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I'm 20 years old I have a 10 month old beautiful...

I'm 20 years old I have a 10 month old beautiful baby boy like most women I LOVEDDDDDD MY BODY before I became pregnant .I was on the right track of loosing weight after I had him but like a month later I started eating every time he woke up not working out and I kept adding on pounds .During my pregnancy I went from 160 to 220 I didn't gain weight until the end (mostly water Retention) from having preeclampsia once I left the hospital I got down to 180 . I started to gain weight I went up to 205 but recently I lost ten pounds because I stopped eating through the night . Anyway I have always had curves the perfect body big ol booty nice tits small waist lol , but after pregnancy my ass became saggy and my stomach is huge and flabby. My arms look like I'm a football player my thighs are huge but idc I've always had chunky legs. I just want lipo on my stomach and a bigger nice round brown !!! I'm terrier to do this I'm so scared of pain but I believe I have a high pain tolerance because I had zero pain during labor I actually didn't even know I was in labor luckily I had a doc appt. and she was like omg you're 6 cm dilated lol . People kept telling me how it would hurt and all these crazy stories but that didn't happen to me I was chilling just really hungry lol. I have tattoos as we'll I thought they would hurt I was expecting the worse but that was fine as well it really didn't hurt just felt like an annoying needle poking me . This surgery is something serious though the drains and shit,the swelling, omg I'm so scared but I need this in my life . I want to move to Atlanta very soon and I know getting this surgery will get me where I want to be In life sex sells In today's generation being pretty is a great advantage. People always ask me if I model and how pretty I am having a perfect body is just the cherry on top . My dream is to go to Spelman and get into real estae hopefully becoming a celeberity real estae agent :)

Financing ???

Hi ladies I'm dying to get this surgery I'm looking to have it around august /October with dr. Perez in Tampa ,fl. I know someone personally who went to him and she looks AMAZING !!! Plus his office is only thirty min. From my house so I wouldn't have to pay extra in hotel cost ,flights,etc. I haven't booked a date yet because I want to have my money together first. By August/ October I hope to have $2000 saved to go towards my surgery but I will need to finance the rest. My credit is around 600 due to two credit cards one is almost paid off and the other has balance if $400. Dr. Perez does accept care credit but I'm not sure if I would get approved for it . I will need to finance $5000. Have any of you ladies financed your surgery through any other company ?? I could wait until income tax time but that is wayyy to long plus I'm using that money to move to atlanta ....anyone's help would be greatly appreciated !!!!!

Tummy Tuck??

Idk if I should get a tummy tuck I really don't want to I rather just lose 20 pounds or so to achieve my results , what y'all think ??my current measurements are
Hips :49

Dream body on its way!!!

So last night I had a dream that I had my bbl surgery and everything seemed so real. I didn't have bad pain I was just really sore Andy body looked AMAZING I was so in love but very disPpointed that it was only a dream .well at least for now...I want to have it done in sep/ October just saving my pennies for now !!!!

I took the first step!!!!!

Ok so I contacted the vanity that's located in plantation fl I heard they are the best with customer service .i spoke with Alexandra and she gave me her number and email and advised me to send my pics and wish pics ...y'all I'm so excited man but the only thing I'm worried about is the money because I know you have to put money down but the most I can do is $500 right now but in august I will have the cash to pay in full plus extra money for supplies etc. she hasn't told me what my deposit would be yet .Im a little worried about that because like I said before I want this done in September or October. Doing my happy dance I'm so excited!!!!!!

Wish pics

Lol I used the plastic surgery app this is my body and how I want it to be...those are my natural hips u know dr.fisher is going to have me walking around thinking I'm a goddess lol !!!!!!

Dr.duran ???

Ok Ladies I was so against going out of state but I was talking to my friend and we now have both decided we should go to the DR I'm in love with Dr. Duran work and from the reviews she is sweet and caring which I need because I'm the biggest baby lol. My friend wants to go to yilly I really feel that she should not go to her because all of the bad reviews I read on her . I told her that she should really do her research . One thing that happened today which I feel is a Huge sign that duran should be my doctor is that I sent her a friend request on fb a long time ago and today she finally accepted it:) I'm looking to go in September or October so if anyone is going to duran around that time pm me !!!!

What's the best way to contact Duran?

Ladies I really need your help and advise .What is the best way to contact Duran ? I messages her on fb all my info wish pics my photos told her what I wanted and that I had a deposit.That was just last night and I wrote her in English..Should I contact her at her email,phone,and that's what's app thing whatever it's called. Lol I know I sound like a stalker but this money is begging for me to spend it lol and I read somewhere she was booked through August. I want to go in September so that's why I want her to give me a quite ASAP.......IM READY!!!!!!!

Sticking with my heart

So duran got back to me on fb and told me that I need to be 160 and it would be $3900 she didn't say what was included but I'm definitely going to go with my first choice which was Dr.Fisher. I was quoted $5000 , but idc he was my first choice he is four hours away from me and his work is amazing . Duran really pissed me off because I see plenty of girls bigger than me go to her and now her prices are $3900 lol bye Felicia!!!!!

I want a big ol juicy booty lol

I took these pics today my butt is flat and square in praying doctor fisher will work his magic and give me my dream booty....also does anyone know a RS member who had hips before they had surgery ...I can't find any girls that are shaped like me before they had surgery .in just trying to get a visual ....ps wide hips iand big booties are in my genes but mines deflated once I got pregnant :(

Forgot the pics lol


I was wondering if anyone has gone to dr. Ortega he doesn't have many reviews on here but the ones I've seen are nice. When I contacted his office the customer service is great!!! They are not pushy like vanity Evelyn is who I spoke with and she answered all my questions . She wasn't begging for me to put money down and you only need $500 to schedule a date which I have a $1000 that I can put down . But I'm having such a hard time finding a dr. I can't make up my mind fisher's work is amazing , but the bs I've been reading about vanity makes me worry. With Ortega it will be $6000 for everything including a five day stay at the recovery house I would just need to get my plan ticket and emergency money . Evelyn told me they do offer group discounts I told her I had two other girls she said it would be $5000. But one girl wanted butt implants and Ortega does not do that ,and u think my other friend is going to hasan . To me it seems like she is just trying to find the cheapest route she said her sister would be able to take care of us both . I'm not sure about that I want to make sure I have someone taking great care of me and someone I could rely on. Idk ladies I'm so annoyed with this I'm ready to send this deposit out like now before I spend it lol !!!
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