Can't Wait to Be Bootylicious - Miami, FL

Okay so I put down my deposit for my BBL in Miami...

Okay so I put down my deposit for my BBL in Miami with Dr. Alvarez TODAY! Yayyyy! I'm so so excited! I can't wait to be Bootylicious and trade my flatty in for a fatty! I put down the 300 today to lock in the 4100 special. I'm thinking I'm going to get it either December or January because I'm having my BA in three weeks. I'm about to be snatched!!!!! I don't want my BA and BBl to be too close together but I'm anxious to do both! Dr. Alvarez's work looks really good from the reviews I've seen on here and pictures from Instagram! I can't wait!

Can't wait till surgery!!!!

As I heal from my BA all that I can think of is how much I NEED this bbl. I've gained weight and I'm unhappy with my body. I LITERALLY cannot wait!

Looking for Recovery Houses....

I see a lot of mixed reviews about recovery houses. I want to make the right decision and not be anywhere where im not going to be well taken care of. I had settled on Dolls recovery house (is it the same thing as Dolls Recovery Getaway)? Anyway, I read a few bad reviews on here despite the fact that I fell in love with their Instagram and now I don't know. Can any dolls give their experiences at any of the houses in Miami Beach?

Alvarez no longer at Spectrum

So Alvarez left Spectrum y'all! He is now at Mia Ascetics. I'm nervous because I heard that Spectrum isn't refund I people's deposits so they are able to transfer to where he is currently. Idk I emailed my coordinator because I need answers! Alvarez was answering questions on his if page but I feel Spectrum needs to issue some kind of statement because there is a lot of people that want to know what is going on! I'll keep you guys posted!

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