**13 days post op - pics!**

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Hi everyone! I've been on Real Self for quite some...

Hi everyone! I've been on Real Self for quite some time now doing tons of research and finally decided to make a profile. I'm a 27 year old mother of one and I've wanted for YEARS to have a bigger, rounder butt. Not a huge donkey butt, just something big but realistic looking. I considered Yily or Duran but I am sooooo uncomfortable with the idea of going out of the country, so I scoured the US for BBL specials. I finally came across Dr. Tachmes in Florida who is currently offering a $5400 BBL special until Sept 13 I believe. I hopped right on it and booked my Nov 8 date and sent in my deposit. I'm so excited and nervous! It would be awesome to find someone to buddy up and get our procedures done around the same time! I'll update as things progress. I'm just so happy I've taken my first step!

Before Pics


Flat in the back. Stomach hangs from a C Section. My Dr needs to lipo the hell out ta my love handles and back. I wish I could just kinda squeeeeeeeeze the fat from my mid-section down to my booty. Would save me 6 grand lol. I'll post stats later when I do my measurements!

**Wish pics**

I don't want a big ol Pebbles or Black Chyna or Tahiry booty. Nome of my family or friends even know I'm doing this so I can't just show up with a ginormous booty out of the blue lol....it has to look realistic. The girl in the black g-string with the bun has my ideal booty. Heart shaped, rounded, nice crease underneath....flawless! I wish I could just kinda cut hers off and sew it onto mines. Creepy lol but man, she rocks. I also found other wish pics I liked. None are huge ba-donks, just nicely shaped and projected. And I NEED a small waist. I hope my Dr can do some super aggressive lipo on my midsection!

Switching to Dr. Campos or Pantoja!!

Ok so I've been uncomfortable with the fact that I haven't seen a lot Dr Tachmes' work and not many girls seem to go to him. So I've made the switch to either Dr. Campos or Dr. Pantoja. I've contacted both for quotes. Dr. Pantoja got back to me first and suggested a TT but I told them I wanted more kids so I didn't want one. I was quoted for lipo to the arms, upper and lower back, waist and stomach plus the BBL which is $3600....great price! Angie from Dr Campos office emailed me today saying he was pushing for a TT and didn't wanna really do lipo on me because I won't get good results. So that kinda turned me off but I am waiting to hear a quote and see if he has any open dates coming up. Dr. Pantoja's quote was all inclusive: one night in the clinic plus food, own room with 24 hr nurse care for one night, post op visits, one compression garment, anesthesia and op room, lab work, evaluation and EKG. That is soooooo awesome, if I don't hear anything good from Dr Campos I will definitely go with Pantoja.

Wish pics

I totally stole from of these from other BBL sisters so if you see one you had as your wish pic, don't be mad at me lol

Please excuse the typos

I know how to spell, I swear lol.

I am officially switching to Pantoja.

I started having second thoughts about Dr Tachmes. I haven't seen too much of his work and I think I jumped the gun on choosing him because of the special deal they had going on. I did a little more research and decided to ask for quotes from Dr Azurin, Dr Campos and Dr Pantoja. I considered Cardenas but she is more expensive and doesn't do BBLs well. So Dr Azurin's office hasn't even responded. Angie from Dr Campos's office emailed me but refused to give me a quote because I declined to agree to a tummy tuck which they were pushing for. SMH, that's so rude! I'm not done having kids yet, I don't want a TT! So Angie has just stopped emailing me. Nadia from DR Pantoja's office, on the other hand has been an angel. She also suggested a TT and after I said no, she simply said the Dr will do as much lipo as possible to get me the shape I want. That's what I'm talking about! She has answered all 351 of my ridiculous questions and usually responds the same day, if not the next day. My quote was for $3600 all inclusive. Soooooo it looks like I'm going to Mexico!! Yeah, I know I said I wasn't comfortable going out of the country, but I realized Tijuana is literally a few minutes past the US border in Mexico so I wouldn't be so far away. I also considered Dr Duran but after seeing how hard it is to contact her and schedule things, I decided to skip her. One Dr I haven't looked into was Dr Baez but she's way in the DR. I'm almost 100% sold on Pantoja but it might not hurt to get a quote from her before I send in my deposit.

2 more weeks!! Nov 14 with Pantoja!!

So I just got my lab results back, my hemoglobin level is 12.3! I was so nervous because I used to be anemic and I was for sure it was lower than 12. I started taking my pre-op meds last week: 365mg Iron, 800mg folic acid and 1000mg vitamin c daily. This week I'll add bromelin and arnica next week. My passport came a couple of weeks ago, only took 2 weeks which was nice. My bf is coming with me....he thinks I'm going just to get lipo. I haven't told him the full truth yet because he wasn't cool with me getting lipo and said I didn't need it so I know he'd trip if he knew I was getting a bbl. I'm wondering how long I can keep it from him lol. I am not nervous about my procedure but it'll probably hit me as it gets closer!

My stats

Forgot to include my measurements. Height: 5'4, Weight: 145lbs, Underbust: 33 1/2, Waist: 32, Hips: 37. I used to be 115lbs, 26" waist a couple of years ago....before I had my son, lol. I'm gonna ask for 800-900cc transferred to my butt. I decided against a BA. I barely fill out a B cup but I really don't want implants. I'm looking into fat transfer to my breast, but that may have to be done next year. I'm focused on my booty for now! I have everything I need, just gotta ask my sister for her suitcase. I'll try to add more pre-op pics later.

At the Airport, so nervous!!

My bf and I are at the airport right now....sh*t is getting real lol. We will be flying to San Diego then taking the trolley to the border then walking across. It's so much cheaper than paying 60 bucks for transportation! Once there we're catching a cab to our hotel. I still need better pre-op pics so I'm hoping to do that once we get there. I'm so nervous right now, I can't believe this is finally happening! Thursday at 9am!!!

In Tijuana

We decided to get an inexpensive hotel in the tourist area "Zona Centro". The people here are very nice but if you ever walk on Avenida RevoluciĆ³n be prepared for the aggressive shop owners, they are straight hustlers lol. Avenida RevoluciĆ³n is about 10 blocks of shops, pharmacies, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. Busy area but I feel comfortable here. I'm extremely anxious about tomorrow, I can't wait!

More pre op pics

My last day of looking like this. Woooo!!!

Last wish pics

Some pics to show Dr Pantoja. PLEEEEEEASE give me results like the chick in the black pants, Omg. I've always said I don't wanna shelf booty, well hers slopes down and out to get a perfect amount of projection before curving back under to create a crease. I can only hope!!

Dr Pantoja

He is so sweet! The staff here is awesome. I'm waiting for my blood work results then gonna get an EKG. Once I'm cleared, I'll be ready! So I'll update later today and hopefully show some pics.

1 day post op

I'm alive, woooo!!! I'm so glad it's finally over, so much time and energy (and money) spent on this procedure. I will ask the nurse to take pics but man, I had a hard time afterwards. I woke up during my surgery for a few seconds when they turned me over but didn't feel anything. Pain wasn't too bad, maybe a 5/10, but I couldn't move at all! I was groggy but I do remember Dr Pantoja came in to check on me and then started chatting with my bf through his asst who speaks English, which was cool. His driver took my bf to our hotel. TMI ALERT: Oh man, I got super nauseous and threw up like 6 times during the night. Since I haven't drank or eaten anything, I threw up dark yellow bile. Ugh! My nurse helped me though, I communicated with her through a translator on my phone. Anyways I feel ok now, I got like no sleep but I'll ask if I'm allowed to take sleeping pills later. I'll add pics soon guys, thanks for the well wishes!

1 day post op with pics

So sorry for not updating sooner! Mainly because I've been traveling all day. Yes, one day post op I've caught a cab to the US border, waited HOURS in line to walk back into America, took a trolley to San Diego, walked to rent a car and spent 4 hours in the back of a tiny car and my bf and I are finally in Los Angeles. Dr Pantoja was HORRIFIED when he learned of my plans, but I didn't really have a choice. I've spent so much time sitting today and ruining my results! I've been in pain and stiff at times. I've had no appetite so I didn't take and meds because I've been very nauseous. I managed to take pics at the hotel and will take some without the garment when I take my first shower. I asked Dr Pantoja to not give me a huge butt. Idk how many CCS but my guess is around 700. I'll ask the office how much.

Arm lipo sucks

No pun intended. My entire torso is sore and once I lay down it's so hard to move because my arms are sore too! I get very stiff when I lay down for more than a couple of hours so I try to move a little here and there. I have to literally scoot myself ever so slowly to the edge of the bed to get up when I have to pee. My bf tries to help which I appreciate. But this garment and having to lay on my stomach all the time is uncomfortable. I also had some Kim K cankles yesterday once I took off my stockings so I put them back on and have been wearing those non stop. I still haven't had much of an appetite so I've been forcing myself to eat just so I can take my meds. I'll be taking my first shower probably Monday, then I'll take some pics of me without the garment.

4 days post op

Well things are looking up a little. I'm having a much easier time moving around, I was able to take a trip to the mall yesterday. Walkinh has not been an issue for me at all. I know I'm supposed to be resting but I can't be laying on my stomach for 23 hours a day. Still no appetite although I've been craving ice cream so my bf took me to ColdStone then Baskin Robbins lol. Yeah I know, horrible. I can't even stand the smell of food without getting nauseous so I won't be eating full meals until that's gone. My doc didn't prescribe nausea meds so I went to CVS and bought some Dramamine which is supposed to help nausea and motion sickness. I'm going back to Tijuana Tuesday to have my drains and stitches removed and to get my first massage. This time I have a car, so no sitting on my butt. I'll hold off on the shower until I see my Dr. My bf has been helping me with bed baths, I use my wipes and Hibiclens to do that. Anyways just wanted to check in, I'll update tomorrow after I see Dr Pantoja!

New post op pics

Getting drains out today and first massage. Then I get to go back home!!

I'm home!

After 6 days in Mexico and Cali, I'm back home in Oregon! I missed my son so much. He was diagnosed with a mild form of autism last year before his second birthday. He's such a smart boy but has trouble communicating and he's overly hyper all the time. When I walked in the door he started smiling and jumping around, he couldn't sit still long enough to give me a hug but I knew that was his way of saying he missed me, lol. After calming down I hugged him and he went through my bag of souvenirs, asking what everything was and trying out different things. Man, it feels so great to be back. No way could I have spent 2 weeks away from him. My bf (and son's father) is coming to see him today. Well anyways, my drains are out, didn't hurt as much as I thought. I'm going to take a shower today with Hibiclens and put the Kelo Cote on the incision and drain sites, then put band aids or gauze over them. I haven't been taking my meds because I haven't had any pain really. I slept with my son last night and of course he managed to kick me in the azz all night due to his wild sleeping, smh.

New pics from today!

I am having so much trouble with this recovery mess! I stopped taking my meds 3 days post op. They were making me nauseous and I haven't been having any pain. This garment crap just annoys me, I been taking this thing off so much and went to work without it yesterday, it actually felt good! But my bf got mad and told me to wear it - "Just put the damn thing on, if your results don't turn out how you want, I'm gonna have to listen to you cry about it. And I know you don't wanna have to do a round 2." Ugh, this man! But he's been extremely helpful, he helps me clean my incisions and apply the scar gel and bandage them up every morning and night. Oh and the whole not sitting on your butt for 6 weeks? Man, it's hard! And my boppy pillow goes flat all the time and driving has been an absolute bee-otch! Booooo!!

Of course I forgot to add the pics!

And more pics

Fave booty pic

I know I posted this already but this is my favorite. Love my booty!! I'm waiting for it to drop and fluff, it's super hard and stiff.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Such a sweetheart, I'm so glad I chose him. I have no complaints whatsoever, I got exactly what I wanted. I told Dr Pantoja not too big because I wanted it to look natural and just to fill me out a little. I ended up not showing him my wish pics in fact. He did a great job and gave me what I asked for. Dr Pantoja is capable of doing big butts but it wasn't for me. I'm happy with my results and I plan on going back for my TT!

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