Undecided About Dr. Hasan Vs Dr. Fisher @vanity Cosmetics Miami

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Hey ladies! I'm a new member to RS although I've...

Hey ladies! I'm a new member to RS although I've been stalking reviews for months. lol. I have been doing research torn about the different types of lipo (traditional, smart, water assisted lipo). I initially had an appointment scheduled for traditional lipo this month. When gathering funds, my BF said "if you gonna do that , why not get more butt!?" *blank stare lol. But actually this has been on my mind for a while but I was deterred by the costs of 10,000 for these do who are well known. (Dr j and dr Cortez)

So I started to do research and found that Miami is the Mecca for BBL! I narrowed my search down to Vanity Cosmetics Dr Hasan. I did soooo much research on him and the reviews and pictures. I only found one disturbing thing about a death that I'm sure those who searched his work know about. The unfortunate thing with any type of surgery are there are risks. I work at a hospital and I've had a patient BP drop while getting foot amputated. Some unfortunate things happen. But I have Faith and pray so I leave it in "HIS" hands.

I love how flat the Hasan Dolls tummy are and their butts look natural with the small waiste. Many pic I could see myself with that az!!! I'm 5'2 155 lbs and in moderate shape but I have problem areas like meaty arms, love handles and a pooch . I have been to several doc and they all said mine would be an easy job.

I called Vanity yesterday and talked to Selena. She was very knowledgable but kinda pushy. I told her I was calling to get info and she answered all my questions and basically talked me into it! Surgery is 5000 and it includes surgery, anesthesia, garments, lab, recovery house and some other things. I am really impressed cause 7 days stay at A recovery house with nurse assistance it's big deal being that I'm traveling from out of state.

Does anybody have any experience with recovery houses? What should I expect?

So I told her I was going to do more research and czll her back with my decision. I spent all night at work analysing dr. Hasan photos and reviews and decided "this is the dr for me." His work looks natural like the,ook I'm going for. I only want lower hips vs the high hips many. If his patients have.

Soi emailed Selena back with a few more questions about the type of lipo they use for BBL and sent her wish pic. She emailed me right back and called when I didn't reply to emai. She said they typically use smart lipo for BBL cause it saves fat cells. Not upon my months of research, I hear smart lipo isn't that good for large areas.

Does anyone know how affective smart lipo is?

So when she review my wish pic, she told me Dr Fisher is the doc for me. Now I'm confused! I spent all day and night looking at Hasan pic then she tells me Dr Fisher can give e the bubble butt i want. I am torn again!!

Does anybody know the difference in their work first hand?

From what I've seen, dr fisher gives you that "skripper booty" lol j k. (Yea I love da strippers) , however I don't want to be mistaken for one. I'm only 5'2 and I want projection but not where it is TOOOO noticeable. I want butt don't get me wrong, but I want it natural looking. I already have a lil sum sum.

So now I don't know which direction to go. She said Dr fisher has a longer list of credentials and is highly requested for that bubble butt look. So not I'm REALLY TORN. dr Hasan is Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery and dr Fisher I's Board Certified in Plastic surgery. Which doesn't help sway my decision. Lol. I like Hasan work, but I want lower hips that looks a little more natural to me but I still want that hour glass figure.

Can somebody please help! What are your experience with these doctors?

Also with doctor Hasan 5000 and they would throw in arms free with 3000 deposite. Dr Fisher 6000 and would throw in arms free for 4000 deposite. Both are good deals. Just TORNNNNN!
Please share ideas, reviews ect. My bday is in December and I want cake cake cake cake!! Xo

Wish Pic????

I have also added some RS LAdies who had absolutely beautiful results. Hope they don't mind. Just giving credit.
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