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My surgery is over half paid and my surgery date...

My surgery is over half paid and my surgery date is on July 21st on I can't wait to see Dr.hassan after seen so many great work of at I'm hoping he does my booty good :)
I need to know all I need like what kind of faja to get if I should buy from vanity or somewhere else what size to get it and if I'm going to need more than one. A cinched seems to be so important but when can I wear it, how soon after surgery. I'm gaining weight to make sure I have more than enough fat since I'm flatter than a wash board lol.

Please ladies if you have any advice please tell me I really want to do all I can to make this experience the best it can be with the best outcome possible.

I wonder should I keep gaining weight or not? ????

On so I had tummy tuck last year but there was only lilo done on my fat fast love handles and I was left still square. My far areas is the top body I have the horrible apple shape. I'm n having my whole torso lip and my inner thighs. I'm 5-4 weight approximately 135 to 140 I've gained like 10 pounds. I just want to have enough fat to fill up my board flat nonexistent but lol. But I'm worried he won't remove all the fat and I'm stuck with. What to do do I gain or do I loose weight? LADIES PLS HELP!!!!!

I wonder what can b I wear after bbl

My bitty is so flat that my jeans are thigh to acentuate a flat boots but with my legs being so skinny I wonder after the bbl what jeans can I wear to be both tights in my skinny legs and still fit my new upcoming big boots ;) I don't think the jeans I currently have will still fit after my booty is done. Ladies please tell me what type of jeans should I look for.

I have all the money FINALLY!!!

Everything seems to be on my side so far I was able to collect the rest of my balance way ahead of schedule. Now all I will need to pay is for the garment the pads and the massages. My date is on July 21st and wow its subreal. I can't wait to see how he does my body good. I'll posting before pics soon. I don't know if is my nerves or what but I've been eating and eating and eating I most have gain like 10 lbs. I think I'm going to watch what I eat in the next weeks. I'm trying to quit smoking I got myself the ecig but I still do smoke at night uhg.... it's so hard living with someone that smokes. I'm hoping my I have completely stopped weeks before surgery date.

4 more days I'm scared nervous and exited all at the same time.

I'm starting to doubt my want I guess I'm just nervous after having such bad reck ery after tt. The only thing that mKes me feel better is seeing all the dLls Hassan have made here on this site.

OK 1 week post update


one week after and I feel more or less the same somewhat less pain but it comes and goes. I can't arm to be able to sleep at night. I had my first massage yesterday and it was OK after I had it I felt better like I felt more my normal self for a good hr or so. I don't think the massage was so intense but I did see a positive change in my case.
For someone who thinks this is an easy recovery it is not, it's not easy or pleasant. the recovery I find it to be slow and painful, in my case I still wake up with lots of pain and yes my body aches most of b the day but not all 24hrs of the day. It is something I didn't know how much pain and uncomfortability there was going to be. I'll be posting pictures soon.

pics 7 days post op

A little of everything even sex!

I'm feeling a lot better, pain is almost gone but not entirely. A lot of soreness in my butt and some from the lipo. I still have the bro uses and walking is somewhat difficult but very doible. I tried putting the faja I initially got from vanity it's a xl on the only model they sell and OMG!!!! It was so tight in my abdomen I was in pain all morning even after removing it. I am waiting on my Salome since I ordered size M I'm yet to receive it but I'm hoping I can wear it during the day at least. The purple garment is too conformable for my taste and I realized if I want a smaller waist this is the perfect time to train it.
SLEEPING IS VERY VERY UNCONFORTABLE!!!! I've been sleeping or trying to sleep on the side leaning y o my belly more than my back but after a little while it bother me so no matter what I have to turn around and face down. Seems there I s no scape of this.
I use the poly pillow it helps when I go out to the doctor and to a store or eat but too much of it it will hurt too. I notice if I put the rim of the pillow in my back that elevates my bottom and I am able to lay like that for a few minutes and even eat, it's not seating straight it's more like leaning but the higher your beck is the less the butt will touch the bed.

I am super happy with my new butt, I come from extremely flat and square to hip and big. To me it was so much worth every penny every tear (yes I cried during recovery and questioned worthy nest ) I'm feeling a lot better and even though I can't try on all my clothes since my butt still so sore and hurts I can't wait to see myself in JEANS ????I LOVE JEANS!!!

Uhm..... I had it days after..... I know I know but I squatted and did not put any pressure. So if this concern you like it did me I'll say when there is a will there is a way and my way was squatting and doggie stily. As long as the is no pounding I was fine lol.

I have numbness in my hands and my nerves sometimes act up creating pain when I try to certain movements. I haven't seen my doctor but according to Google it's normal.

LUCKILY for me I've used the bathroom very frequently, I mention this because I'm a constipated person and with the tummy tuck I blew up like Ballon fish needless to say how painful and horrible that was. To avoid going through that again I ate two exlax chocolate with every meal and once they started to work after 3 days I was going frequently without them.

I hope this help you have a better understanding of what to expect ???? I'm SUPER HAPPY and I do recommend this to the right person is a life changer. But having had Horrible experience with tummy tuck doctor and a GREAT one with BBL all I can strongly recommend you us RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH THE DOCTOR YOU PICK. I did for a year and I was 100% confident he was my perfect match!. This place helps a lot since here you see true reviews.

Well girls till next time GN

before and after picts YOU SEE NOW WHY I LOVE HIM?

This are the latest pics of me I have as normal, this are after tt months before the bbl.

Why I recommend dr.hassan

This Doctor just fixed what the other Doctor did when I got the tummy tuck. Dr.hassan molded me in such a way.


It's been great, I couldnt be happier the selling it's all gone and it's been a longer time there is no pain at all. I recommend thks to anybody who feels the need.
Miami Physician

I love LOVE this Doctor, I was do positively sure I've made the right choice by choosing him that somehow I knew he was going to do wonders. I know there are no pictures to show before and after yet but once I post them you will see why I LOVE him. He transformed my body and fix what that other doctor messed up. I am so happy so WOW and so THANKFUL I took the time to research and to have found the perfect Doctor. FOR ME HE IS THE BEST! THANK YOU SO MUCH

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