me mean or talk to me mean she never smack her lips or nothing I p Ed all over the place and threw up and I kept saying sorry and she keep sayin it is ok this is normal... When Moni had to take other women to the doc her baby sis helped me out it was a fun but painful experience in Miami . I twerked for Moni lil sister at the doctor office once I seen my result ...... Lol....... I love their services ... I packed this big bag of supplies and she have her own supplies n mines said inmy bag my lil cheap self was going to take mines back lol I'm kidding but everyday was different there my room was so cute and had a pic that made me never wanna give up her whole home is pretty nice and beat it look like a showroom.I wanted to leave this big tip to look in my purse n o only had 25 buck I was pissed I'm a card girl I guess because I work for the bank and I see money n touch it all day ....... Moni said she love her job and was not tripping about a tip I didn't wanna go to be honest I wanted to cry when she out me in the wheel chair I wanted to cry ......
Only reget I have is I didn't get to twerk for Moni witty this new as$ lol..

Everything moving

So I went back to work and I had to service the Atm and I left my keys indoors so i ran back inside the bank n as I ran my tits moved and my a&$ Just jiggled I had to hold them down yay it soft now which is fast I feel no pain at all it hard for me to sleep the whole night that all ...by by side 4 with all these hips and as$ im a 12 omg

New pics

Me in a sun dress and work pants

Pics I been trying to post

All me

Today in leggings.

Two more days and I'm at one month . I love my dip


To my bbl sister who made it to the other size do you ladies have a hard time falling to sleep and my hands go num at times especially at night can someone please help me please . During the day they are num but I work with my hands and I really do not have time to focus in it but at night in my bed it makes me concern and bugs me tooo

Thank you dolls xoxox

I swear yall ladies been there for me more than my family thank u all .. This is a sisterhood we all wanna look good I have noticed on her people can b rude too but it will alway b a bad Apple to spoil the bunch........... To my supporters thank again doll . To my future bbl doll I can't wait to see you all results..thanks to the men on the following photo ..

in 30 days your body can look fab

In 3 hours I was looking good everyday my waist is getting smaller yay


I'm so sorry I have been so busy

Feel better

I have been doing great sleeping well no more pain in my hands no numbness no nothing every blue moon my back hurt for a lil while but nothing major.my stomach look so good I had to post it

Night life

I love my new body that I paid cash for ..!!!!! Lost some friends but no curves...!!!!

New pics

Loving results

Hey dolls Don't give up

I had to screenshot my booty for y'all ladies that are thinking about bagging out. If this is something for you in my own opinion I believe you ladies should. Do not believe in noone else no more because with this journey a lot come with it you may have ppl downing you , you may lose friends your family may have things to say but guess what you will be happy now day we please everybody else and put ourselves last. I love my results Nd my Hubbi love my results. To this day I have people saying I change and guess what you do change because your body change . I have became more sassy and elegant confident my clothes fit me different even cloth I had for years . I wish you future dolls luck . I'm so sorry my update is so late because I have so many more photo to show

Almost a year

Still happy

Look at her butt


dr O

I really love my work by Dr.o

Still loving results

Love them still.. Ass still moving

I went to Dr. Osakatukei omulepu I call them on the 23rd and they was able to perform surgery on the 25 tell me that wasn't not amazing and I'm an out of state patient .I had a consultation with the doctor and he explained to me that he can help me with the BBL and give me good results the following Dr. was running a special for $4000so I jumped on it I got on a plane and got my butt ( Flat ) toMiami and get my surgery done on 25 Ty of February the doctor was down to earth not selling me no dreams .All I know is I woke up with as$$$$$$$$$$ and love it......

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